December 17th, 2007
10:45 AM ET
13 years ago

DLC 'very saddened' with Lieberman

Watch Lieberman endorse McCain Monday morning.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - The founder of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council released a statement Monday expressing his disappointment with Joe Lieberman’s decision to endorse Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

The Connecticut senator chaired the DLC for several years in the 90s.

“I am very saddened by Senator Lieberman’s choice, and profoundly disagree with it,” wrote Al From. “We need to elect a Democratic president in 2008.”

The DLC had come to Lieberman’s defense in 2006, when the senator faced a successful primary challenge from anti-war candidate Ned Lamont. In an op-ed, policy director Ed Kilgore described Lieberman’s opponents as "fundamentalist" liberals bent on a "purge" of the former Democratic vice presidential candidate because of his bi-partisan views.

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- CNN Associate Political Editor Rebecca Sinderbrand

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  1. Surrealist, Fort Myers, FL

    Mr. Lieberman is just as smug as the Israeli leadership. They feel they can get the American people to do anything they want. Here's an example from the Israeli press...from a cabinet meeting:

    Sharon to Peres: "Don't worry about American pressure; we control America"

    Occupied Jerusalem: 3 October, 2001 (IAP News)

    An acrimonious argument erupted during the Israeli cabinet weekly
    session last week between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and
    his foreign Minister Shimon Peres during which Sharon reportedly
    yelled at Peres, saying "don't worry about American pressure, we
    control America."

    According to Israel radio (in hebrew) Kol Yisrael, Peres warned
    Sharon Wednesday that refusing to heed incessant American
    requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger
    Israeli interests and "turn the US against us."

    At this point, a furious Sharon reportedly turned toward Peres,
    saying "every time we do something you tell me Americans will do
    this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear,
    don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish
    people control America, and the Americans know it."

    The radio said Peres and other cabinet ministers warned Sharon
    against saying what he said in public because "it would cause us
    a public relations disaster."

    EVALUATION: The Israeli government is convinced they have enough influential U.S. citizens and politicians on their side–they can pretty much do anything they want. Thanks Mr. Liebeman–for trying to keep us tied to the Israeli governmnets agenda–I think Americans are ready to set their own for a change. So you and McCain–and go back to the dinosaur feeding area–and leave managing the United States–to those who are only loyal to the United States.

    December 17, 2007 01:29 pm at 1:29 pm |
  2. RonPaulForTheLongHaul

    The establishment endorses McCain.

    The people endorse Ron Paul.

    December 17, 2007 01:29 pm at 1:29 pm |
  3. Democrat Voter in CA

    Lieberman is for the senseless war in it's no surprise he's going with a Republican (although Hillary is probably a close second for him).

    Still, it's hard not to respect least a little bit. If I HAD to vote for any of the Republicans I would vote for Ron Paul or McCain. The rest of the Republicans are down right frightening!

    December 17, 2007 01:30 pm at 1:30 pm |
  4. Dale Davis, Glendora, California

    I hope 95 year old Mama McCain doesn't blurt-out anything bad about Jews, like she did about the Mormons last month. Keep your fingers crossed John and put your hands over your ears Joe!

    December 17, 2007 01:33 pm at 1:33 pm |
  5. RonPaulForTheLongHaul

    The establishment endorses McCain.

    The people endorse Ron Paul.

    December 17, 2007 01:33 pm at 1:33 pm |
  6. Philip, Sacramento, CA

    Thank you, Senator Lieberman for showing what a class-act politician is like or should be. Although I am undecided as to who I would vote for, I am profoundly encouraged by your great sense of love for country and for what it stands for. I have been so sickened by the partisanship that I have been thinking of not voting this time around, which was an unthinkable act since I took up citizenship some 25 years ago. You see, I have never voted before in my entire life before becoming a US citizen. I taught my children to never squander such a privilege. But here I am, thinking about not voting, almost a blasphemous decision, until I read of your bold decision to endorse Senator McCain, a Republican at that. You gave me reason to hope. Thanks

    December 17, 2007 01:40 pm at 1:40 pm |
  7. PW Va

    Lieberman: a republican in sheep's clothing!

    December 17, 2007 01:41 pm at 1:41 pm |
  8. Max, Dallas, TX

    That kind of bias is what got us in trouble 8 years ago.

    December 17, 2007 01:42 pm at 1:42 pm |
  9. J williamson, Buffalo, NY

    Okay, now let's see: In 2004 when the "buzz" was going around about John Kerry asking John McCain to be his running mate (and there seemed to be some truth to it). McCain said someting to the effect that it would not be "honorable" for him to leave the Republican party, etc., etc. Does McCain now think Lieberman is less than upstanding? Yes, I know that Lieberman had already left the Dems – and not by his own choice, incidentally. McCain's best chance to be president was in 2000 – he let the Bushies get away with a lot of smears (SC in particular) and has been trying to re-capture the magic of that spring campaign ever since.

    December 17, 2007 01:47 pm at 1:47 pm |
  10. ra

    First it was Robertson and Romney?
    Now McCain and Lieberman!
    Next you'll see dogs and cats living together, Armegedon! Ron Paul?

