May 19th, 2008
11:35 AM ET
14 years ago

Clinton has big lead in Kentucky, Obama on top in Oregon

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Clinton and Obama each hold leads in Tuesday's voting states."](CNN) - A new CNN "poll of polls" shows Hillary Clinton holds a big lead in Kentucky while Barack Obama is on top in Oregon - the next two states to weigh in on the Democratic presidential race.

According to CNN's analysis of several recent polls from both states, Clinton holds a 30-point lead in Kentucky while Obama is up by 10 in Oregon.

In Kentucky, Clinton is winning 58 percent of the vote while Obama is at 28 percent. Kentucky has a broad swath of working class white voters - the demographic that has long supported Clinton and propelled her to a 41-point victory in West Virginia one week ago. Her large margin in Kentucky appears to indicate those voters are sticking with Clinton, even as Obama appears to be the presumptive Democratic nominee.

In Oregon, Obama is winning 50 percent of likely Democratic voters there while Clinton is at 40 percent. With a large population of young voters and those who are college-educated, that state has demographics that have long favored Obama's candidacy.

Oregon is conducting a vote-by-mail primary, which means that a large number of voters in that state have already cast their ballots.

In Kentucky, 51 delegates are at stake while 52 are up for grabs in Oregon. It remains impossible for Clinton to catch Obama in pledged delegates, but the New York senator is looking to catch Obama in the popular vote total.

For more on the latests polls, check out the CNN Election Center

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  1. Mike from Westchester

    To Uncle Sam posted: "What qualifies a person for the presidency?
    Should it be how much one desires it? Or how much one has sacrificed for one's country?"

    Try this: What qualifies someone to be President is their vision for the future of America and the world and their desire to fulfill that vision and ability to carry it out.

    Obama has a vision of the future – McCain has a memory of the past.
    They both have the desire to make us better.
    Obama in his entire life trajectory and the incredible campaign he has built and run has demonstrated the ability to lead and achieve.

    The Presidentcy is NOT AN ENTITLEMENT – not because you are next in line, not because you were a POW, and not because you are old.

    May 19, 2008 10:19 am at 10:19 am |
  2. jay from CT

    Why would she drop out because they take a snapshot in time of the poles. I believe not 1 superdelegate has caste a vote so far. When its over and she gets the popular vote, do you really think the supers will overturn the people.

    May 19, 2008 10:19 am at 10:19 am |
  3. Tom

    it's 58 – 28 percent, which is a 30 point lead, in Kentucky....learn how to read, above commenter.

    May 19, 2008 10:19 am at 10:19 am |
  4. Obama is lost without his teleprompter

    "Educated Americans and people abroad see Hillary supporters as racist, xenophobic, ethnocentric, uneducated, laughable simpletons who embody everything that is deplorable and negative about the United States. " posted by JS
    J.S., that is a very ignorant and false statement.

    A Hillary supporter who, most likely, has more education than you and would absolutely vote for a Black candidate–just not Obama.

    Hillary is smarter than you, too. She holds a law degree from Yale.

    May 19, 2008 10:19 am at 10:19 am |
  5. Foggy

    Do we really want a president that will break down and cry when things are not going there way? Or one that has a history of lies and deciet? If your answer is yes then vote for Hillary. If you want another 4 years of the failed Bush plan vote for Mr. War MCcain. If you want the possibility of a new approach and direction vote for Obama. Its a new world and we need some new ideas.

    May 19, 2008 10:20 am at 10:20 am |
  6. specs

    DEMOCRATICS NOTE........................................................................
    .................................................NATIONAL CONVENTION OR SUPERDELEGATES NOTE...................................
    ...............................................IT is a wise decision to pick clinton and make obama VP,BECAUSE clinton won in the states that determines who wins WHITE HOUSE.....FLORIDA,MICHIGAN,PENNYSLAVIAN,OHIO,CALIFORNIA AND THE REST.....................THE BIG STATES FOR ELECTORAL COLLEGE....................................
    DEMOCRATICS NOTE:........................................
    .................................THE TICKET MUST BE................ HILLARY / OBAMA ....................OR ................................OBAMA / HILLARY if they still want it like that or MCCAIN PRESIDENCY

    May 19, 2008 10:20 am at 10:20 am |
  7. Michael, Farmington, NH

    Is anyone else unsurprised that uneducated people prefer Clinton?

    May 19, 2008 10:20 am at 10:20 am |
  8. John, PA

    What about OH? And popular vote?? Yes she will be in lead after June 3rd.

    May 19, 2008 10:20 am at 10:20 am |
  9. Julie



    May 19, 2008 10:20 am at 10:20 am |
  10. Haley Rodman Clemson

    No surprises here. Clinton wins in states with more moderate Democrats and Obama wins in states with more liberal Democrats. This is a brilliant plan for the primaries but how does it translate to success when running against someone who is more popular with moderates and independants and has, if not the support of, then indifference with conservatives? Can Obama win moderates with his ultraliberal platform? Will McCain finally gain the trust of conservatives?

