November 27th, 2007
04:00 PM ET
15 years ago

Poll: Giuliani holds solid lead in Florida

Giuliani holds the lead in a new poll out of Florida.

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA (CNN) - He may be trailing in the early primary states, but in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, it appears Rudy Giuliani is the front runner in the Sunshine State.

If the Florida Republican primary were held today, the former New York City mayor would finish on top with support of 38 percent of likely primary voters, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released Tuesday. (Full poll results [PDF])

That's 21 points ahead of his closest rival, Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor received the support of 17 percent of those polled, with Senator John McCain of Arizona and former Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee tied at 11 percent.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is at 9 percent in the survey, followed by Rep. Ron Paul of Texas at 5 percent, Rep. Duncan Hunter of California at 1 percent and Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado at less than 1 percent.

The poll, involving telephone interviews with 300 voters likely Florida Republican presidential primary voters, was conducted November 25-26. The poll's margin of sampling error was plus-or-minus 5.5 percentage points.

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- CNN Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser

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  1. Walt, Belton, TX

    Hey Phil,
    You call it having to chose between the lesser of two evils, I call it having to chose the least worst! I'm afraid we've been doing that since the Bicentennial, except for Reagan.

    God help the USA!

    November 27, 2007 06:32 pm at 6:32 pm |
  2. Henry, VA

    Florida is a sesspool. Things happen there that befoul the entire nation.

    November 27, 2007 06:37 pm at 6:37 pm |
  3. Mark Murray UT

    I don't ever believe these polls. They never state how they are conducted, and they don't seem to reflect the options of people I know.

    November 27, 2007 06:39 pm at 6:39 pm |
  4. Anonymous

    Must be the large Israeli appeaser population there.

    November 27, 2007 06:50 pm at 6:50 pm |
  5. frank tulsa ok

    "The fact that Guiliani can hold the largely Christian Southern states is a very good sign for him" aj

    Yeah those Christians sure do love those candidates with solid personal credentials when it come to family values. I had no idea they would love a liberal so much.

    If Rudy was a Dem front runner the hypocrites would have condemned him to hell by now.

    Party over values in the new Christian mantra.

    November 27, 2007 06:50 pm at 6:50 pm |
  6. Craig, Seattle, WA

    Guiliani has NO EXPERIENCE to be president... and like hell do I want a Mormon in office... I will vote Democrat!

    November 27, 2007 06:50 pm at 6:50 pm |
  7. Ron Nebraska

    This polling crap has absolutely gotten ridiculous! You call 300 voters out of how many thousands and extrapolate a potential winner from that?! A poll of such a limited sample is really less than useful and only serves to further confuse and manipulate an ignorant electorate instead of bringing clarity to any candidates position.

    November 27, 2007 07:49 pm at 7:49 pm |
  8. Laura Tulsa OK

    reply to Phil in Newmarket NH – I understand exactly what you're saying about "electibility" . Once each party selects their nom. it's up to voters to ask themselves what is a dealbreaker. Guiliani will allow abortion, tho he doesn't advocate it. That could be a deal breaker for some. But if you can live with it, and 80 percent of what a candidate has done is agreeable to you, that's your man (or woman). Hillary is probably the most "war-mongering" Democrat, so those who vote for her have to accept that we might be in Iraq. No one is going to give you 100 per cent.

    November 27, 2007 08:35 pm at 8:35 pm |
  9. Anonymous

    Good for him! I plan to vote for McCain in the primary, but I'd be happy to support Giuliani in the general election.

    Also, the Ron Paulites are getting sort of old. I'm all for freedom of speech, but dont act like your guy is going to win when he has no chance whatsoever.

    November 27, 2007 09:30 pm at 9:30 pm |
  10. Alex, Winter Springs FL

    Good for him! I plan to vote for McCain in the primary, but I'd be happy to support Giuliani in the general election.

    Also, the Ron Paulites' comments are getting old. I love freedom of speech, but the Ron Paul supporters need to realize that their man has no chance whatsoever of winning the nomination.

    November 27, 2007 09:31 pm at 9:31 pm |
  11. Nimesh Chicago, IL

    I am tired of hearing people vote for "the candidate that is most likely to win". Whatever happened to voting for the candidate that best reflects YOUR VIEWPOINT?

    If the Republican electorate is only concerned with voting for the candidate that will most likely win, then they will receive a candidate that will win their nomination but not reflect their ideology. Now does that make sense?

    I am voting for Ron Paul. I don't care that the main stream media, the polls, etc.. say "he can not win". If Ron Paul does not win the nomination then I will vote for a third party candidate or sit this election out.

    November 27, 2007 10:30 pm at 10:30 pm |
  12. JD Rugby ND

    So now we know there are at least 114 people in Florida who have not been paying attention to current events. 114 likely Republican voters who support Rudy is a far cry from Giuliani holds solid lead in Florida. Rudy would be a worse president than the current worst American president in history.

    November 28, 2007 12:23 am at 12:23 am |
  13. ProudVet ny ny

    Floridians keep the sunshining because with the smirk, another war!

