October 18th, 2007
07:45 AM ET
15 years ago

Deconstructing the black vote

Who are black women supporting? Bill Schneider takes a look.

(CNN) - Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, and Barack Obama, D-Illinois, are both courting blacks as they vie for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Bill Schneider reports on new CNN poll results about which of the two Democrats blacks are supporting at this point in the race to the White House.

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  1. Early, Charleston, SC

    Here in SC they local blacks said they were voting for Obama simply because he was black. Ignorance at it's best

    October 18, 2007 12:56 pm at 12:56 pm |
  2. RuthieM

    I think that comment from some professor today saying that whites are more intelligent than blacks holds true then, especially among black women then, because how in the world Clinton leads and by such a wide margin among blacks and black women is one of if not the dumbest thing happening in America today and I truly pray blacks wake up before going to vote!

    October 18, 2007 01:06 pm at 1:06 pm |
  3. Barack the Vote, Des Moines, IA

    Can a Hillary supporter please inform me of what SHE has done for African-Americans??? I am struggling to find out what she has done... Probably because the answer is nothing.. Black people are saying they are voting for Hillary because of Bill.. I am a black man and it saddens me that black people, both men and women, don't look at the issues and just go with a name. Bill did some things, but not nearly enough and if you look at Hillary's voting record, there are a few votes that go against black people.. Wake up and realize the issues, not the name. We are smarter than that and I hear in the black communities all this talk about CHANGE and the qualities wanted in a president. We FINALLY get a candidate, whether black or white, who fits the criteria and the black community is still torn.. A vote for Hillary is a wasted vote in these primaries.. SHE has the best interest of HER in mind, no one else..well maybe corporate lobbyists and the rich as well.. Wake up America, we have a chance with Barack.. Let's take advantage of it.

    October 18, 2007 01:23 pm at 1:23 pm |
  4. Maria, Houston

    Obama campaign just received $1,500,000.00( yes,ONE AND HALF MILLION), within last two days. All in small donations. How's that for people's support?!

    Since CNN is so fond of polls, I'd like to se opinion polls about quality and accuracy of cable news.Ha-ha.

    And to you Jim Bremmer, I'm so glad that you're not on our side...

    October 18, 2007 01:48 pm at 1:48 pm |
  5. Thomas, Chicago, IL

    Why in the world does everyone assume that African-Americans are all Democrats? Some of us are Independent, Republican, and just about all other points on the political spectrum. How patronizing!!!!

    October 18, 2007 02:42 pm at 2:42 pm |
  6. Deborah - Atlanta, GA

    With the way our government is trying to destroy the races (black, Asian,spanish)you name it. If you are not white, only thing needed from any other race is taxes or buy my goods.... so I can get wealthy. Some say blacks are not intelligent.... I say we are smart enough to know Obama is needed in the White House.

    October 18, 2007 02:43 pm at 2:43 pm |
  7. Anonymous

    I doubt Jim bremer can afford to make a campaign contribution.

    October 18, 2007 02:52 pm at 2:52 pm |
  8. Dave, Richmond, VA

    "I support (A) because they're a (B) like me!" Are people in this country really so politically lazy that they'll support a candidate based on arbitrary classifications like gender or race? I guess it's a step up from "who I'd like to have a drink with"

    October 18, 2007 02:54 pm at 2:54 pm |
  9. CJ, Richmond, VA

    By the way, has anyone noticed how Hillary has FLIP-FLOPPED YET AGAIN! NOW says she WOULD have talks with IRAN, but when Barrak said it he was "naive & frankly irresponsible?" This woman can say whatever she thinks will make people happy who are sitting in front of her at the moment, and CNN will not report her inconsistancies. She supposedly has had a "Flawless" campaign. Yes, because it is airbrushed by CNN every day!

    October 18, 2007 03:17 pm at 3:17 pm |
  10. P Brown, OKC

    I'm a black female and I support Barack 100%. I have never been polled by anyone and to have such a small sampling of so-called voters, it a disservice to the democratic process. Now, exactly who did the pollster talk to? Was it folks on the street or what? I don't put too much into any of these polls at this time and all I can say, remember Howard Dean. Remeber John Kerry.

    October 18, 2007 03:20 pm at 3:20 pm |
  11. Mickey, Miami, Florida

    Black women need to wake up.Most black women that support Hillary fit into two catergories: 1) they are voting for Hillary because she is a woman which I found stupid or 2) they are voting for her because they like Bill. Either of the two are not good enough for me given the current situation our country is in. We need to read about Obama's stance on issues and compare them to Clinton's. The crime bill that Clinton has advocated and voted for has disproportionately affected our black men, Sisters, how can you vote for her? Hillary is condescending to black women, hillary strategy is to get black female voters and she will do ANY MEAN NECESSARY. Obama 08!

    October 18, 2007 03:33 pm at 3:33 pm |
  12. Thomas, Chicago, IL

    Oh give me strength...
    Once again, so that everybody can hear...

    BLACK does not necessesarily mean DEMOCRAT!!!

    October 18, 2007 05:11 pm at 5:11 pm |
  13. Colony 14 author, Don F, Mount Prospect, Illinois

    How is anyone supposed to raise children who are colorblind and without prejudice if we are continually bombarded with polls, comments, and stories that group blacks, whites, hispanics, women, men, gays, etc. What exactly is a "black issue" anyway? Or a "white issue?" We are a nation of individuals with individual problems, and a government that is supposed to protect out individual rights. Period. Everything else is hyped to sell papers, magazines, or boost ratings. Any politician who courts any group is shameless. Candidates should simply explain how they will best honor and defend the Constitution of the United States. if that isn't good enough for the voters, then they don't deserve our Constitution.

    October 18, 2007 05:32 pm at 5:32 pm |
  14. pam eugene,OR

    Cnn: Why is it that you do not post my comments or you take them down after 5 minutes?
    I support Obama and have nothing but contempt for Hillary. I am not mean or ugly with comments about her but it is pretty obvious what I think of her deceitful way of doing things.
    Why does every hateful, bigoted word by Jim Bremer make the ticker but you don't want to talk about Barack raising $1.5 millions in less than 2 day or the fact that he was just endorsed by the Only black govenro in the US. Pretend you are trying to be unbiased for a change.
    BTW 307 black people in one state is hardly proof positive of your position that HRC has the "black vote".
    Obama 08

    October 18, 2007 09:14 pm at 9:14 pm |
  15. Jim Bremer

    Pam Eugene, please get a life. You can start by no longer being a Obama groupie.

    Please try.

    October 19, 2007 07:52 pm at 7:52 pm |
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