    So many questions and so many months to get answers. This is a really fun election cycle!!!

    May 19, 2008 10:20 am at 10:20 am |
  11. Jazzy

    May each candidate have a day that they can be truly be proud of at the end of the day and they are all alone. The country is about the people and not the candidate. We are all in this country for the good of the country.

    May 19, 2008 10:21 am at 10:21 am |
  12. Josh

    Clinton wins the white retard vote. Why is she so proud of this?

    May 19, 2008 10:21 am at 10:21 am |
  13. karen

    I'm getting a little upset with CNN!!! Top of headline should have read
    "75,000 People Gather to Hear Obama"!!! Now that impressive!! Very, very impressive. The republicans are so scared of him they are trying to back Hillary. Obama has a movement of REAL change in this country that can not be stopped!!!! I don't understand why Hillary doesn't get on board and join the change!!! She could be VP and it would be a "dream team"!.

    May 19, 2008 10:21 am at 10:21 am |
  14. shelly in IL

    I was listening to NPR news recently (a Chicago news radio station) and they did a study in WV asking most people why they didn't vote for Senator Obama and most people were stating that they didn't and will not vote for him in the future because he is a "black man" and "no black man should be telling a white man what to do". Now, if you are still not convinced that racism still exists and plays a part in this and in this country, then I don't know what elst to tell ya!

    If I were Senator O, I would step down immediatly, because most people of this country are not genuin.

    May 19, 2008 10:21 am at 10:21 am |
  15. Brian from Fort Mill, S.C.


    Not only do I not have "buyers remorse" for voting for Obama, I'll also be ready to vote for him again in 2012!

    I bet most people who voted for Bush have "buyers remorse." In fact, they want a refund!

    May 19, 2008 10:21 am at 10:21 am |
  16. LUI

    We are counting on you... you and only you can win this one for us in November.

    Thanks for not letting us down!!!

    May 19, 2008 10:21 am at 10:21 am |
  17. Jkakunda

    Gloria! Stop behaving like a baby! You are grown up. Just keep calculation for yourself to enter the presidential race in 2012. I will be backing you.

    May 19, 2008 10:21 am at 10:21 am |
  18. PA_Hill-fan

    The undemocratic caucus system of the democratic party puts Obama in the lead of delegates which is mostly from the red/republican states, the democrats can never win in the General Election. On the other hand, if you count the electoral votes from the States won by each candidate, Hillary Clinton has over 300 electoral votes to Obamas 217 votes. So you decide who should be the nominee for the President. A candidate who has no chance of winning the GE or the other candidate who has already exceeded the magic number 270 of the electoral votes. If you make a mistake now, it will cost you in the General Election.

    May 19, 2008 10:21 am at 10:21 am |
  19. Sheila Wa

    I've been reading these ticker posts all weekend..Lots of Repubs in Dem clothing out here posting how they will vote for McCain if Hillary doesn't get the nomination.. Operation Chaos continues. What's the newest Obama lie? He part of the new world order? LOL.. Pathetic.

    May 19, 2008 10:21 am at 10:21 am |
  20. Mike Smith

    CNN please post!!!!
    Shameful, disgraceful, I will never watch your newscast.
    Report the 75K+ people who came out to see Obama, report it CNN. Are you scared?? Is Wolf scared??

    May 19, 2008 10:21 am at 10:21 am |
  21. Go Hillary

    Shut 'em down Clinton!

    May 19, 2008 10:22 am at 10:22 am |
  22. rachel

    I am so tired of this its all a ploy anyways. She will win big in kentucky and then these jerks of superdelegates will go over to Obama just to stick it to her. I watched good morning america and I was almost sick to my stomach, from Obama's lame excuse for why he now wears a flag pin, to Michelle's lie about how she feels about Hillary. Also while Obama says he's not a muslim thats fine but she should have added but all my fathers family are.

    May 19, 2008 10:22 am at 10:22 am |
  23. VFlanagan

    We already have liars in the White House. Hillary has shown that her word is worthless. She and Barack Obama both agreed to NOT campaign in Florida and Michigan and only one of them was good to his word. Hillary really will SAY anything to get elected, but actions speak louder than dishonest words.

    May 19, 2008 10:22 am at 10:22 am |
  24. Caroline



    May 19, 2008 10:22 am at 10:22 am |
  25. I'm for Hillary

    I'd like to say a royal "up yours" to all the Clinton hating Obamabots.You are the reason your man won't get my vote in November.

    May 19, 2008 10:22 am at 10:22 am |
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