February 12th, 2008
10:05 AM ET
14 years ago

NAACP condemns anti-Clinton e-mail

(CNN) - The NAACP told reporters Monday that an anti-Hillary Clinton e-mail allegedly written by the group’s chairman, Julian Bond, was a hoax.

The message, titled “10 Reasons Not to Vote for Hilary Clinton,” is one of several anti-Clinton emails aimed at black voters that have circulated over the past few weeks.

“I did not write the ‘10 reasons’ and have not and will not support or oppose any candidate or party for president,” said Bond in a statement.

Late last month, another anti-Clinton e-mail cited a March 2007 column by Robert Novak on her 1960s-era experiences, and used it as the basis for false claims about her sympathies during the Civil Rights era. The article does not make those claims.

The content of that e-mail was briefly posted to a user-generated blog operated on the Obama campaign’s Web site. When the campaign was notified, they immediately removed the material.

NAACP spokesman Robert McIntire said the group had been receiving calls since the e-mail about Clinton's views in the 1960s began circulating from individuals and reporters asking about the information in the message.

He said they answered questions about that era honestly, but would not be putting out a statement clarifying the organization’s view of Clinton's experiences because that might be viewed as an endorsement of a political candidate, and they are committed to maintaining their politically neutral status.

“The NAACP is studiously non-partisan and does not engage in partisan politics,” said Bond in his statement, calling the e-mail “a political dirty trick and a fraud, calculated to confuse.”

–CNN Associate Political Editor Rebecca Sinderbrand

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