January 29th, 2008
10:19 PM ET
8 years ago

Clinton thanks Floridians, promises to get delegates seated

Watch Sen. Hillary Clinton thanks supporters in Florida Tuesday night.

Watch Sen. Hillary Clinton thanks supporters in Florida Tuesday night.

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton held a victory rally in Davie, Florida Tuesday night - even though the Democratic National Committee has stripped Florida of all of its delegates to the nominating convention, and no Democratic presidential candidate campaigned in the state.

“I could not come here to ask in person for your votes, but I am here to thank you for your votes today,” Clinton told her supporters. The New York senator also promised the crowd that she would do everything she could to get Florida’s delegation seated at the Democratic convention.

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said Tuesday night that Clinton was “trying to assign meaning to a contest that awards zero delegates” after her recent loss to Obama in South Carolina. “Sen. Obama is disappointed that Florida will have no role in selecting delegates for the Democratic nominee, but looks forward to competing and winning in Florida during the general election,” he said.

–CNN Associate Producer Martina Stewart

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  1. Rich In Seattle

    Please tell me that people see through this!!!!! If they want to count the delegates then they should allow everyone to campaign in the state. I do not agree with the DNC to take the delegates away, but to give it back to them now would be a horrible disadvantage to Obama. Hillary 3.0 should have to play fair and not try to change the rules after the fact.

    Please people, you have got to see through this. We're smarter than this, aren't we?

    January 30, 2008 12:20 am at 12:20 am |
  2. Truethis

    Unbeliveable.............these are desperate times for her.

    January 30, 2008 12:21 am at 12:21 am |
  3. redwoods

    I'm waiting for you in CA Mrs Clinton...im waiting to vote for you ! I wonder if when you win in CA, Mr. Obamas supporters will say it was rigged , doenst count, or Mrs Clinton somehow cheated.

    It will be fun to see how they spin it

    January 30, 2008 12:21 am at 12:21 am |
  4. KPO'M

    According to the CNN exit poll, 59% of Democrats in Florida voted absentee or more than a month ago. Those voters went overwhelmingly for Clinton. Those who made up their minds in the last month went for Obama by a wide margin (except for those who decided today, who went 34/30 for Clinton). Make of it what you will.

    January 30, 2008 12:22 am at 12:22 am |
  5. Brandon

    Every vote should count, I think it's shameful that none of the other candidates campaigned because they knew no delegates were up for grabs. That just gives Floridians the impression that because there will be no delegates – that their votes and their voices aren't important. At least Clinton went and listened to what FL democrats had to say.

    January 30, 2008 12:22 am at 12:22 am |
  6. Go Vegetarian!

    Why is it that I see many Democrats abandoning their core values to vote Republican if their favorite candidate isn't the party's nominee. Would you really sacrifice the environment, our GIs, the right to choose, the economy and all the other key issues on which we, as Democrats, stand so firmly in opposition to the GOP, just because you're a sore loser? Really?!!

    Get a grip. Edwards, Clinton and Obama are very close on almost all the issues. Regardless of the Democratic nominee, how can you throw away everything you believe in and go to the dark side. You may not like the particular Democratic candidate, but any of them ... yes... any ... is far better than the alternative. Don't let pettiness make you forget what's at stake in this next election.

    January 30, 2008 12:23 am at 12:23 am |
  7. Elaine MA


    January 30, 2008 12:23 am at 12:23 am |
  8. robbie

    in 5th grade, at a school basketball game, The opposing team failed to show up because the school couldn't make the trip.

    we won on default.

    (sarcastic) I gave a victory speech at midcourt!

    Man, I hate to say it but Hillary is giving in to all women stereotypes.

    January 30, 2008 12:24 am at 12:24 am |
  9. jeff

    i think florida's democratic vote may not be as insignificant as pundits and candidates might wish.

    It seems to me equally likely that it is another very precise measure of the fluidity of this campaign. obama who less than 24hours ago held the momentum from SC and the vaunted Teddy endorsement, has already lost it due to a kind of chauvinistic pushoff that stirred another inexplicable shift as in the NH primary.

    January 30, 2008 12:26 am at 12:26 am |
  10. Maung Maung Nyo

    dear Editor,
    Congratulations to Hillary! Whether delegates are seated or not in the national Democratic convention , the results show that Hillary has most voters' support in Florida. Obama and Edwards just care for the delegates number, not the people's wishes.

    January 30, 2008 12:27 am at 12:27 am |
  11. KimSC

    Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine...that is all we hear when Obama gets beat. Over 800,000 came out to support Hillary without campaining! The only one that did any "campaining" was Obama with TV commercials of COURSE he had an explanation.

    Super Tuesday will stop all this non-sense, for those of you that think SC speaks for the rest of the world you are about to get a geography lesson.

    Go Hillary!

    January 30, 2008 12:28 am at 12:28 am |
  12. eyeingtenure

    I'll vote against Hillary on her own merits. To many Hillary supporters, that makes me an Obama supporter - who else is a force in the Democratic party? - and, more egregiously, it makes me somehow sexist.

    I don't vote against her because she's a woman. I vote against her because she has a lot of baggage. No, that isn't a sexist comment either.

    My mother will vote for Hillary because she's female. To me, that's what's really sexist.

    I believe people should be judged by the color of their character and not the content of their skin.

    January 30, 2008 12:28 am at 12:28 am |
  13. Roger Miller

    If Super Tuesday reflects Floridian voting (based on the exit polling), it looks like a Hillary Sweep on Super Tuesday ... Latinos voting 2 to 1 for Hillary and except African americans, all others seem to be voting for Hillary .. but Obama seems to be getting roughly 22% of the White vote like in South Carolina ... and 80% of the black vote just like in SC ... interesting ... looks like Super Tuesday will be better than Super Bowl ...

