January 6th, 2008
02:47 PM ET
15 years ago

Obama: 'They will try to Swiftboat me'

Obama is running neck-and-neck with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

Obama is running neck-and-neck with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

EXETER, New Hampshire (CNN) - Barack Obama’s starting to talk about his fall campaign as a matter of when, not if – and so are some of his potential general election opponents.

Obama may be running neck-and-neck with New York Sen. Hillary Clinton in most polls of New Hampshire’s Democratic voters, but "I know once I win this Democratic nomination that the folks on the other side will come after me with everything they've got,” he told an Exeter, New Hampshire crowd Saturday. “They will try to Swiftboat me," he said.

Obama was referring to the attacks faced by Sen. John Kerry after he captured the Democratic nomination in 2004.

Republican Mitt Romney, in a close race of his own in the Granite State’s GOP primary, is trying to use Obama’s momentum to make the case against rival John McCain. The former Massachusetts governor told voters this weekend that "It’s time for someone to stand up to Barack Obama, who I think has a good chance of becoming the nominee. He's running against two long serving senators who talk about their experience, and he blows them away.

"Are we going to do the same and put up another long serving senator as our nominee?"

Romney’s had one eye on his rivals, and another on Obama, for a while now - his campaign sent out press releases targeting the Illinois senator on taxes before he won Iowa’s Democratic caucuses.

–CNN's Jessica Yellin and Peter Hamby

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  1. wangmo

    An important factor that needs more attention is the very powerful fact that Hillary Clinton has established a long and successful working relationships with those across the aisle, so she is actually a politician who is able to get things changed.

    We would have had John Kerry as our President in 04, saving us all of these last 4 years of Bush Hell, but for the fact that Satan KKKarl orchestrated the Sam Fox financed Swiftboating character-assassination of Kerry. Just enough of a percentage of stupid unquestioning Sheeple sucked up the lies and put Chimpy McAWOL into the Presidency for another monstrous term of fascism.

    Are we going to sit back and silently allow the Hillary-Hate propagandists pull a fast one on us all AGAIN? The constant blather from the Neocon Punditutes relentlessly catapulting propaganda crap about Hillary, when the truth of her life is exactly the opposite, needs to be recognized by our society We couldn't wish for a more capable President. Hillary Clinton's problem is she is too good, and is therefore the target of unrelenting character-assassination by the Mellon-Scaife/Philip Anschuz-financed efforts to destroy liberal politics in America.

    January 7, 2008 07:25 pm at 7:25 pm |
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