November 26th, 2007
07:05 PM ET
14 years ago

Brothel owner endorses pres. candidate

Rep. Ron Paul received an unconventional endorsement from a Nevada brothel owner.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) - It isn’t everyday that that a presidential candidate gets an endorsement from a professed pimp, but that’s exactly what has happened to Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas.

Dennis Hof, owner of Nevada’s (in)famous Bunny Ranch brothels and star of the HBO show ‘Cathouse’, has publicly endorsed Paul after hearing him champion states’ rights at a campaign stop. Hof told CNN, “Who knows our state better than us? Who knows anything better than the constituents that live in that state? Nobody. We know. We don’t need big brother, the federal government, telling us what to do.”

Paul, a Libertarian and devout Baptist who does not condone prostitution, is uncomfortable with the unconventional support, according to his campaign. They counter that it is “the price of freedom.” “If you’re going to have a constitutional government, you’re going to work out these kinds of issues at the local level, as the constitution intends. Then sometimes you’re going to have to put up with things that make you uncomfortable.” The campaign added that if Paul were a local Nevada lawmaker that he would vote against legalized prostitution.

Paul has found the spotlight recently after putting up some big fundraising numbers, including a $4.2 million haul in a single day in early November. Hof says he plans to add to that, “The girls are good at shaking down the customers for $1s, $5s, $10s, $50s, $100s, whatever they got.” He is waiting for instructions from the campaign on how to raise and donate the money legally.

Prostitution is legal everywhere in Nevada except for the three counties that are home to Carson City, Reno and Las Vegas.

- CNN Nevada Producer Alexander Marquardt

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  1. Aaron Smithsburg, Maryland

    Wow You guys love to trash Ron Paul, prostitution is the oldest business in the world, Americans and their good christians values oppose such tawdry filth, we don't go to brothels, we prefer men bathroom's at the airport.

    November 26, 2007 08:28 pm at 8:28 pm |
  2. Harry,Iowa

    No comment!

    November 26, 2007 08:31 pm at 8:31 pm |
  3. Chuck Feney, Livingston, Montana

    Good for Hof and the girls. Glad they are concerned about their liberty and what is happening to this country. Their money will be welcomed and put to good use!

    November 26, 2007 08:37 pm at 8:37 pm |
  4. Ian, Eastham MA

    Ooohh goody, CNN again will only write about Ron Paul if they can find a way to tie him to fringes of society.

    The real story is that Ron Paul enjoys support from everyone who cares about freedom in this country. Freedom from oppressive taxation and government sanctioned "morality" (like I need a lesson from the likes of Vitter).

    November 26, 2007 08:51 pm at 8:51 pm |
  5. curtis

    He's so uncomfortable with the endorsement he hasn't asked them to retract it, I notice. Just another right-wing hypocrite.

    November 26, 2007 09:05 pm at 9:05 pm |
  6. Andrew, NJ

    Good for Ron Paul, this should help him in Nevada

    November 26, 2007 09:26 pm at 9:26 pm |
  7. Dr Alan Cheney, Dutch West Indies

    This is the second time this non-story has been posted on Ticker. Could you be any more obviously biased? Just wait til the primaries.

    November 26, 2007 09:28 pm at 9:28 pm |
  8. Steve Sacramento CA

    Wow, this is the most coverage you have ever given Ron Paul. You guys know how to run with a story as long as it has some sort of sexual twist to it. Wish you'd give as much coverage to his stand on the issues, but I guess that wouldn't work, heh? Still love that picture.

    November 26, 2007 09:31 pm at 9:31 pm |
  9. Paul, Jacksonville Florida

    Did this not get enough negative response the first time you ran it on the Ticker? I mean, c'mon – it was only 4 hours ago. CNN is becoming pathetic in it's attempts to find any little nugget of a story that they can use to try to portray Ron Paul as a looney.

    For shame, CNN, for shame.

    November 26, 2007 09:49 pm at 9:49 pm |
  10. SALUTE,LA.


    November 26, 2007 09:52 pm at 9:52 pm |
  11. Mike

    Sigh,,,Oh CNN, how pathetic thou art.

    November 26, 2007 09:56 pm at 9:56 pm |
  12. Alexander, Washington, D.C. USA

    This "brothel owner" endorsement story is absolute garbage. As well as a very pathetic attempt to label and marginalize Dr. Paul as fringe. It is shameful that CNN aggregates this kind trash from the AP wire!