    January 30, 2008 12:33 am at 12:33 am |
  14. Andrew

    Bless Hillary for being the only Democrat with enough balls to speak against the DNC and say our votes is Florida count. I'm a Democrat in Tampa Bay and I had nothing at all to do with our primary being moved to the 29th. Florida's Republican controlled state governent moved the primary! The millions of everyday Floridia Democrats had nothing to do with it! Stripping the delegates of the fourth largest state is wrong, and stripping the delegates of the most pivotol swing state is suicide.

    January 30, 2008 12:33 am at 12:33 am |
  15. Tom, Iowa

    The final straw. I am done with the Clintons. After defending them through EVERYTHING, this is it.

    To agree to not campaign in a state and then stop in for a fundraiser and spend the days leading up to the primary promising to get their delegates counted just to court favor with their electorate (which is in fact CAMPAIGNING!) This is ridiculous. Congrats, Hillary you've done the impossible. If it's between you and McCain, I'm voting Republican.

    January 30, 2008 12:33 am at 12:33 am |
  16. concerned citizen

    people are so ignorant...all the candidates were listed in the ballot and no one campaign except Obama even though it was through cnn he found a loop hole...what a president..and to those people saying Florida doesn't count are you saying that 1.6 million people don't count. And let me make something clear Obama won in South carolina with 260,000 votest against hillarys 167,00 a different of about 100,000....but in Florida were no one campaign that includes hillary she won 860,000 against Obama's 460,000 a different of about 300,000 votes. So people are saying these votes don't count...Next yes I have to admit that Obama is inspirational when he speaks but he lacks substance and the only reason Ted Kennedy, Kerry and other Top senators went for Obama is because they know politically it is much easier to manipulate a person like Obama in the white hose rather than have someone as strong as hillary...So think about that Obama supporters...BTW Hitler was a great inspirational speaker....we need someone who doesn't need to be trained or use the white house as training ground...and the miliary deserves better than a new guy...its like putting a 2LT in charge of an Army it doesn't work because you need more experience like 35 more years....so and if you people are saying im stupid and ingorant you better have a B.S. degree from West Point, a Masters in Internatinal Relations from Georgetown, and a Ph.D in political science from Georgetown and also served in army fro 10 years including 2 years in IRAQ....

    Maj. T

    United States Marine Corp

    January 30, 2008 12:36 am at 12:36 am |
  17. David

    Hillary's Florida win proves that she can get the votes of elderly Americans ... she is the candidate of yesterday's generation.

    Now it's time for the new generation to take over and vote for someone fresh with new ideas like Obama or Edwards.

    January 30, 2008 12:36 am at 12:36 am |
  18. Derek

    OK Jay, here is your answer. No I wouldn't feel differently if Barack had won. The only principled thing to do here is to chalk Florida up to what it became; a beauty contest.

    Now that you have an answer to your question, ask yourself one. Would you be suggesting that the Florida delegates get seated had Barack won? I doubt it.

    And its unlikley that Barack would have pulled a desparation move like Hillary did of claiming victory in a state that by her own definition of success ("only delegates matter") means nothing. What she is doing is pure self-serving politics.

    BTW, Florida has a second chance. They can still comply with party rules and conduct a second primary or caucus after the party sanctioned Feb. 5th date.

    If you're up for it, we are, with a full campaign in the state. Or are you afraid of the outcome if the candidates have the benefit of a full campaign in the state?

    January 30, 2008 12:36 am at 12:36 am |
  19. Jay

    She won. As an Obama supporter I would've been happy with a florida win. But such is life. On to Super Tuesday. Clinton is tough.

    January 30, 2008 12:37 am at 12:37 am |
  20. edu

    for sure hillary will win obama for sure

    January 30, 2008 12:37 am at 12:37 am |
  21. Cliff CA

    Hillary won Florida big time, thanks to all the Democratic voters who came out to vote today. I hope and pray your delegates will be able to be seated at the Democratic convention.

    January 30, 2008 12:37 am at 12:37 am |
  22. Yeah Right

    Hillary won in a state with no delegates and with very little to no other campaigning by any other candidate, congratulations! -sarcasm-

    She did the exact same thing in Michigan, Hillary- YOU DID NOT WIN ANYTHING. Florida dosen't COUNT, haha, make a fuss over nothing, of course, I guess that is what happens when you start to get desperate, isn't it?

    January 30, 2008 12:39 am at 12:39 am |
  23. Prayu

    Florida's main voting base is white baby boomers. That's the only demographic that Hillary has consistently done well in, so it's no surprise that she won in a state where none of the Democratic candidates were allowed to campaign in.

    Everyone knows this was meaningless in terms of the actual election; the only purpose of this is to try and derail Obama's momentum, and go into Super Tuesday on a positive note. Besides this, there has really been nothing but setbacks for the Clinton campaign as late, so they're getting a bit desperate here.

    January 30, 2008 12:40 am at 12:40 am |
  24. Kyu Reisch, Radcliff, Kentucky

    Thank you Florida voters, you are truly sincere American Citizens. You proved your voice without campaign, it is pure your heart toward Hillary Clinton. She will not disappoint you, I am proud of Florida voters and Hillary.

    January 30, 2008 12:40 am at 12:40 am |
  25. John




    OBAMA 08!!!

    January 30, 2008 12:40 am at 12:40 am |
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