    November 28, 2007 05:34 am at 5:34 am |
  14. Alice Newman Center Harbor NH

    Why is it when you say "vote" and "Florida" in one sentence, intelligent people either wince or laugh?

    CNN today: Poll: Florida Republicans oppose making abortion illegal, gay marriage legal

    Sounds like a match made in Miami – I'm concerned that – being far away – mentally & geographically – Florida voters will ignore or be uniformed about NYC fire fighter's story or the corruption and crony's that litter Rudy's past.

    November 28, 2007 07:33 am at 7:33 am |
  15. Surrealist, Fort Myers, FL

    Doesn't have my vote. I'm not suprised–since most of the "blue hairs" in the 4 largest counties are retired NY cops, fire fighters, or municiap/state employees.

    November 28, 2007 07:38 am at 7:38 am |
  16. Alice Newman Center Harbor NH

    A shout out to those who love Rudy... info from Fact Check:

    Rudy Giuliani's latest TV ad falsely claims New York City experienced "record crime ... until Rudy." In fact, the city recorded its highest rates of both violent crime and property crime years before he took office. The downward trend was well established before he was sworn in.

    Giuliani's ad also repeats some boasts we've found to be misleading in the past. It claims he cut taxes by $9 billion but counts several tax cuts that he didn't initiate or sign, and one that he lobbied against before changing course. It also boasts that he cut welfare rolls by 60 percent but fails to note that the reduction in New York was a bit less than it was for the nation as a whole.

    When you vote, just please, for the sake of our country, base your vote on facts, not just party or "looking presidential." We can not afford another 8 years of a president you can sit down and have a beer with.

    November 28, 2007 07:41 am at 7:41 am |
  17. mr citizen, new york, ny

    How can anyone believe in this partner of the big cover hoop of the nine eleven story!!!!!

    peace for all of us~

    November 28, 2007 08:43 am at 8:43 am |
  18. Anonymous

    its not going to be a solid lead after Romney sweeps Iowa, New Hamshire, and South Carolina. Once people see the victories they will jump on his bandwagon.

    Also most Americans don't know how liberal Guiliani is on social issues.

    Posted By Adams : November 27, 2007 4:14 pm

    Actually, we do know how liberal he is on social issues and that is why he is holding a lead over Romney. The future of the Republican party is fiscal conservtive and social liberal. Go Rudy!!!

    November 28, 2007 09:51 am at 9:51 am |
  19. Smart in Florida

    I really think we should have the option of voting for "None of the above". That way we are not forced to vote for the lesser of two evils and it just might {?} send a message to the candidates that we mean business even if they don't.

    November 28, 2007 10:24 am at 10:24 am |
  20. Fred Staggs, Oklahoma City, OK

    Isn't the real story here, "Hillary leads Rudy 51-42 in new Florida poll"?

    November 28, 2007 10:31 am at 10:31 am |
  21. Concerned Citizen

    Don't forget many Floridians in key cities consist of retired Italians and Jews who moved from NYC suburbs when they saw their old neighborhoods "turning bad." It's no wonder they would support Guiliani and his warmongering ideology.

    November 29, 2007 12:43 am at 12:43 am |
  22. Jason King Lynn Haven FL

    Im a floridian and I dont know a single person who supports Guiliani. Viewing the CNN debate Wednesday night cleared a few things up for me. Ron Paul is looking really good to me now.

    November 30, 2007 07:09 pm at 7:09 pm |
  23. John

    Hello all. Are you concerned about the Government intruding in your families? Mike Huckabee is the only one running who will stand for family rights. McCain only dodges questions about family rights issues...ALSO, remember McCain's "Tar Baby" comment? Ha! McCain is not only an establishment beltway boy, but also a racist.
    I spoke to a liberal a while back about Huckabee...all they could say was: "he's an evangelical...or he just talks about 'family values, whatever that is'." Isn't that sick? My goodness, if you don't know what family values are, you are in a sad state indeed.
    Liberals like Hillary Clinton, believe the government is better suited to raise kids and care for the elderly than their families...They long for a day when the U.S. ...indeed the world, is entirely Humanist and Secular. There is a real trend towards forcing elderly into nursing homes and the state stealing their assets...just look at with the state taking kids...Mike Huckabee won't stand for this type of thing...The Clinton rein of terror duing the 90's did a great deal of damage to the moral identity of the United States, not to mention diminishing our position in the world community...McCain is a phony conservative....Mike Huckabee is the man for the job of running America. Please America, think long and hard about this. Isn't it interesting that from the close of the New Hampshire primary to the end of S.C. primary, the major networks seemed to focus most on Romney and McCain? Why? They are establishment types...Huck is not...Fox, CNN, etc. are extablishment...
    Huck made them all eat crow after Iowa...I am afraid some republicans are buying into the media's crap that Huck can't win against a strong democrat...I disagree...We need Huck...I fear our country cannot survive without good traditional leadership...We need someone who values the 2nd amendment...we need someone who values the people...their families...their faith....We need Mike Huckabee...for your family, and your nation...Mike Huckabee.

    January 20, 2008 04:58 am at 4:58 am |
  24. Martin

    please stop hiding Ron Paul.

    we would like......

    January 25, 2008 12:19 am at 12:19 am |
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