December 6th, 2007
07:08 AM ET
13 years ago

Clinton volunteer's sending of anti-Obama e-mail causes stir

An anti-Obama e-mail sent by a Clinton volunteer is causing a stir in Iowa.

(CNN) - One of the recipients of a controversial anti-Barack Obama email forward that put Hillary Clinton’s Iowa campaign on the defensive Wednesday said the volunteer county coordinator who sent the original message may have been unfairly targeted.

“She thinks people misunderstood her intent,” said Gary Hart, who said he spoke with the volunteer, Judy Rose, a short time ago. The former Clinton volunteer insisted “she was just sending it along so people know what kind of information is out there,” not because she believed the charges herself. He added that Rose is baffled by the uproar.

The controversy began early Wednesday when an Iowa supporter of presidential candidate Chris Dodd posted a comment on the liberal Daily Kos Web site, accusing an unnamed Clinton volunteer of forwarding an anti-Muslim e-mail aimed at the Illinois senator, containing charges that have been widely discredited.

The e-mail - one of several hoaxes that have been circulating since the Illinois senator announced his candidacy - claims that Obama is a Muslim whose campaign is part of a plot to destroy the United States. Obama is not, and never has been, a Muslim.

Within minutes, Clinton Internet Director Peter Daou posted a message from campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle disavowing the remarks. Rose, a Jones County volunteer, was immediately asked to leave the New York senator’s campaign, and did.

The war of words between both candidates, who are running neck and neck in Iowa polls less than a month before Election Day, has reached a fever pitch over the past week. Within the past few days, both have asked supporters to track attacks and “dirty tricks” aimed at their campaigns.

The Obama campaign is not commenting on the incident.

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- CNN’s Rebecca Sinderbrand

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  1. Bradley Schaubs, Greeley, CO

    Mrs. Clinton, I have a genuine, non-planted question for you: What did Mr. Obama do that made you feel it necessary to attack him in the most bizarre and childish ways?

    December 5, 2007 09:20 pm at 9:20 pm |
  2. Washington, DC

    Tsk.. sound like one of Obama's dirty trick. I don't think Hilary did it.

    Shame on you all people pointing at Hilary without any evidence.

    December 5, 2007 09:21 pm at 9:21 pm |
  3. tom carter

    Hillary is a dishonest person, why you vote for her?, thats what she get in her belt as experience!! She is a looser LOOOOOOOSER!!!!!!!!!

    December 5, 2007 09:24 pm at 9:24 pm |
  4. Sean, Detroit, MI

    DIRTY, DISGUSTING politics! It's really easy to throw a volunteer under the bus and act like this was an isolated incident. Unfortunately, this entire lie has been tied to the Clinton campaign all along.

    I do not want Slimy Shrillary Clinton running our country.

    December 5, 2007 09:30 pm at 9:30 pm |
  5. Waqas Ahmad from Knoxville, TN

    So what if he did turn out to be a Muslim? I know he's not but why is being Muslim something bad? This story makes it look like it's a Muslim trait to want to "destroy the United States" and that if Obama was a Muslim, he would be evil. Fascism is rising in America.

    December 5, 2007 09:32 pm at 9:32 pm |
  6. Tim, DC

    What a lame excuse from the Clinton campaign. The e-mail can be found online and people should judge it for themselves. I for one see no indication that this volunteer was "informing" people that this stuff was out there.

    To think I used to like Clinton, I switched back and forth a few times between her and Obama before settling on Obama. I think everyone is getting sick of how she is running her campaign.

    December 5, 2007 09:34 pm at 9:34 pm |
  7. hey allons,tn

    hey don't support any candiate for president that want taxes cuts permanent if taxes cuts permanent get pass in to law then the rich billionairs will never pay taxes the taxes will be paid by the poor and middle class then the bush administration will want to raise taxes on the poor and middle class congress don't change the tax code to make the poor and middle class foot the tax bill TELL g.w. bush to go suck a cup of oil

    December 5, 2007 09:34 pm at 9:34 pm |
  8. matt

    This is all getting very tiresome. Just realize that you're in the same party and try to run a clean race.

    December 5, 2007 09:36 pm at 9:36 pm |
  9. Sean, Washington, DC

    Does anyone read anymore? It says the email is a hoax that is circulating. While it is ugly out there, I doubt the Clinton campaign would sanction this type of attack. Do your homework everyone; this is an isolated incident that has nothing to do with real issues and everything to do with the average American, and media in general, hoping for a conspiracy that doesn't exist.

    December 5, 2007 09:36 pm at 9:36 pm |
  10. Kyu Reisch, Radcliff, Kentucky

    Tom Dedham, Mass, do you believe that kind of silly game? Hillary is not that stupid, she knows better than Obama. Obama's supporters try everything to hurt Hillary, I don't believe that story also I don't trust Obama, our Country will be worse than now if Obama wins.

