April 15th, 2008
04:28 PM ET
12 years ago

Clinton, Obama go negative on special interest influence

The new ad is Clinton’s second negative spot this week.

The new ad is Clinton’s second negative spot this week.

(CNN) - Hillary Clinton’s campaign debuted a new 30-second television spot Tuesday that accuses Barack Obama of accepting donations from energy executives and supporting the Bush-Cheney energy bill – as the Illinois senator’s campaign unveiled a new mailer and Web ad that says she has accepted more lobbyist money than any other candidate.

“Every gallon of gas takes over three bucks from your pocket,” says the announcer in the new Clinton ad, ‘Pocket.’ “But Obama voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill that put $6 billion in the pocket of big oil. Hillary voted against it….”

The new Obama mailer and Web ad make many of the same charges against the New York senator. "Clinton has taken money from lobbyists for oil companies, drug companies and insurance companies,” says the Pennsylvania mailer. “She says they represent ‘real people.’ Do they represent you?"

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  1. Vig

    Obama reminds me of a soda commerical – full of fizz and not much of anything else

    April 15, 2008 07:29 pm at 7:29 pm |
  2. Allan-RMD-Obama

    Definition of BITTER (adjective) from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary

    1. Having a sharp pungent taste or smell; not sweet (drinking beer with a shot of Crown Royal, a Canadian whiskey)

    2. Causing pain or unhappiness (to a duck when your dad takes you out behind the cottage that your grandfather built on a little lake called Lake Winola outside of Scranton and teaches you how to shoot when you were a little girl)

    3. Feeling or showing angry hurt or resentment (living in PA and losing your job to China, India, Mexico or Columbia and being told that you are still happy and hardworking)

    4. Harsh and acrimonious (answering a question on conflict of interest on husband’s $800,000 payout on US-Columbia NAFTA speech)

    Common phrase: “to the bitter end” (fighting to the very end, in spite of harsh difficulties and against all odds).

    April 15, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  3. MM

    It is really upsetting the remarks from the Clinton supporters. You would really vote McCain in rather than vote for Obama? Then you are Republicans pretending to be Democrats. We all know the Republicans want Clinton to win because they figure that McCain has a better chance against her. Do we really want 4 more years of a Republican president guys? I really really really really REALLY dislike Clinton. But, if for some corrupt reason, she gets the Democrat nomination, I will swallow my bile and vote for her rather than let McCain get the nomination. I will also look at the Senate and Congress elections in order to try to get good people in there that will hopefully control her and get our nation on the right path. Then I will look forward to the next presidential election and hope that Obama or Edwards get stronger and able to topple her from her very shakey pedestal.

    April 15, 2008 07:31 pm at 7:31 pm |
  4. FEDUP

    I have heard what all the candidates have said, Hillary emblished her trip to Bosnia, lets call it a lie. Obama said he never heard Rev. Wright talk like we all heard, that is a lie. Obama then said he did hear it, but did not agree with it, a lie. Obama said Rev. Wright was his mentor, true. He recently said Wright was merely his pastor, lie. Rezko only contributed $125,000, Lie He receive no favors from Rezko,lie Rezkos' wife just happen to need a vacant lot at the same time Obama bought his house. The owner of both places required the lot to sell at the same time as the house? Obama claims he does not take donations from lobbist, lie. It is called bundling, a sneaky way to get the same thing. This is just the start of his lies. Dreams of My Father, trick the white folks by being courteous, smile a lot. He has certainly been successful at that trick.

    April 15, 2008 07:33 pm at 7:33 pm |
  5. Craig in Texas Democrat and supporter for Obama

    How many of you fools know what the energy bill is?

    April 15, 2008 07:34 pm at 7:34 pm |
  6. Bitter American

    Can somebody please put together ad showing that Hillary not only voted for the war in Iraq (which cost us trillions of dollars) but also she has voted for a war in Iran, a second Iraq war, just this last fall (after her campaign started).

    And with all her lies too!

    April 15, 2008 07:34 pm at 7:34 pm |
  7. Ovitshio Branco

    I find it amazing that Hillary can call out OBAMA as an Elitist when the man clearly isn’t as rich as she has been all her life.
    IN her AD she brags on her families summer cottage, how many people in 1950 had the resources to to have a summer cottage.
    She made 109 million dollars. If it wasn’t for Barack’s books he wouldn’t have made what he did.
    Yes he went to an Ivy league school , but so did she.
    But unlike Barack she was NEVER raised by a single mother who had to help support them on FOOD STAMPS,and died at an early age.
    Barack is a man who had to be determined to get where he is today, HILLARY has always had a carpet placed at her feet.
    I used to like the Clinton’s until I seen them now for what they are,which are opportunistic that think they are entitled to the presidency , now which candidate is arrogant,patronizing,condescinding,and ELITIST.

    April 15, 2008 07:34 pm at 7:34 pm |
  8. Cynthia

    Totally off the subject. Just saw John McCain on the Chris Matthews show and he said that he did not think that Barack Obama was an elitist and thought that he made a great speech on race. Someone for a totally different party than you telling the truth about you, while your own party member dragging you through the mud and lying like there is no tommorrow. Desperation doesn't look good on her – she should just stop it and run and ethical campaign and let the chips fall where they may.

