February 8th, 2008
08:35 PM ET
10 years ago

CNN=Politics Daily

CNN=Politics Daily is The Best Political Podcast from the Best Political Team.

CNN=Politics Daily is The Best Political Podcast from the Best Political Team.

(CNN) - As the dust settles on Mitt Romney's withdrawal from the presidential race, Sen. John McCain and the conservative base of the Republican Party are coming to terms with one another.

In the latest episode of CNN=Politics Daily, Mary Snow reports on McCain and the GOP from the campaign trail in Virginia where McCain faces the first test of his frontrunner status next Tuesday.

Jessica Yellin is with Sen. Barack Obama as he tries to close the deal with voters in Washington State prior to Saturday's caucuses.  Yellin reports on the battle between Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton in the next phase of their tight race for the Democratic nomination.

 Now that the presidential race has narrowed, Sens. Clinton and Obama are setting their sights on Sen. McCain.  Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider looks at recent polls showing head-to-head matchups between Clinton or Obama and McCain.

Despite his efforts to win them over, not all conservatives have fallen in line to support Sen. McCain.  Influential social conservative James Dobson has given his personal endorsement to former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.  Kathleen Koch reports on the Dobson endorsement and what it means for the remainder of the GOP nomination race.

Finally, CNN's Jennifer Mikell brings you this week's  most memorable moments from the campaign trail.

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–CNN Associate Producer Martina Stewart

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