    December 5, 2007 09:42 pm at 9:42 pm |
  11. Mitty, Miami Gardens, Florida

    Hillary, I am really suprised at you and your campaign. Shame, shame, shame. How could you stoop that low?

    December 5, 2007 09:43 pm at 9:43 pm |
  12. Yousef, Minneapolis, MN

    I didn't realize simply BEING a Muslim can be something you're "accused" of. Especially considering there are over a 1 billion Muslims in the world, including at least 6 million in the United States. Even this administration has high ranking Muslims, i.e Zalmay Khalilzad, the US Ambassador to the United Nations. Another demonstration of how bigoted some people in this country have become.

    December 5, 2007 09:48 pm at 9:48 pm |
  13. Liberal Chic

    Freeman, Dallas TX :

    Shove it, dude. The last time I checked, Obama was becoming as eeky as any old politician. And he's just getting started.

    December 5, 2007 09:54 pm at 9:54 pm |
  14. mable Limington, Me.

    Have the picture of Obama not sulate the flag or say the Pledge with the other are doing???

    December 5, 2007 09:57 pm at 9:57 pm |
  15. Anonymous

    Her LIES will find her out. Hillary Clinton cannot tell the truth, she doesn't know what it is by now.
    Jane from Houston, TX

    December 5, 2007 10:07 pm at 10:07 pm |
  16. chris, chicago, il

    Obama: Hill says that you started running for prez as soon as you got to congress. At least you made it on your own. I say Hill started running for Senate as soon as she found out that her husband got the ash tray confused twith the intern or vice versa.

    Somewhere she was collecting a club sandwich.

    December 5, 2007 10:17 pm at 10:17 pm |
  17. Josh Sparks, Nevada

    I liked him better before he started hiding under Oprah's skirt too.

    At least Hillary's making it back to DC to do her job in the Senate.

    That's more than can be said for Obama.

    My Mamma always said, If it looks to good to be true, it probably is!

    Such is the case with Obama. He can talk the talk but lacks the experience and strength to walk the talk.

    Hillary has my vote.

    December 5, 2007 10:19 pm at 10:19 pm |
  18. Farrell, Houston, Tx

    This is just an example of how low can you go, can you go real low. Trust me when I say, Obama has been checked under the bottom of his feet more so than any other candidate. Our next door neighbors are more likely to be Muslins than Obama.

    December 5, 2007 10:20 pm at 10:20 pm |

    It's my understanding that the volunteer was actually an Obama plant!

    "The Obama campaign is not commenting on the incident."

    What goes around, comes around.

    December 5, 2007 10:27 pm at 10:27 pm |
  20. Aruna, San Jose, CA

    C'mon gimme a break...Is clinton such a fool that she would jeopardize her own position? I don't think so. Women are wiser than people credit them for. What's not to say that this couldn't have originated from somewhere else, or within the obama camp itself. Since when does everybody believe whatever the media says? People read whatever is written, but not necessarily lap it all up!

    December 5, 2007 10:37 pm at 10:37 pm |
  21. S.K.M. Boston Mass

    The Michigan Democratic Party moves its primary way up.
    The Democratic Party slaps their wrists.
    All Democratic candidates refuse to campaign there.
    Barak Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, and Biden(I think) all have their names withdrawn from the nomination in Michigan unless the State Dems respect party rules.
    Hillary Clinton and Dennis Kucinich watch as their only rivals take the brave step forward; out of their way.
    The state Dems in Michigan refuse to change their mind and keep the early primary. Hillary Clinton steeples her fingers and crosses Michigan off of her "to do list".

    December 5, 2007 10:37 pm at 10:37 pm |
  22. Shane Barber Mableton Ga

    I believe it is Barack "Hussein" Obama, I don't know to many Americans with the Hussein name do you?? I believe he did attend a school in the middle east-now what belief it was I don't know, but that is a fact!

    Republicans do want Hillary or Obama because it will equal a win for the Republicans !! Because what states will they win when you look at the map of the United States. I know NY,CA,MA,MAss.,PA...but Democrates need someone that can compete in all 50 states!

    December 5, 2007 10:37 pm at 10:37 pm |
  23. Steve, Albany, GA

    As others have mentioned above, Mrs. Clinton never knows anything about anything. But goes around acting like she the smartest woman in the world. I can not imagine watching Hillary and Bill sleezing up the country again. And another thing, why would she, of all people, attack Obama for running a slush fund. Hello HILPAC, hello Norman funny chi-com money Hsu, hello media matters, hello moveon, hello 1996 chi-com funny money scandal. What is it with these two? I think that they can't help it. They are pathological.

    December 5, 2007 10:38 pm at 10:38 pm |
  24. Jen, New York, NY

    Guiliani's not all that experienced himself. His claim to fame was being the NYC mayor during 911, and that's pretty much it.

    December 5, 2007 10:38 pm at 10:38 pm |
  25. Tired of Corruption LV

    CNN, why doesn't the headline say " Clinton campaign sends Obama slurs".

    December 5, 2007 10:44 pm at 10:44 pm |
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