November 9th, 2007
04:00 PM ET
15 years ago

New Jersey Republican announces retirement

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Citing health reasons, Rep James Saxton, R-N.J., announced Friday he plans to retire at the end of his term.

Saxton is the 13th House Republican to announce retirement this year. Two other House GOP members, Rep. Heather Wilson, and Rep. Steve Pearce, both from New Mexico, announced plans recently to run for the seat of retiring GOP Sen. Pete Domenici, in their state.

"Although I had intended to run in 2008 and was planning a strong campaign, developments which occurred earlier this year regarding my health have prompted me to make this decision," Saxton said in a written statement. He has been treated for prostate cancer.

Saxton, 66, is moderate Republican representing south New Jersey. He was re-elected to his 12th term in 2006 and is a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee. One Democratic candidate, John Adler, has already filed papers to run for Saxton's seat. Bush won the district narrowly in 2004.

A Democratic campaign aide argued the political environment is growing increasingly tough for moderate incumbents. "It's clear that Republicans are starting the feel the heat for their extreme positions on issues such as SCHIP and their close ties to George Bush," the aide said.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has run radio ads in Saxton's district targeting his opposition to SCHIP, the children's health-care bill.

Citing Republican gains of state and county-level seats in last week's election in the New Jersey district, a spokesman for the National Republican Campaign Committee maintained that Republicans hold an advantage in the district.

- CNN Congressional Producer Deidre Walsh

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  1. Terry, El Paso, TX

    Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey, Im gonna get you too
    Another one bites the dust

    November 9, 2007 07:15 pm at 7:15 pm |
  2. Eric C.


    November 10, 2007 12:50 pm at 12:50 pm |
  3. Adam, Manahawkin, NJ

    As a registered Democrat, I've been happy to support Representative Saxton since I gained the right to vote many many years ago. The Congressman has consistently supported environmental causes on the Jersey Shore and Fort Dix, one of the largest military bases in Southern NJ. It's a shame he's retiring – there are only so many Republican (and Democratic) politicians in New Jersey I really trust and Mr. Saxton is one of those men. This is a loss for moderates and the people of NJ. Thank you for your service Rep. Saxton!

    November 11, 2007 10:38 am at 10:38 am |
  4. Tom Dedham, Mass

    So this is a ticker story, but when the 12 or 13 DEMOCRATS in New Jersey got bagged for bribery and extortion etc etc, and the DEMOCRATIC Governor ran away for a few weeks, they don't make the ticker...............


    November 11, 2007 05:04 pm at 5:04 pm |
  5. Rob, Minneapolis, MN

    To Tom in Dedham – when did they move the governor's mansion to Atlantic City?

    November 12, 2007 01:25 am at 1:25 am |