April 23rd, 2008
05:00 PM ET
13 years ago

Obama camp announces another superdelegate

Audra Ostergard, Associate Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party and member of the Democratic National Committee, announced Tuesday she is backing Barack Obama.

Ostergard is a Democratic superdelegate - one of the more than 700 party officials who will determine the Democratic nominee.

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  1. Dirty South Prezidentz (DSP) for short

    the end game is nearing its end for ole billary
    thank you very much for getting aboard the obama
    express to 1600 pensylvania!!!!!!

    April 23, 2008 06:25 pm at 6:25 pm |
  2. New Democrat

    I just wanted to state that I am a newly-registered Democrat and I am an Obama-supporter. I am very enthusiastically supporting Obama and I will be very disappointed if he does not get the nomination as I believe he is the better candidate and has the best chance of winning this Fall. However, with that said, I would certainly vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination – but only if she wins "fair and square." If Obama is ahead in every other category like he is now and then the superdelegates overturn the will of the people, then I will change my registration and no longer be a democrat and I will abstain from voting in the general election. This is not a threat but simply a statement of fact for myself. I could not vote for a candidate who would become the nominee in that way, nor could I be a member of a party that would allow such a thing to happen.

    April 23, 2008 06:25 pm at 6:25 pm |
  3. Viva Obama

    Thanks for the endorsement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs .Ostergard

    Hey guys get on the love train the aka Obama train

    Yes we can 08

    Viva Obama

    April 23, 2008 06:27 pm at 6:27 pm |
  4. Capt. Smash, Salt Lake City, Utah

    I am glad we have some superdelegates who are not scared of the Clintons. You have showed courage and stood tall under the Clinton thumb! I am proud of you Audra Ostergard great American and Patriot.

    April 23, 2008 06:27 pm at 6:27 pm |
  5. dave

    drip, drip, drip

    April 23, 2008 06:28 pm at 6:28 pm |
  6. ERL

    Good for you Eric! I'm glad some of us are smart enough to see through Hillary's many spin faces...the Dr. Jekel & Mr. Hyde personalities!!!

    Come on SUPERDELEGATES lets close this down now!!!

    April 23, 2008 06:28 pm at 6:28 pm |
  7. NW Independent

    Gee, you'd think all the supers would retract thier support and wait and see how the candidates sit in July.

    They shouldn't make that decision until after all the primaries are completed and they should wait to see what else comes out on either of these candidates!

    April 23, 2008 06:28 pm at 6:28 pm |
  8. al-des moines

    Fool–such a shame, to be fooled like so many others!

    April 23, 2008 06:28 pm at 6:28 pm |
  9. Deborah

    Americans please wake up

    American people take some smart pills

    You ignorant people gave us 2 terms of George Bush

    Come on People Hillary Clinton is a total liar and only cares
    about herself

    April 23, 2008 06:29 pm at 6:29 pm |
  10. Sacramento

    Thank you Audra Ostergard!

    April 23, 2008 06:29 pm at 6:29 pm |
  11. Capt. Smash, Salt Lake City, Utah

    ATTENTION ALL DEMOCRATS: Everyone needs to realize the Democratic Party belongs to the Bill and Hillary Clinton. Stop fighting they can do and say what ever they want and when they want. They can change the rules when it’s necessary, they can lie, cheat, steal and commit election fraud as long as they are alive and in control. I repeat the Democratic Party belongs to them and know one I mean know one can stop them.

    Nobody has power or strength to stop them nobody. All other democrats have to do what they say when they say. The journalism in this country is horrible they are paid for and bought by the Clintons and the GOP. The media tells you how to vote and why you should vote a certain way. They get e-mails from the Clinton staff and give the media there talking points and just like puppets the media goes on the air and perform for her.

    April 23, 2008 06:29 pm at 6:29 pm |
  12. Ed O

    When President Obama is sworn in in January, Hillary will still be running.