    McCain also said that he would be willing to meet with the Democratic nominee and agree to no dirty politics by him or his surrogates. That will be great.

    April 15, 2008 07:35 pm at 7:35 pm |
  9. Former Obama Supporter

    I don't want to even hear any of you Obama supporters say that Obama doesn't go negative. You all say he is change, but he is like every politician.

    April 15, 2008 07:36 pm at 7:36 pm |
  10. dorothy

    HRC also involvement in the largest camepaing finace fraud in the usa alone with ED Rendell cover up the case go to CA court in May o8
    google Paul vs Hillary Clinton the media re fuse to cover it

    April 15, 2008 07:36 pm at 7:36 pm |
  11. Ovitshio Branco

    All you people that are for Hillary have nothing vested in this war. You just write insulting blogs and go about your business as usual. It's funny how the majority of you so-call-haters hide behind your screen names…the solution is REAL change…Hillary wants to be president so that her and her husband can write books and make tons of money from America…I really wish you people would do your homework about the two canidates before you express your opinion(s). She cares nothing for YOU as an American…her and her husband bought a house in NYC so she could run for the NY Senate…she ran for NY senate in the area she ran in cause she knew she would win…she ran so she could be president…she was already in the white house…ENOUGH OF THE BUSHES AND THE CLINTONS… for all you haters TOO BAD…
    Hillary failed trying to get universal healthcare the first time and her major accomplishment for child healthcare was during her husband's presidency. If she gets nominated I feel the Republican Party will be unified because they really can't stand her. We need someone to unify the country. We need the feeling of hope in the prospect of a recession (I think we are already in recession). Our economy is based on trust in the government and our belief in the strength of the dollar. Hillary praised NAFTA (free trade) but some economists feel it is one of the reasons our dollar is weak. China’s trade surplus reached $177.5bn (£118.7bn) and our trade deficit is reaching an all-time high of $214bn. It's eerie similar. I feel that Obama gives us the trust we need in a time where critical decisions are needed to point our government in the right direction. Read a little of this and you might say "Obama knows what he is talking about and he seems to have real solutions".
    At the Tax Policy Center in September 2007, he blamed special interests for distorting the U.S. tax code. "We are taxing income from work at nearly twice the level that we're taxing gains for investors," Obama said. "We've lost the balance between work and wealth."[100] His plan would eliminate taxes for senior citizens with incomes of less than $50,000 a year, repeal tax cuts said to favour the wealthy, close corporate tax loopholes and restrict offshore tax havens, and simplify filing of income tax returns by pre-filling wage and bank information already collected by the IRS.[101] Announcing his presidential campaign's energy plan in October 2007, Obama said: "Businesses don’t own the sky, the public does, and if we want them to stop polluting it, we have to put a price on all pollution." He proposed a cap and trade auction system to restrict carbon emissions and a 10 year program of investments in new energy sources to reduce U.S. dependence on imported oil.[102]
    Obama was an early critic of Bush administration policies on Iraq.[103] On October 2, 2002, the day Bush and Congress agreed on the joint resolution authorizing the Iraq War,[104] Obama addressed the first high-profile Chicago anti-Iraq War rally in Federal Plaza,[105] saying:
    I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the Middle East, and encourage the worst, rather than best, impulses of the Arab world, and strengthen the recruitment arm of Al Qaeda. I am not opposed to all wars. I'm opposed to dumb wars.[106]
    On March 17, 2003, the day Bush issued his 48-hour ultimatum to Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq before the U.S. invasion of Iraq,[107] Obama addressed the largest Chicago anti-Iraq War rally to date in Daley Plaza and told the crowd "It's not too late" to stop the war, though many demonstrators conceded that war appeared inevitable.[108]

    April 15, 2008 07:37 pm at 7:37 pm |
  12. Dave W.

    It is do or die time for Hillary. I expect her to pull ut all of the stops and throw everything her and her team can at Obama. I think it is going to get much dirtier and nastier in the next few days. I think Obama would be best to try to rise above it and show Penn. who really is the bitter one. As for the comment made today about Obama being where he is because he is black, would Hillary still be in this race if she was a man. How many women are supporting her just because she is a woman. Would all of her mispeaks,family scandals, not releasing earmark spending, her spouses contributors list to the library be overlooked and ignored if she was a man. I don't think so.

    April 15, 2008 07:38 pm at 7:38 pm |
  13. Linda Montgomery

    Please let us rest. Hillary, if I am this tired just keeping up with your lies, you must be exhausted spinning them. It's not going to work.

    Keep some dignity. It gets worse for you each day. If you are going to stay in it, quit attacking every little word when you have had so many bald faced lies and distortions. Money from who knows where. Just keep it clean and professional, if you can.

    Can you?

    April 15, 2008 07:40 pm at 7:40 pm |
  14. Jean

    Hillary is gasping for breath. Relax lady if you win you will be out of amoition for the next challenge in life.

