April 11th, 2008
05:35 AM ET
15 years ago

POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, April 11, 2008


Compiled by Jonathan Helman
CNN Washington Bureau

LA Times: Barack Obama May Lose Support In Philadelphia Over 'Street Money'
Fourteen months into a campaign that has the feel of a movement, Sen. Barack Obama has collided with the gritty political traditions of Philadelphia, where ward bosses love their candidates, but also expect them to pay up.

Washington Post: McCain Revises Proposals for Families in Economic Crisis
Two weeks after drawing criticism for saying he favored only a limited federal role to help deal with the home mortgage crisis, Republican presidential candidate John McCain sought to assure Americans that he is prepared to use the government where necessary to help ease the impact on working families of a declining economy.

Philadelphia Inquirer: PA. Race May Be A Tale Of Two Cities
Steelers or Eagles? Pro-football loyalties are not the only differences that divide Pennsylvania's two big cities. In Democratic politics, the contrasts between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are so sharp that they might decide the outcome of the state's presidential primary April 22.

Washington Times: McCain Advisers Tied To Foreign Lobbying
Two of Sen. John McCain's top advisers and fundraisers are among several Republican and Democratic presidential campaign officials whose lobbying firms have been paid more than $15 million by foreign governments since 2005.

Washington Post: Big Donors Among Obama's Grass Roots
While small donors have had a large role in Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign, those with wealth and power also have played a critical role in creating Obama's record-breaking fundraising machine, and their generosity has earned them a prominent voice in shaping his campaign.

USA Today: Independent Groups Push Across PA.
Independent political groups are blanketing Pennsylvania with volunteers and campaign mailers, as they try to help Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama in the hotly contested battle for their party's presidential nomination.

NY Times: Powell Has Praise for Obama
Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell may have contributed $2,300 to the Republican presidential campaign of Senator John McCain, but he is reserving his strongest praise for the Democratic candidacy of Senator Barack Obama.

WSJ: McCain Seeks Smaller Oil Reserve
Sen. John McCain broke with President Bush on how to manage the nation's emergency stockpile of petroleum, saying the administration should stop adding oil to the reserve at a time of high prices.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Clinton Basks In Support Here
Invoking her mother, her daughter and the other women in her family, Pittsburgh's first female mayor, Sophie Masloff, endorsed a candidate battling to be the first woman to preside in the Oval Office, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

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