April 21st, 2008
07:50 PM ET
15 years ago

Bill Clinton: Hillary would be winning with GOP rules

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (CNN) – Joining wife Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally on the eve of the Pennsylvania primary, former President Bill Clinton argued that if Democratic candidates were awarded delegates the same way as Republicans, his wife would be beating Barack Obama in the race for the 2,025 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination.

“If we were under the Republican system, which is more like the Electoral College, she'd have a 300 delegate lead here,” Clinton told the Washington Post. “I mean, Senator McCain is already the nominee because they chose a system to produce that result, and we don't have a nominee here, because the Democrats chose a system that prevents that result.”

Overall, Obama leads Hillary Clinton by 144 delegates - 1,648 to 1,504 - according to CNN's delegate count. However, Clinton still has 24 more superdelegates than Obama, leading 254 to 230.

Many states in the Republican primary race award delegates on a winner-take-all basis, whereas every state on the Democratic side uses a proportional system.

The former president has been shuttling back and forth between eastern and western Pennsylvania over the past few days, shoring up votes for his wife in this crucial primary contest.

He takes Obama to task for several of his recent television ads in Pennsylvania, calling a recent one – in which he says Sen. Clinton’s health care plan would force people to pay for health care plans they can't afford – “truly hilarious” and "bull.”

Hillary Clinton has maintained a consistent lead over Obama in Pennsylvania polls and needs to win Tuesday night to silence calls for her to drop out of the race.

At the end of each speech, the former president addresses those calls, introducing supporters to “Clinton’s rules of politics:" "If somebody tells you you ought to quit, it’s because they’re afraid you won’t, and there’s no quit in her ... and I’ll tell you something else, if somebody tells you you can’t win, it’s because you know you can.”

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  1. Don in No. Virginia

    Bill has every right to bemoan the current system that got him elected in '92 and '96; if it weren't for that woman he didn't have relations with he could of sought repeal of the 22nd Amendment and extended his monarchy, you know the one that told us that the genocide in Rwanda wasn't genocide, the first World Trade Center bombing, Oklahoma City, don't ask, don't tell; now he won't have the chance to sit on the Supreme Court.

    As for Jim and others who, as Democrats(?) state that if Barak Obama wins the nomination (news flash, he's going to win the nomination) "I for one won't be voting for him" this makes you either a Republicrat or a demogogue, not a Democrat. Primaries are fights, not coronations, its the only way to ensure a tested contender ready to withstand the rigors of the office. Please take your ball, go home and leave my party, we don't need you!

    April 22, 2008 01:06 am at 1:06 am |
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