    April 23, 2008 06:29 pm at 6:29 pm |
  13. skip

    What the matter...? ? Why can't Hillary "CLOSE THE DELEGATES"?? Maybe the see her true side rather than the PA voters whom were apparently blind!

    April 23, 2008 06:30 pm at 6:30 pm |
  14. BAW in MN

    Me too, Eric.
    I'll bet Obama's total contributions for today were more than Clinton's.
    And if so, his campaign should let people know that.
    You can be sure the superdelegates and party leaders are watching these fundraising totals perhaps even more than the primary votes.

    April 23, 2008 06:31 pm at 6:31 pm |
  15. Dave

    I believe that it is time for the super's to act or forget Nov 4

    OBAMA GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! 08' AND 12'

    April 23, 2008 06:31 pm at 6:31 pm |
  16. Sergio

    News: Pennsylvania announces they want Hillary as President.

    April 23, 2008 06:31 pm at 6:31 pm |
  17. heidi

    Obama will never get a win againts Mccain. You people for Obama are just messing up everything and now we can look forward to another four years of republican rule. will you ever learn?

    April 23, 2008 06:32 pm at 6:32 pm |
  18. carol woodward

    I think clinton is disgusting – I think the clinton campaign is pulling some pretty dirty toilet water and even though I am a senior citizen I would never vote for he – She is another Bush type liar and sneaky burro!!!!!!!

    April 23, 2008 06:32 pm at 6:32 pm |
  19. J.C

    It's true Senator Obama closed Hillary lead from 26% to 9.2%. If we can see PA win from another aspect. Then, Senator Clinton should not brag about her win in PA because her lead was built from '90, over last 20 years. Senator Obama can cut the lead within 6 weeks. It's excellent job. 6 weeks vs 20 years.
    It's amazing. Who should question Senator Obama electability? Can anyone else do better than him?

    April 23, 2008 06:32 pm at 6:32 pm |
  20. Red Dog from ND but now in Floida

    Pennsyvania was an anomaly for Clinton. It is a sytate that is stuck with the "old tired no change status qou" as Hillary is. Old people are stuck and are afraid of change. We need new blood to wash away the sins of the bush/cheney/republican/conservative debacle.

    Go Barak create a new America.

    April 23, 2008 06:33 pm at 6:33 pm |
  21. j

    yes we can!

    The people who are paying close attention can see how clinton is tearing apart the democrats. Even the NYtimes – who endorsed clinton – agree that she has gone off the deep end with her Karl Rove style campaign.

    April 23, 2008 06:34 pm at 6:34 pm |
  22. Claudia, Tucson, AZ

    All of the SuperD's need to find some backbone and come out of the closet. Those that do not are looking out for their best interest, not the Democratic party. If they had come out when it was obvious that the math wouldn't work for Hillary we wouldn't still be going through this exercise. This only shows me that they are pandering to the Clinton's. At this point they can only allow her to steal the nomination. Rules are rules and facts are facts.

    April 23, 2008 06:35 pm at 6:35 pm |
  23. Art C

    Another sell-out.

    April 23, 2008 06:36 pm at 6:36 pm |
  24. Simone

    GREAT!!!!! This is a wonderful thing. Senator Obama is honest, believeable and trustworthy. One cannot say that about Hillary Clinton or her Husband. She has slandered Senator Obama and has just about destroyed the Democratic Party and along with President Bush and his Administration Destroyed America and my issue is Education, Gas and Health Care and Senator Obama is addressing this fact for all the people. Hillary Clinton does not care who she has to stomp on to get back into the WH that family just wants to get in at any cost even if she destroys the party she says she is in. We all must remember she used to be a Republican and she says that McCain and her are very good friends. What Say You! She Can't Be Trusted!

    I pray to God that Obama wins the nomination. If not I will not vote!


    April 23, 2008 06:36 pm at 6:36 pm |
  25. tommy

    we all know that obama being an african male will never have a chance to win a white woman, who are we kidding, last night we all felt Obama won by a ;large amount of ballads

    April 23, 2008 06:37 pm at 6:37 pm |
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