January 24th, 2008
05:56 AM ET
15 years ago

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Thursday, January 24, 2008


Compiled by Jonathan Helman
CNN Washington Bureau

USA Today: Edwards Struggles For Attention, Even In Native State
This year, the spotlights that seem perpetually focused on his rivals, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, are casting such long shadows that Edwards is having difficulty emerging from them, even in South Carolina, where he was born.

Washington Post: Democrats Attack Iraq Security Proposal
The leading Democratic presidential candidates and their allies on Capitol Hill have launched fierce attacks in recent days on a White House plan to forge a new, long-term security agreement with the Iraqi government, complaining that the administration is trying to lock in a lasting U.S. military presence in Iraq before the next president takes office.

NY Times: Voters Showing a Darker Mood Than in 2000 Race
Candidates are confronting an electorate deeply unsettled about the United States’ ability to control its own destiny.

Washington Post: Romney, McCain Take Lead in Fla.; Tax Talk Pervades
After months of debate over illegal immigration, social issues and the Iraq war, the economy and taxes have emerged as the central focus of the Republican race in Florida.

LA Times: The Chinks In Giuliani's 9/11 Armor
Giuliani's composed performance on Sept. 11 is the foundation of his quest for the presidency. But some of the chaos that hobbled rescuers that morning was rooted in his blind spots as New York's mayor. The man who titled his autobiography "Leadership" proved to be masterfully reactive to crisis but sketchier in preparing for the unknown.

Washington Times: Huckabee Alienates GOP In Arkansas
For the 10 years he was governor of Arkansas, Mr. Huckabee was at war with much of his party. Now that Mr. Huckabee is seeking the presidential nomination, many Arkansas Republicans warn that he could wage a bruising battle with the national party, too.

Washington Post: Some in Party Bristle At Clintons' Attacks
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign aired a new radio ad in South Carolina Wednesday that repeated a discredited charge against Sen. Barack Obama, in what some Democrats said is part of an increasing pattern of hardball politics by her and former president Bill Clinton.

NY Times: Romney Leads in Ill Will Among G.O.P. Candidates
At the end of the Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire this month, when the Democrats joined the candidates on stage, Mitt Romney found himself momentarily alone as his counterparts mingled, looking around a bit stiffly for a companion. The moment was emblematic of a broader reality that has helped shape the Republican contest and could take center stage again on Thursday at a debate in Florida. Within the small circle of contenders, Mr. Romney has become the most disliked.

NY Times: Clinton Is Endorsed by Pennsylvania Governor
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton tended to her political backyard on Wednesday in anticipation of New Jersey’s critical presidential primary on Feb. 5, picking up a major endorsement and headlining a fund-raiser and two lively rallies.

LA Times: Obama Said Whoops On 6 State Senate Votes
During his eight years in state office, Obama cast more than 4,000 votes. Of those, according to transcripts of the proceedings in Springfield, he hit the wrong button at least six times.

Washington Times: Obama Cites His Straight Talk, 'Old Tricks' Of Foes
Sen. Barack Obama mocked Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday as someone who shifts positions based on the political wind, while former President Bill Clinton blamed the press for fanning the flames of the latest Democratic fight.

WSJ: Romney's Wallet Keeps Him in the Race
Mitt Romney lost three of the first five big Republican contests and lags behind in most major state and national polls. Yet he is still widely seen as a credible contender for the nomination thanks mainly to one trait: his wallet.

Washington Post: Sunshine State Warm to Giuliani, But His Poll Position Falls Sharply
There's always a Yankees hat in the crowd, always an FDNY T-shirt, and always the borough accents. And when Rudolph W. Giuliani finally arrives at a typical campaign stop in this place 1,000 miles from the Empire State, he provokes a Gotham-style scrum of celebrity.

WSJ: Clinton Slammed for Vote On 2001 Bankruptcy Bill
Sen. Hillary Clinton is on the defensive for another vote aligned with President Bush early in her legislative career: this one for a measure to make it more difficult to erase personal debts through bankruptcy.

Greenville News: Michelle Obama Defends Husband's Voting Record, Experience
Michelle Obama countered increasingly fierce criticism from Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Wednesday in an impassioned speech at a Greenville, S.C. restaurant, defending Barack Obama’s votes in the Illinois Senate, his experience and his ability to stand tough to Republicans.

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