March 24th, 2008
06:22 AM ET
14 years ago

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Monday, March 24, 2008


Compiled by Jonathan Helman
CNN Washington Bureau

Washington Post: McCain, Traveling Along a Tightrope
Throughout a week-long trip that took him to more than a dozen meetings with leaders in five countries, Sen. John McCain walked a fine line on Iraq and other issues as the all-but-certain Republican nominee confronted perhaps the central dilemma of his presidential campaign - the question of what role Bush and the legacy of the past seven years will play in his campaign for the White House.

NY Times: Clinton Backer Points to Electoral College Votes as New Measure
Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, who backs Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for president, proposed another gauge Sunday by which superdelegates might judge whether to support Mrs. Clinton or Senator Barack Obama. He suggested that they consider the electoral votes of the states that each of them has won.

Washington Times: Philadelphia Wants Candidates To Give Stance On Gun Laws
Philadelphia's Democratic leaders say they'll press Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama to back stricter gun laws, despite the risk of angering voters throughout the rest of Pennsylvania and possibly damaging the party's nominee in the general election.

NY Times: A Present for McCain as the Other Side Fights
Feuding Democrats have handed Senator John McCain the gift of time. How well he uses it may determine his chance to beat them in November. At the moment, Republicans can savor protracted warfare between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama. As the Democratic rivals trade attacks, Mr. McCain, already the presumptive Republican nominee, has crept ahead of both in national polls.

USA Today: Telecom Lobbyists Tied To McCain
Republican presidential candidate John McCain has condemned the influence of "special interest lobbyists," yet dozens of lobbyists have political and financial ties to his presidential campaign — particularly from telecommunications companies, an industry he helps oversee in the Senate.

WSJ: Clinton Campaign Touts Value of Big-State Victories
If a Democrat wins a primary in a Republican stronghold, is it really a win? That is the question Clinton supporters will be posing to superdelegates in the coming weeks. With neither Democratic presidential candidate likely to reach the number of pledged delegates required to secure the nomination, the Clinton campaign is relying on its argument that victories in big states such as California and Ohio make Sen. Hillary Clinton a stronger candidate to defeat presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain.

NY Times: 2 Divergent McCain Moments, Rarely Mentioned
Senator John McCain never fails to call himself a conservative Republican as he campaigns as his party’s presumptive presidential nominee. He often adds that he was a “foot soldier” in the Reagan revolution and that he believes in the bedrock conservative principles of small government, low taxes and the rights of the unborn. What Mr. McCain almost never mentions are two extraordinary moments in his political past that are at odds with the candidate of the present: His discussions in 2001 with Democrats about leaving the Republican Party, and his conversations in 2004 with Senator John Kerry about becoming Mr. Kerry’s running mate on the Democratic presidential ticket.

Washington Times: Obama Favorite Of Outside Groups
Sen. Barack Obama, whose campaign has sharply criticized the role of outside political groups in the presidential race, has benefited more than any other candidate from millions of dollars in independent political expenditures, records show.

Pittsburg Post Gazette: College-Age Voters Say Economy Their Top Issue
College students in different parts of Pennsylvania see the direction of the economy shaping everything from their ability to pay for school to their chances for finding a post-college job.

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