    If I could give Obama any advice it would be

    April 15, 2008 07:40 pm at 7:40 pm |
  15. Dani

    Just like I keep saying, he talks of change, but is no different than any other politician. He can't deliver on his message of hope because his message is rehersed not genuine. He calls everyone out on voting for the war (which they were misinformed), and on voting this way or that way, well he obviously makes some questionable calls himself now doesn't he, that is when he bothers to vote decisively rather than just "present."

    April 15, 2008 07:41 pm at 7:41 pm |
  16. Edgar

    Obama supporters and CNN – get this clear that no matter how much positive poll rating you list – Obama is not going to win GE. Obama is many people views will seen as John Kerry & Al Gore.

    Get this clear as well a Liberal candidate has not won an election sine JFK! So, is that clear to all of you Hillary haters, and as much as you call her a liar, she is the only candidate that has said the truth, Obama can't win he is to new and new is not what Washington needs as mentioned over and over by Obama.

    Fact – how can Obama change DC if those are all of his colleagues that he is taking negative in the campaign. He needs all of them united to change things in DC.

    April 15, 2008 07:41 pm at 7:41 pm |
  17. Hillary Lies!

    She's one to talk about who voted for what miss 'I voted for the G-D Iraq war!'

    Get lost Billary, you're wasting your fortune on this hopeless campaign.

    April 15, 2008 07:41 pm at 7:41 pm |
  18. Joyce in Florida

    Marie in California, you are so right on!!! Senator Clinton will win Pennsylvania and beyond. She will become our nominee. I support her 100%. Senator Obama lacks substance and in reality his voice grates on my nerves. My ears shut down when he starts to speak. Please, Senator Obama go home now!! HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT!!!!

    April 15, 2008 07:42 pm at 7:42 pm |
  19. jjholyfield

    Hey also,
    Check out
    ObamaChoice.com for latest and most up to date Barack Obama news and controversy. This place has some pretty interesting stuff.

    I also found a forum at ObamaSelection.com discussing the latest news and controversy with not only obama, but the other presidential candidates as well.


    April 15, 2008 07:44 pm at 7:44 pm |
  20. J Johns

    Barack, WHEN are you going to win a BIG STATE???? It doesn't seem like it's going to happen in PA. Rut Row!!!!

    April 15, 2008 07:45 pm at 7:45 pm |
  21. May

    It is evident that Hillary can't win on the issues. That's why she decided to go negative and destroy not only Obama but the democratic party. If she can't win, then the whole world should be destroyed. She cares only about herself, very selfish.

    April 15, 2008 07:47 pm at 7:47 pm |
  22. Dal

    Your question is about the $110 million given to the Clinton Foundation by the Canadian – Bill helped that Canadian get the contract in Russia. The foundation money is money which does not get reported in the Bill and Hillary Clintons personal taxes. That money is still theirs but in their foundation so Chelsea and her off springs will be able to enjoy the fruits of this double dealings. That foundations participants are Bill, Hillary and Chelsea. I have not done the research on the that foundation but that is my gut feeling.

    April 15, 2008 07:50 pm at 7:50 pm |
  23. MD in CT

    I think that it is very important for the investigative reporters to look into any charitable foundations under the control of the Clinton, Obama or McCain families including information on the donors, business records concerning the foundation activities, and any other information of political relevance. Are these just shill operations to avoid taxes or what?

    I think that the voters would also like to know what happens to political donations / contributions after an election.

    April 15, 2008 07:52 pm at 7:52 pm |
  24. Roger

    Obama being Foxworthy in San Francisco

    You might be a redneck if you are from a small town.

    You might be a redneck if you are white and don’t wanna work.

    You might be a redneck if you buy my talking points hook line and sinker.

    You might be a redneck if you are bitter and anti American government.

    You might be a redneck if you cling to your gun only because you are full of frustration.

    You might be a redneck if you cling to your religion only because you are full of frustration

    You might be a redneck if you have antipathy to everyone but other rednecks.

    You might be a redneck if you hate all immigrants coming to your country.

    You might be a redneck if you don’t know anything about international trade.

    You might be a redneck if you won’t vote for me or join my movement, sort of a race thing.

    Obama got caught gossiping in private, plain and simple!

    Please no more spin! Can’t Obama just say sorry with out it being small town peoples fault?

    April 15, 2008 07:52 pm at 7:52 pm |
  25. averagejoe

    so much for the "campaign of hope" by BO...he's showing his true colors and throwing mud at his opponent. but look at what's happening now. HC's attacks are based on facts, what BO actually said which by now all Americans know was a BIG mistake. BO attacks HC based on what?...insulting her while she was having a drink with her supporters...now this IS really getting PERSONAL. if he doesn't have anything to say aside from these NONSENSE PERSONAL attacks, just SHUT UP!!! he's trying to divert the REAL ISSUE which is that he keeps on slipping and making BONEHEADED mistakes one after another, whose damaging effect to the American people just keeps getting bigger and bigger. STOP acting like G.W. Bush, one ARROGANT and ELITIST politician and clean yourself from Rezco and Wright's damage to your campaign!!!

    April 15, 2008 07:52 pm at 7:52 pm |
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