November 29th, 2007
09:42 AM ET
10 years ago

Huckabee floats idea of sending Hillary Clinton to space

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee would be happy to see Sen. Hillary Clinton go into space.

(CNN) - Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee outlined one special plan he'd consider for NASA's exploration of space.

"Maybe Hillary can be on the first rocket to Mars," he said, referring to the Democratic presidential frontrunner.

The Republican presidential candidate responded to a question asking if more money would be put into space exploration. His witty response about Clinton generated cheers from the St. Petersburg audience and followed his description of the earthly benefits of NASA's programs.

"Whether it's the medical technologies that saved many of our lives and the lives of our families, it's the direct result from the space program," he said. "We need to put more money into space and technology exploration."

The question, posed by Steve Nielson of Denver, Colorado, asked if the candidates would commit to sending Americans to Mars by the year 2020.

Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado disagreed with Huckabee's promise and would not commit to sending anyone to Mars because, "We can't afford some things, and going to Mars is one of them."

- CNN's Adam P. Levy

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  1. Micahel Guinn, Ventura, CA

    I am amazed at the comments of MOST of the republican contenders for President.

    The gop has lost touch with this country- and what is scarriest to me is that many of the questions sent in were sent by even more out-of-touch folks!

    The Stars & Bars flag, waving guns, etc.Help us!

    We Can't afford this "My way or the Highway" attitude in the White House or Congress anymore! We've had just about enough of their "values" system!They seem oblivious to what is going on all around them!

    I am so glad I support Barack Obama-someone in tune with reality. A Man who calls on us to redeem ourselves and take back our beloved Country. A Man who offers HOPE instead of FEAR!

    Had Enough? I have! Vote Democrat in 2008!

    November 29, 2007 02:34 am at 2:34 am |
  2. redearth

    This is the type of gentlemen we have today. My Grandfather's would be ashamed. Looking bigger at someone else's expense. Our country has went from great to this? I am embarrased.

    November 29, 2007 02:34 am at 2:34 am |
  3. Eugene Flaherty, res. W. Germany

    If I had the wish to send anyone to mars, then that would be a sign of fright. Please get serious and get to real issues.

    November 29, 2007 02:38 am at 2:38 am |
  4. Paul Miller - Kissimmee,Fl

    In my opinion Mr. Huckabee,who studies
    the Bible and call himself a pastor should respect its opponents. A governor wants to represent the American People must have manners to treat a mother, who happen to be the presidential front runner! Mr. Huckabee, playing dirty fallacies
    will diminish your chances. It's required to a educating person proffer
    at least a minimum consideration and respect to others, even if they are adversaries.

    November 29, 2007 02:46 am at 2:46 am |
  5. Andrew, Torrance, California

    Heh. America is so poooooooor that we can't afford to send people on an useless mission just to show the Soviets that we can.

    Yeah, that's a Republican legacy that'll last for the whole century. Should've thought of that before you put invading Iraq ahead of good economic policy. 🙂

    I had never thought that I'd hear a Republican say that we're too poor though. Kind of sad really.

    Whatever happened to nothing is beyond the reach of the American imagination?

    Them's loser talk is what I'm saying. 😛

    November 29, 2007 03:13 am at 3:13 am |
  6. Marcus Detroit, MI

    Mike Huckabee for President 2008!!!

    November 29, 2007 03:17 am at 3:17 am |
  7. Tracy Wilson

    WHO ARE YOU?????



    November 29, 2007 03:25 am at 3:25 am |
  8. Eli, Canada

    What does it mean? All male candidates for presidency, Democrats or Republicans are some cowards scared by a strong woman? I thought that Republicans were at least gentlemen. Obviously not!

    November 29, 2007 03:31 am at 3:31 am |
  9. sali, rutherford, nj

    Huckabee must want company on mars… he was way out there trying to speak around the question by the you tuber who questioned why he gave education breaks to children of illegal aliens… we don't need another holier than thou… self righteous… sympathizer who will please the illegals who are here to vote for these guys.

    November 29, 2007 03:44 am at 3:44 am |
  10. Jeffrey, Arlington, VA

    Hey, guys – Hold your horse! Don’t send Hillary to Mars, but send her to Iran because she voted for the resolution. Please send me to Mars because I am cheap and worthless – no labor cost to your tax dollars! I want to get out of our dying American civilization immediately because I don’t have anything for the future investment here!

