March 3rd, 2008
02:05 PM ET
12 years ago

Cafferty: Should Clinton drop out if she loses Texas & Ohio?

There's a growing number of voices saying Hillary Clinton should get out of the race unless she can deliver big victories tomorrow in Texas and Ohio.

Governor Bill Richardson, who hasn't endorsed anyone yet, says quote, "I just think that D-Day is Tuesday", adding that whoever has the most delegates after tomorrow should be the nominee.

Some top Democrats who have backed Barack Obama are making the same argument. Senator John Kerry says Clinton needs more than narrow victories to stay in this thing.

And Senator Dick Durbin says the delegate math makes it tough for Clinton to win the nomination. He says, "I just hope ultimately she makes an honest appraisal of her chances… I hope that her decision on her future after Tuesday is made in the interest of unity of our party."

But, Senator Dianne Feinstein says Clinton should ignore the pressure to quit the race, that she has every right to stay in it if that's what she chooses.

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