May 6th, 2008
06:54 PM ET
15 years ago

Schneider: The electability argument falls flat

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=" Signs decorate the lawn in front of a polling station in Wilmington, North Carolina."]
(CNN) - The core of Hillary Clinton’s argument to superdelegates has been her electability – that she is the candidate most likely to beat presumptive Republican nominee John McCain in November. But according to exit polls, voters don’t share that view.

In Indiana, Democratic primary voters were equally split over who was most likely to beat McCain, with both drawing 48 percent. And in North Carolina, voters gave the edge to Barack Obama: 54 percent thought he was more likely to win in November, while 40 percent chose Clinton.

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  1. justj joey

    Jeez...some more pro-Mr. Teflon stuff from CNN. Some more exit polling by CNN and their "experts," which leave more unsaid than said. You are quickly catching up to the F Netrwork, guys and gals.

    May 6, 2008 07:11 pm at 7:11 pm |
  2. After further review,Texas

    Rush Limbaugh should be wearing an orange jumpsuit and soon.

    May 6, 2008 07:12 pm at 7:12 pm |
  3. Dr. J

    CNN is an interesting network. They bashed Obama and then leaves Dr. Wright pic on the web site for two days after all the hoopla. One minute they are saying he can win, then the next minute they are saying he is loosing ground. The media has sank to an all new low. Stop trying to sway and predict the outcomes and the the American people decide.

    May 6, 2008 07:14 pm at 7:14 pm |
  4. beth

    I voted today in NC and gave Obama my vote all the way. My parents switched their affiliation to independent in order to vote in the Democratic Primary, and they also voted for Obama (and they are 60+ years old).

    Obama is highly electable, IMO. When my parents and I can actually agree on a candidate, it sends a message to me that he unites people.

    It was so exciting to participate in today's primary. Go Obama GO!

    May 6, 2008 07:14 pm at 7:14 pm |
  5. Bubba

    Who, in the Wide, Wide World of Sports would vote for a woman who is two steps away from a prison cell??? And lies at the drop of a hat??? Who are these people who ignore this???

    May 6, 2008 07:14 pm at 7:14 pm |
  6. tell the truth

    People who backed Clintion or Obama will come toghether. Will not hurt Clintion or Obama but will hurt you and your family with McCain.

    Vote Obama or Clintion

    May 6, 2008 07:15 pm at 7:15 pm |
  7. Winston

    From the exist polls information I am seeing it make me wonder how real this "Operation Chaos" ploy by Rush Limbaugh is.

    The number of those who cast ballots for Clinton saying they will not vote for Obama in November if she loses. Then to get figures that dont substantiate her doing any better vs McCain in November than Obama.

    May 6, 2008 07:16 pm at 7:16 pm |
  8. Dusacre


    May 6, 2008 07:17 pm at 7:17 pm |
  9. kim in portland, oregon

    unlike these other so-called "democrats", i WILL vote for hillary if MY first choice gets the nomination stolen from him BECAUSE I AM A DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i know john "there WILL BE more wars, folks" mccain is not worthy of leading this country!!!!

    and a vote for nader or anything else shows an incredible lack of maturity. you will let your country and fellow americans suffer because YOUR ego got bruised!?!? NICE!!!!!

    May 6, 2008 07:17 pm at 7:17 pm |
  10. Maxine

    If I can't have Hillary I will vote for McCain mentality is stupid. If I can't have ice cream I will throw a fit.

    Grow up people and start looking at this with the issues:

    Iraq-soldiers dieing everyday
    gas prices, economy
    Iran-now that attack Clinton wants to wipe out a whole country

    And yes if we are going to look at peoples past, start looking at Clintons-working for a law office who helped the Black Panthers and communist. Start doing your research and history, I can't believe with the internet out there and people are still stupid about the facts.

    May 6, 2008 07:18 pm at 7:18 pm |
  11. HillarySkank on myspace

    Let's see. Half of Hillary voters would vote for McCain over Barack. But half of Hillary's voters are also Republican Ditto-heads following orders of the Borg Rush. These peeps would also vote for McCain over Hillary. Nice try at the spin cycle Hillary....but the wash is done and time to flush you with the dirty water.

    May 6, 2008 07:19 pm at 7:19 pm |
  12. Ken from Atlanta

    Are you kidding me ? If Hillary Clinton is the nominee there will be republicans being wheeled in on gurnies and postponing their funerals to vote against here. She is definitely the MOST!!!!! polarizing candidate out there. She is a sure fire rupublican winner.

    May 6, 2008 07:20 pm at 7:20 pm |
  13. Desmond

    Hillary Clinton saying she's more electable than Barack Obama, can be seen as playing the race card; I mean Why wouldn't people vote for him. After all she was saying this long before the Ref.Wright issue.

    With the record turnout of democratic and independent voters in this election I dought enough would have turned away from Obama to give Mccain the presidency in November and Obama has a better chance of attractig republicans than Hillary does.