    November 29, 2007 03:47 am at 3:47 am |
  11. Jack, Houston Texas

    I think he's quite rude, I don't think Hiliary said to send him off to Mars. Who is he anyways?

    November 29, 2007 04:07 am at 4:07 am |
  12. S. Kilpatrick Sherman, Tx

    If he thinks the Presidency is a joke I hate to inform him it isnt. Keep with the issues and let us Americans know what you're gonna do for us!!! As far as I can tell none of them are doing anything about saving my social security and securing the borders.

    November 29, 2007 04:12 am at 4:12 am |
  13. Independent in IA

    I spent almost two hours shaking my head in utter disbelief...who are these clowns and why are they allowed airspace to do nothing but blow rancorous hot-air? McCain's 'my friends' did nothing but make my teeth ache at his presumptivness of my good will, and Guliani's bare-faced lies made me want to puke. Huckabee? I won't even go the others, he was too ridiculous for words.

    If this country gets lucky, an Independent Populist may yet emerge, to pull this nation out of the quagmire it has become entrenched in.

    November 29, 2007 04:13 am at 4:13 am |
  14. Fresh Start, Albaqurque New Mexico

    Very Low, if he knows he's good he wouldn't be attacking other candidates. It's his insecurities about winning that made him make a poor statement like this.
    Epitome of a sore loser

    November 29, 2007 04:15 am at 4:15 am |
  15. Bayan Ghanayem - Kuwait City - Kuwait.

    I am not an American,and it seems to me that the ruling elite of the US have decided to keep the republicans in the White House.The plan is to push forward sure loosers like Mrs.Clinton, and manufacture this Hype about her being the Democratic frontrunner, knowing fully well that she will loose to any possible Republican male candidate.

    November 29, 2007 04:35 am at 4:35 am |
  16. Rudy, Englewood, Co

    Idea: Tom Tancredo should be sent to Mar as a illegal alien!

    November 29, 2007 04:52 am at 4:52 am |
  17. AnaHadWolves, Philadelphia, PA, USA

    Mike Huckabee is the perfect Republican stooge to talk about space; he is the official Republican Space Cadet anyway.

    His flip and negative commentary about sending Hillary to Mars was not well-received by anyone with a brain; of course, those without brains seem comfortable within the Republican Party.

    Perhaps Jesus was writing Mike's material last night; if so, he needs to honor the writer's strike.

    November 29, 2007 04:57 am at 4:57 am |
  18. William, Murfreesboro, TN

    Huckabee's comment about Hilliary was AWESOME. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Tom Tancredo is correct, the US can't afford to send anyone to Mars.

    November 29, 2007 05:02 am at 5:02 am |
  19. jw, canadian,ok

    What a bunch of losers!

    November 29, 2007 05:24 am at 5:24 am |
  20. Evan Coffield

    Division of church and state in the constitution but it appears candidates are polarizing america from religious reasons. Candidates need to stop using churchs and religion to further their political goals. Candidates have no concept of the benefits of space exploration. We spend trillions on defense and only 15 billion a year on space exploration, the same amount for 10 years, just the as wages have been the same in the united states for 10 years in engineering fields.

    November 29, 2007 05:25 am at 5:25 am |
  21. darron, newark, n.j

    Forget about space the money should be used for exploration for oil in alaska and texas here in the usa..the epa has too many restrictions on everything, that we must depend on foreign countries oil. These repulicans have nothing else to talk about other than sending hilary to space...please

    November 29, 2007 05:34 am at 5:34 am |
  22. Willy, Chesapeake, VA

    I like to see Mrs. Bill Clinton and bubba, her man, along with the whole Clinton Ilk sent to pluto. That would cure the green house gas effect and acid rain problem on earth.

    November 29, 2007 05:46 am at 5:46 am |
  23. Willy, Chesapeake, VA

    Huckabee has my vote.

    November 29, 2007 05:48 am at 5:48 am |
  24. Hayshaker,,

    DUH !!! To All OF THEM what a Waste of good TV Time, I Missed M.A.S.H..

    November 29, 2007 06:06 am at 6:06 am |
  25. mark wilkes barre pa

    " I fail too seehow it could be part of an intelligent debate and why the audience would laugh at frivolous comments which make no sense",,,,, Excuse me Sally san antonio TX ,,, the next democractic debate that comes up we expect to hear the same comment from you !! It was just a joke,, not a very good joke ,but just a joke, Im sure hillary could see that so lighten up

    November 29, 2007 06:08 am at 6:08 am |
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