    I believe Ron Paul deserves better recognition for his growing campaign, and his amazing unwaivering commitment to our personal liberties and freedoms, instead of this garbage.

    Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), is the most viable top-tier candidate that would bring about positive change in this country.


    November 26, 2007 09:57 pm at 9:57 pm |
  13. josh

    Come on CNN! Didn't we hear this same story from you guys earlier today? And will you find a less psycho picture to display. Why are you guys at CNN so afraid of this guy?

    November 26, 2007 10:05 pm at 10:05 pm |
  14. Rex, Toledo, Ohio

    ok,the story hit the ticker twice. And here is a link to the actual story and the way it actually happened.
    Nice try CNN.

    November 26, 2007 10:17 pm at 10:17 pm |
  15. Jim, Boston MA

    The endorsement that could sink Paul's frail little ship.

    November 26, 2007 10:37 pm at 10:37 pm |
  16. Kelli, Madison WI

    Nice try at smearing Ron Paul, CNN. Now tell us why Trent Lott is REALLY resigning...

    November 26, 2007 10:56 pm at 10:56 pm |
  17. Bradley Schaubs, Greeley, CO

    I don't know if I like a politician accepting funds from people in the prostitution biz. Those pimps are a shady lot. Best avoid criminals and their benefactors.

    November 26, 2007 11:49 pm at 11:49 pm |
  18. Nameless,charleston,S.C

    To think of it is very disgusting!

    November 27, 2007 12:15 am at 12:15 am |
  19. DDP Detroit, MI

    Why are there two articles on this subject, yet absoltely nothing else on the Congressman? I don't usually subscribe to conspiracy-like theories, but come one. It's obvious you are trying to paint this campaign in the worst possible light.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    November 27, 2007 12:21 am at 12:21 am |
  20. Jose Card

    Let's not forget Congressman Ron Paul was also an OB-GYN doctor, who delivered more than 4,000 babies. I guess he must have seen how sexual workers suffered as his patients. He feels for them, but he has the intelligence of communicating his idea through tax benefits.

    Dr. Paul is the one statesman that does not have to defend his family values, because his family and past public service tells you that he is honest, caring and intelligent with records available now. You don't have to wait till 2012 to view his records.

    If you have seen "The People vs. Larry Flynt", you will understand it a bit better. I consider this movie one of the most American movies. I call for Mr. Larry Flynt to endorse Dr. Ron Paul soon.

    I also hope Dr. Paul's sensible and logical idea towards prostitution will bring out the voters, who have never voted before. He has already attracted the young online voters by a great number. He does not have financial support from big corporations and lobbyists or the Chinese, but he has got strong support from average Americans with votes.

    Dr. Ron Paul is the doctor for our American ills.

    Congressman Ron Paul will be the role model in politics for many generations to come.

    November 27, 2007 01:00 am at 1:00 am |
  21. ed in KC

    The great thing about Ron Paul is that he brings people who may not normally agree with eachother together because we can all agree that this country needs at least one honest politician every generation to keep the American dream alive.

    November 27, 2007 02:09 am at 2:09 am |
  22. Ken, Sacramento, CA

    He is not a Libertarian, he is running as a Republican. CNN is the new FOX News. You've just lost a long-time viewer...sad CNN...very sad.

    November 27, 2007 04:09 am at 4:09 am |
  23. Independent in IA

    What the hey! Brothel owners and prostitutes are voters. Go for it, Ron. They can 'push the world down' and 'tailgate' with the best of what Huckleberry can come up with.

    November 27, 2007 04:46 am at 4:46 am |
  24. WDRussell, East Liverpool, Ohio

    Get real here folks. Owning a brothel in Nevada is a more honest job than being a professional wrestler.

    November 27, 2007 08:03 am at 8:03 am |
  25. W. Gary Johnson, New York, NY

    You neglected to mention this endorsement was engineered by MSNBC's Tucker Carlson, who claims to be an "old friend" of the brothel owner, and who surprised the Paul campaign by showing up in a limo with two hookers, neither of whom seemed to know much about Congressman Paul. Ron Paul is probably the the least likely member of Congress to be publicly linked with with prostitutes or – at the risk of repeating myself – lobbyists.

    November 27, 2007 09:10 am at 9:10 am |
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