    December 17, 2007 01:48 pm at 1:48 pm |
  11. Chris, Allentown PA

    Is there any doubt they're testing the waters for a centrist, bi-partisan ticket with Lieberman in the VP spot?

    December 17, 2007 01:51 pm at 1:51 pm |
  12. Ralph Z

    First it was Romney and Pat Robertson! Now it's McCain and Lieberman! Next it's dogs and cats living together. Connecticut, how do you feel? Betrayed? Wow! The desperation, Ron Paul right on their heels. Just breathing on their necks it is comical.

    December 17, 2007 01:52 pm at 1:52 pm |
  13. Pasadena

    The old fart still has no chance of being the next president no matter who in endorses him.

    December 17, 2007 01:53 pm at 1:53 pm |
  14. Danny Casolaro Martinsburg, WV

    Let them eat war.

    December 17, 2007 01:54 pm at 1:54 pm |
  15. Glen,baltimore,md

    I Respect John Mccain’s Service, But...

    I’ve never liked the little unreliable nut...McCain is enjoying a momentary surge in the polls (again), but it’s momentary, as in, until conservative voters remember that he is friends with Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Russ Feingold and many other hardcore liberals, and has worked with them many times in the past to advance an agenda wholly at odds with his voters.

    December 17, 2007 01:56 pm at 1:56 pm |
  16. Robert G., West Palm Beach, FL

    Lieberman? Does anyone outside of Connecticut like this guy?

    If I was McCain, this is an endorsement I would not want. Guess it shows how desperate he really is.

    December 17, 2007 01:57 pm at 1:57 pm |
  17. Ralph, Stamford, CT

    Isn't it time we started investigating how Lieberman and his lobbyist wife, Hadassah, are profitting from this neverending war. "Follow the money."

    December 17, 2007 01:58 pm at 1:58 pm |
  18. Mishagothe Denver Colorado

    The Democratic Party is reaping what they sow. They failed to fully back Ned Lamont and now Say-It-Ain't-So-Joe feels free to pursue his pro-Israel right wing war agenda. The stupid thing is that in the long run this is all going to come back and bite Israel in the arse.

    December 17, 2007 02:06 pm at 2:06 pm |
  19. DT, Comstock Park, MI

    The DLC had come to Lieberman’s defense in 2006, when the senator faced a successful primary challenge from anti-war candidate Ned Lamont. In an op-ed, policy director Ed Kilgore described Lieberman’s opponents as "fundamentalist" liberals bent on a "purge" of the former Democratic vice presidential candidate because of his bi-partisan views.

    God forbid we support bipartisanship in Congress, eh Ed? Something might actually GET DONE.

    December 17, 2007 02:07 pm at 2:07 pm |
  20. Eleanor, Port Orchard, WA

    Joe Lieberman is a hypcrite, a phony, and a two-faced, turn-coated traitor to his country and to his party. For years he has masqeraded as a Democrat, until he saw political advantage in turning his coat to reveal his true Republican leanings, hid behind his supposed status as an "Independent". A claim which does a great disservice to genuine independents!

    Evidently, Mr. Lieberman's convictions are as threadbare and thin as his integrity and his honor...of which he has not enough to cover a flea! He clearly will swing whichever way the wind appears to be blowing to his own self-advantage.

    What a louse Connnecticut has for a Senator! I hope they throw him out of office permanently at his next election.

    On reflection, I suppose he fits the mold of a Republican quite well, when I look back on these comments. Actually he has ALL the qualifications to be one. But if the Republicans are smart, they won't trust him either! What a slime-bag.

    December 17, 2007 02:10 pm at 2:10 pm |
  21. r schier norwalk,ct

    Lieberman is an absolute waste in every respect...he has done nothing for the U.S., and particularly nothing for my home state of CT....He's smug, self-righteous, and far more concerned with the dealings of Israel, then any matters that should really concern a person who apparently represents us...this guy is a self-serving, smug bozo.....

    December 17, 2007 02:10 pm at 2:10 pm |
  22. DC Sacramento, CA

    GI Joe is a mole for the GOP. The Democrats would be wise to give him the boot.

    December 17, 2007 02:11 pm at 2:11 pm |
  23. Linda, Wentzville, Missouri

    Joe is a power mad little monkey. He can't get the time of day from the big three (Obama, Hillary, and Edwards). So he's going to suck up to the GOP in case one of them manages to win. Maybe he'll get a juicy cabinet posting out of it.

    December 17, 2007 02:14 pm at 2:14 pm |
  24. J.Crobuzon

    Why should they care? Lieberman's been a Republican for years, and an irrelevant and powerless one at that. His endorsement is horseradish.

    December 17, 2007 02:14 pm at 2:14 pm |
  25. Dan Seattle, WA

    Lieberman's endorsement means nothing to anyone outside CT. I mean, this guy has been so wrong time after time when it comes to Iraq and Iran. He is a total tool and one of the biggest Israel-hawks in the Senate.

    He has every right to do what he wants, but he has no credibility on foreign policy. None whatsoever.

    And that scratchy, whiny voice makes listening to him all the worse...

    December 17, 2007 02:17 pm at 2:17 pm |
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