April 30th, 2008
11:50 AM ET
13 years ago

New Clinton ad stars Maya Angelou


Watch Clinton's new ad called Maya.

(CNN)—Legendary poet Maya Angelou appears to have increased her role in Hillary Clinton’s campaign over the past week - first releasing an open letter touting the New York senator’s character and now staring in a new 60 second television ad.

In the ad called “Maya,” Angelou touts Clinton’s mission of reaching out to working class voters.

“Hillary Clinton is a prayer of every American who really longs for fair play,” Angelou says. “Working men and women have had their jobs snatched from underneath them, their homes snatched away from them. And what we need, I think, is a person, a President who can make a difference in our country.”

The ad is airing in North Carolina, less than a week before the states primary on May 6.

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  1. Danny G. Boca Raton, FL

    So this is the type of responses people that are voting for Sen. Obama give? that is the way to unite the party, by being rude and hateful towards Sen. Clinton and Maya? you know there are Millions of Americans that have voted for Sen. Clinton nd like it or not if you want your candidate to win in November you need us! quit being so ignorant! support your candidate but behave like adults not idiots and biggots! for the first time we have candidate that have receivecd combined more than 30 million votes each with roughly half we have lost the elections in the past with less than 1% of that number. I wonder how many people here are really just working for Rove to stir up controversy.
    Rise Hillary Rise!

    April 30, 2008 03:27 pm at 3:27 pm |
  2. Nando, Florida

    Hillary will RISE right out of the Convention when show her and her SEX CRAVED HUSBAND THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are REPUBLICANS now anyway!!!

    April 30, 2008 03:27 pm at 3:27 pm |
  3. adonalson

    That endorsement carries very little weight. Obama will still blow her out of the water!!!

    April 30, 2008 03:28 pm at 3:28 pm |
  4. BMW

    Did you know that fanatic,lunatic Wright ministered to the Clinton's during the Lewinsky scandal? Why wasn't this blown up? Jack, I gave you much more credit. I believed in you to be fair and report negative as well as positive comments. That's why Hillary hasn't attacked Obama on Wright.

    April 30, 2008 03:28 pm at 3:28 pm |
  5. CC

    Would that be the same Maya Angelou I saw standing next to Louis Farrakhan at his "Million Man March"? That ended my respect for her and her opinions.

    April 30, 2008 03:29 pm at 3:29 pm |
  6. Chill Out

    Ca Native...get your head out of the sand. Today you want to quote Rev. Wright like he's some genius, last week you thought he was the devil himself and wouldnt believe him if he told you the sun was shining without checking it out for yourself.

    Typical Clintonistas.....always trying to have it both ways.

    April 30, 2008 03:29 pm at 3:29 pm |
  7. blkjazz

    I had a lot of respect for Maya Angelou until she sold her soul to Clinton. Now she seems like just another Hillary handkerchief head. She sacrificed her integrity by supporting Clinton. A liar is a lair is a lair. I mean, seriously, when was the last time any cifvilian was shot at and can't seem to remember it correctly? Maya Angelou should know better.

    April 30, 2008 03:30 pm at 3:30 pm |
  8. LIAR

    For those of you obsessed with calling Clinton a liar, why not look over footage of Obama's campaign and see who lies: he saud he never sent anyone to Canada to talk about NAFTA- a lie; he said he didn't hear any bigotry and hatre dfor hs pastor, just praise for Jesus- a lie; he said he's never throw his pastor under the bus-a lie; he said he's never go negative (even though he began calling Hillary a liar etc...back in 2007 and continues to try and tarnish her reputaion!)- a lie; he said he nevr really met that Rizko(?) criminal before- a lie; he said his wife was proud to be an American- a lie

    The list goes on and on. SO...Clinton, like all politicians is a liar...OK...but OBAMA is TOO! So grow up already.

    April 30, 2008 03:31 pm at 3:31 pm |
  9. so ironic

    Hillary is unelectable because she is not going to win the democtatic nomination. Face it, she is mathematically eliminated. Has been for weeks now. She needed big comebacks in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, now they are saying Indiana. She has made up NO GROUND on Obama! She at one time had a 90 superdelegate lead that is now down to 21. I can't believe the foolishness of so many Hillary supporters. You think we are hostile to you because we all look at you like you have three heads. We are all wondering what on earth you are thinking and how you can ignore her numerous lies, scandals and republican campaign tactics. If you are a Democrat, please get behind Obama! Otherwise you are helping the GOP by supporting Hillary ( a lost cause) or McCain (cashing in on your ignorance).

    April 30, 2008 03:32 pm at 3:32 pm |
  10. Tee in NC

    Maya Angelou is the BEST...A true AMERICAN that has dealt with many issues and met them head on with courage. She is amazing! Wake Forest University is lucky to have you as part of their family!

    McCain 08

    April 30, 2008 03:32 pm at 3:32 pm |
  11. North Carolina

    Maya Angelou is a great poet and her endorsement is sincere and significant. Clinton also has the recent endorsement of Alice Palmer. She also has the support of many Native Americans: incl. the Cherokee nation's Chief Wilma Mankiller and the N. Cheyenne's Rep. Bixby. Clinton has more AA staffers than Obama or McCain, and her commitment to minority rights is lengthy and substantial: she's no racist.
    "We, this people on a small and lonely planet Traveling through causal space
    Past aloof stars, across the way of indifferent suns
    To a destination where all signs tell us
    It is possible and imperative that we discover
    A brave and startling truth
    And when we come to it
    To the day of peacemaking
    When we release our fingers
    From fists of hostility
    And alow the pure air to cool our palms"...

    April 30, 2008 03:32 pm at 3:32 pm |
  12. lol

    maya is a great woman, who is very intelligient. the fact that she supports hillary is courageous. maya's opinion is very important. this woman is an icon!

    April 30, 2008 03:33 pm at 3:33 pm |
  13. jr

    Yes, Hillary has made a difference Maya, she has stirred the racial pot amongst undereducated and financially strapped white americans. She has run a campaign that feeds their inner fears about anything that is different then them. Should she some how, steal the nomination from Obama, then I hope that black voters in this country never forget that it was the Clinton's (their fomer democratic champions) who thumbed their noses at each and every one of them.

    April 30, 2008 03:33 pm at 3:33 pm |
  14. Dj

    Why does the caged bird sing? Because it is dumb!

    April 30, 2008 03:33 pm at 3:33 pm |
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