November 8th, 2007
12:00 PM ET
15 years ago

Commentary: Will evangelicals choose Giuliani over faith?

Roland S. Martin: There's a possibility the GOP presidential nominee may back gay and abortion rights.

(CNN) - "I will never vote for anyone for the president of the United States who supports abortion or gay marriage."

Those were the words spoken to me three years ago by a prominent pastor in the Dallas-Forth Worth area who has led a number of rallies on those two issues.

But the Rev. Pat Robertson's endorsement of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani puts front and center the day conservative evangelicals have said we would never see: a possible Republican presidential nominee who has been supportive of gays and abortion rights.

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  1. Ann ME

    Many Christians will choose the safety of America over weak-minded stupidity/Democrats.

    November 8, 2007 05:17 pm at 5:17 pm |
  2. Kate, Aurora CO

    I read the full length commentary and wanted to comment on it! Thanks for putting it on the Ticker. Roland is absolutely correct. The Christian Right has exposed themselves. They are willing to put aside the same values they have been forcing down our throats for 20 plus years just to make sure the "right" Supreme Court Justices are nominated. This support by Robertson is so pathetic, you have to laugh to stop crying. What "family values" can a man who has been married three times one of which was to a first cousin? or a man whose own children want nothing to do with him? Or a man who has been supportive of the "evil" gays and abortion crazy women?

    November 8, 2007 05:18 pm at 5:18 pm |

    YES, The evangelicals have been so brainwashed by the their LEADERS that they will faithfully follow their VOTER'S GUIDE. These people have shown they would vote against their own best interest as long as they think it will make them more christian and closer to heaven. They would probably vote for satan if he were dressed in the proper garb , wearing a cross and OKed by their LEADER.

    November 8, 2007 05:35 pm at 5:35 pm |
  4. Terri Tacoma, Wa

    Gee Roland – nice to pigeon-hole Christians as single-issue voters.

    Perhaps in your NEXT offensive article you'll ask, "Will black people choose Hillary over race?"

    November 8, 2007 05:38 pm at 5:38 pm |
  5. 91StormVet

    They Will if they want their way of living through God to continue! God Bless Pat Robertson! He Gets it!

    November 8, 2007 06:00 pm at 6:00 pm |
  6. John K. Riggs

    Robertson will take the globalist-Israel first candidate even if it were satan himself.With Ghouliani he can have a mafia boss for president AND the first WOMAN president all wrapped up in one! Now Hagee has denied that Jesus is the messiah to further the Zionist cause. Robertson in drag and Hagee the Rabbi, Who would have thunk it?

    November 8, 2007 07:27 pm at 7:27 pm |
  7. MC- Atlanta,GA

    Pat Robertson is a disgusting Human being. Try being gay and being looked at like your sub-human, he teaches hate and intolerance. End of story.

    November 8, 2007 07:46 pm at 7:46 pm |
  8. Ed,Ellenville,New York

    There's no question that the christian fundamentalists are going to be left out of this election. How many scientific studies will it take before the people realize that this right-wing religious zealotry is a mental illness? Classify them already and put them under psychiatric care. They've done enough damage to our nation and the world.

    November 8, 2007 08:01 pm at 8:01 pm |
  9. Matt, Coral Gables, FL

    "Many Christians will choose the safety of America over weak-minded stupidity/Democrats."

    Many weak-minded fear-driven Christians will choose false security by voting for a neo-con, because they have been brainwashed by the neo-cons in the Republican party to think that the bogeyman Al Quaeda is eminently out to get them and that only a neo-con removing our civil liberties can stop that from happening.

    November 8, 2007 08:08 pm at 8:08 pm |
  10. Ed,Ellenville,New York

    Wow! The moderators are at work here! Don't let the mental patients get a free ride. Our secular democracy is at stake and I see three whackos and only two sane posts. The religious subversives shoudn't get preference as they are a much smaller minority than their posting habits reflect. Make sure you give equal time and thanks for deleting the abusive ones.

    November 8, 2007 08:08 pm at 8:08 pm |
  11. Marta, Sacramento, California

    Evangelists will choose any evil over good.

    November 8, 2007 09:33 pm at 9:33 pm |
  12. Shawn

    It has nothing to do with justices.

    All the "religious" right leaders care about is making sure they can continue to rollin their millions and not pay any taxes on it.

    They don't mind putting the rest of us (including the silly geese who believe Pat Robertson is a Christian") in a higher tax bracket than Warren Buffet a bit.

    As for the fools who think Rudy will keep them safe one question? Why did he set up command central in the WTC after it had already come under attack in 2002? That's not something a "security minded" expert would do in a million years.

    Face it. Rudy being a "security" guy ranks right up there in hogwash with George W.s "Christianity" and Republican tax cuts for the workers.

    Pure invention with no substance at all.

    November 8, 2007 10:22 pm at 10:22 pm |
  13. Mrs. America

    Martin makes an excellent point. What difference does abortion and same sex marriage make if the world is nuked? As for Pat Robertson–well, he seems to be less clear as time passes, so he's probably a non-issue, but his endorsement of Giulani is a good catalyst for getting this editorial written. Interesting.

    November 9, 2007 12:18 am at 12:18 am |
  14. Jay, Kenosha, WI

    Kate, Aurora, CO wrote: ...the same values they have been forcing down our throats for 20 plus years...

    This exactly how Christians feel every time a Christmas display is removed in the name of tolerance, or when birth control is handed out to our daughters without our knowledge.

    November 9, 2007 07:50 am at 7:50 am |
  15. David, Gilbert Arizona

    All of the evangelicals I know are voting for Huckabee. None of them even consider Giuliani, nor Romney for that matter.

    To say all evangelicals will vote for Giuliani just because of a Pat Robertson endorsement is simply stupid. Martin is a fool for making the assumption. If Rosie O'Donnell gives her support to a specific candidate does that mean all gay people are going to vote the same way? I doubt it very highly considering she's a wingnut not unlike Robertson.

    If you want to know how evangelicals are going to vote then look to leaders like Billy Graham or his son Franklin, the true evangelicals.

    November 9, 2007 11:25 am at 11:25 am |
  16. Nate, Detroit, MI

    Good article Rev. martin. I consider myself in the religous right but there is no chance I would ever go against my values and vote for Rudy.

    November 9, 2007 11:34 am at 11:34 am |
  17. Rick, Kansas City, MO

    Pat Robertson does not represent the entire Christian community, regardless of what he (or anyone else) thinks.
    I say it is wrong that he decided to endorse who he thinks will win as opposed to who he thinks should get nominated, based upon the moral issues that most Christians (including himself) stand behind.
    Of course, Pat Robertson has said and done a lot of stuff I would not agree with. He has made his share of crass statements before.

    Reprehensible at best.

    November 10, 2007 01:34 am at 1:34 am |