May 8th, 2008
12:03 PM ET
11 years ago

Clinton touts support from 'white Americans'

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=" Clinton campaigned in Washington Thursday."](CNN) - In what appear to be the New York senator's most blunt comments to date regarding a racial division in the Democratic presidential race, Hillary Clinton suggested Wednesday that "White Americans" are increasingly turning away from Barack Obama’s candidacy.

"I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on," Clinton said in an interview with USA TODAY.

Clinton cited an Associated Press poll "that found how Senator Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me."

"There's a pattern emerging here," she said.

Exit polls from Tuesday's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina show Clinton won about 60 percent of the white vote in both states. That percentage is down from the Ohio primary on March 4, in which Clinton won upwards of 65 percent of the white vote. Meanwhile, Clinton garnered 63 percent of the white vote in Pennsylvania on April 22.

Speaking with the paper, Clinton rejected the notion her comments were racially divisive in any way.

"These are the people you have to win if you're a Democrat in sufficient numbers to actually win the election," she said. "Everybody knows that."

Obama spokesman Bill Burton called Clinton's statements "not true and frankly disappointing."

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  1. Tom

    Sorry, but you are wrong. Sen Clinton! You claim to have the support among White Americans. That is not true because you are not leading in pledged delegates...

    May 8, 2008 11:36 am at 11:36 am |
  2. Real Independent

    I see your true colors shining through.... I see your true colors, and that's why I love you ... so do be let them show.... True colors, truuue colors are beautiful... like a rainbow.

    I almost hate to see poor Hillary go out like this. She's financing her own demise. Sad... Truly sad.

    Well... She'll continue to chase her white whale for as long as her money lasts...


    May 8, 2008 11:36 am at 11:36 am |
  3. Liberty

    Wow, really takes your breath away doesn't it?

    Her message to hard-working black-Americans of any income just don't matter.

    White people who went to college- you don't matter either.

    Uneducated white people matter the most.

    I can't even imagine the Republicans making such remarks. John McCain has actually been reaching out to black voters in Alabama, a state he is likely to win anyway.

    May 8, 2008 11:36 am at 11:36 am |
  4. Dan

    As you can see Hillary is now pushing apart white and black Americans. She will do anything possible to win the nomination. I see the Democratic party having no time to heal before the general election if she keeps going.

    May 8, 2008 11:36 am at 11:36 am |
  5. Obama2008

    Should she be proud that less educated people are supporting her? When you allow less educated people to choose your president, you get George W. Bush for 8 years. How that working for you America?

    May 8, 2008 11:36 am at 11:36 am |
  6. KK

    Who cares! Barack Obama 08

    May 8, 2008 11:36 am at 11:36 am |
  7. Patricia

    Wrong Hillary.... I'm an older white financially struggling woman. So are my friends. We all voted for Obama.... truth and integrity will win this election. They must be polling the wrong people. I only know one person who voted for Hillary. Why? Simply because she's a woman.

    May 8, 2008 11:36 am at 11:36 am |
  8. Clinton's big mouth

    Wow. I can't believe she said that. Again she uses the race/gender card.

    May 8, 2008 11:36 am at 11:36 am |
  9. BG

    Now that Clinton is openly playing the "race" card, I'll never vote for her and will do all I can to sway people from her. signed, "a white male american"

    May 8, 2008 11:37 am at 11:37 am |
  10. Media Blackout May 15th

    Has The Gimmick candidate announced she’s mounting her horse heading back to Kentucky to “beat that borrow mule” yet?

    Hillary Clinton, The Gimmick candidate
    Bill and Hillary, The Gimmick Family
    Do and Say Anything ‘08

    May 8, 2008 11:37 am at 11:37 am |
  11. Patrick in Winston-Salem

    And finally the mask is off and we see her true colors. She'll stoop to any level to win, won't she?

    Obama's slogan? "Yes we can!"

    Hillary's slogan? "Yes, *I* can!"

    Obama '08.

    May 8, 2008 11:37 am at 11:37 am |
  12. Cammi317

    Wink, wink. Hint, hint.

    May 8, 2008 11:37 am at 11:37 am |
  13. Dave in Atlanta

    Yes and if the only people in America were old, white, blue-collar people I might actually agree with her.

    May 8, 2008 11:37 am at 11:37 am |
  14. Paul

    She sinks even further..... "disappointing" pretty much sums it up!

    Im switching to Obama!

    May 8, 2008 11:37 am at 11:37 am |
  15. leej

    uneducated white people....there's a coalition and a summary of her campaign.

    May 8, 2008 11:37 am at 11:37 am |
  16. al

    WOW – This lady is becoming like "ACID" and "POISON"
    How can she make these type of divisive remarks like this and the media said Rev Wright was hating America.

    So the only HARD WORKING PEOPLE in America are "White"

    This is very, very, very disappointing. This lady will destroy the Democratic Party.

    May 8, 2008 11:38 am at 11:38 am |
  17. Obamacrat


    May 8, 2008 11:38 am at 11:38 am |
  18. sefakor

    wow. i knew it was coming.
    okay superdelegates you better end this now before this woman rips the party apart because everyone knows she will do ANYTHING to get elected.
    people open your eyes her true colors are showing now.

    May 8, 2008 11:39 am at 11:39 am |
  19. Jim

    wow.. Hillary injecting race into the election... what a shocker

    May 8, 2008 11:39 am at 11:39 am |
  20. Ada

    Hillary , you and MSNBC two racist (Pat Buchannan and Joe Scarborough), however you spell their names are nothing but a disgrace to all of us.

    May 8, 2008 11:39 am at 11:39 am |
  21. melikeyhill

    thanks hillary for once more trying to divide this country along racial lines, super delegates ought to stop this woman now!!!! she will rip the democratic party to shreds!!!

    May 8, 2008 11:39 am at 11:39 am |
  22. Kenny

    In other news, Hitlary was seen washing her white sheets for a late night rally....

    May 8, 2008 11:39 am at 11:39 am |
  23. LB

    So is Clinton implying if your dumb and uneducated you'll vote for her? How rude!! I don't know how she gets any votes with that insult. Just because you never attended College or have a Law degree from an Ivy league school doesn't mean people are not as smart as she is. What an elitist!

    May 8, 2008 11:39 am at 11:39 am |
  24. tom

    the last kicks of a dying horse what good can you expect from her

    May 8, 2008 11:39 am at 11:39 am |

    I am really trying to give Hillary Clinton the benefit of the doubt in the last days of her campaign, but did she really have to go there?

    This is exactly why Hillary won't be the nominee.

    May 8, 2008 11:39 am at 11:39 am |
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