    May 6, 2008 07:21 pm at 7:21 pm |
  14. Makeshift

    Hillary fails

    May 6, 2008 07:21 pm at 7:21 pm |
  15. Janet, Toronto /USA

    Yes, Truth and Honesty with no bullying tactics.

    There can be only ONE –
    President Obama Vice President John Edwards 😉 2008

    May 6, 2008 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |
  16. A CANUCK

    According to the exit polls Clinton backers say they wouldn't vote for Obama if he was nominated.............well of course not ....they are Rush Limbaugh's flunkies ......and they will be voting Republican in the general election........HAVEN'T ANY OF YOU MEDIA BRAINS CLUED INTO THIS?????????

    May 6, 2008 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |
  17. j. h.

    With the white voter's out numbering the black's 60% to 40% it is not surprising the voter turn out especially because Rush Limbough was on the air telling republicans to vote for Hillary so Obama would not be the winner in the primary. It's a disgrace what is going on with this election. Any FOOL could clearly see that in Indiana with the tax at about 10% on a gallon of gas and a person with a 21 gal. tank, that is a total of $2.10 in taxes for a tank. All of that is not going to the gas companies because they have to share that with the state and federal taxes. SO WHAT IS THIS GREAT FALSE HOPE HILLARY IS TALKING ABOUT FOR A THREE MONTH SAVINGS? THE PEOPLE SHOULD STOP AND THINK ABOUT THE REALITY OF WHAT THEIR TRUE SAVINGS WILL BE.

    May 6, 2008 07:23 pm at 7:23 pm |
  18. Just for the record

    I am not stupid and I will vote for McCain if Obama is the nominee. The only stupid people I see here are the ones who think everyone is supposed to want Obama – well guess what – they don't – and for good reasons that are valid to them.

    May 6, 2008 07:24 pm at 7:24 pm |
  19. Jim


    whoever wins the nomination process by more delegates gets to face McCain.

    You want a "national poll" to decide for us based on 1000 phone calls?? Likely story.

    May 6, 2008 07:24 pm at 7:24 pm |
  20. Tom West, San Diego

    I am a lifelong Democrat. The electability argument cannot be settled by simply sampling Democratic primary voters. Of course we all are going to vote for a Democrat regardless in the fall. The electability argument, if it can be decided qualitatively, would be found in a poll of all voters.

    Another thing really bothers me right now. We are all Democrats. Personally, I support Hillary because I favor some of her policies. But I still think that Barack Obama is a fantastic candidate and an amazing man. I'm not going to let our democratic process of choosing a candidate turn my opinion of either candidate into the negative. So all of you who are righting "Hillary sucks, Billary, and Shrillary" or are speaking negatively about Senator Obama should simply stop. Mutual respect is needed.

    We MUST understand each other and debate on mutual and cordial terms. Simply, we MUST come together, we MUST join hands in the fall, we MUST not let the Republicans control the White House. I couldn't take four more years of fiscal irresponsibility, preemptive war, tax cuts for multi-millionaires, single-issue judge appointments, the dismemberment of our liberties, and the bending to the pressure of the reactionary religious right.

    This should not be about Obama '08 or Hillary '08, but rather Democrat '08.

    May 6, 2008 07:25 pm at 7:25 pm |
  21. Nathan from Texas

    exit polls: 13% of clinton supporters in Indiana would vote against hillary if she won the nomination.

    Need more republican trolls in this primary.

    May 6, 2008 07:26 pm at 7:26 pm |
  22. Brennan

    Exactly... 10% of the democrat turn-out are Limbaugh operation chaos folks. So to get the true representation of Indiana is to remove 10% from Hillary's total. She isnt winning amongst true democrats. Shame on the DNC in Indiana for allowing republicans the chance to sabotage the results... TIme for election reform!

    May 6, 2008 07:26 pm at 7:26 pm |

    Senator Clinton is divisive and a nasty acting politician, she also is making Democrats look really bad. As if she is back to her old Republician self. Sling dirt, mud and doo doo on Senator Obama even if he is in the same Party that she is in. She is a real piece of work and the biggest DOO DOO slinger in the world. No wonder She and her Husband are so full of it they have enough to go around.

    I know that this won't post, but, Oh well!

    New York

    May 6, 2008 07:26 pm at 7:26 pm |
  24. Shirl

    If Obama wins I will vote for McCain, period.

    May 6, 2008 07:26 pm at 7:26 pm |
  25. Noah Vail

    In fact the unelectable candidate is John McCain. Its time for the Democrats to get behind Obama and get to work on this election. This ego trip by the Clinton's trying to exert undue influence on the Democratic Party has to end. Clinton wants to take us back to 1992, McSame wants to take us back to 1892, and Barack Obama wants to take us into the 21st century. Let's saddle up and go with him!

    May 6, 2008 07:27 pm at 7:27 pm |
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