May 22nd, 2008
07:33 AM ET
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Thursday, May 22, 2008


Compiled by Mary Grace Lucas, CNN Washington Bureau

NY Times: McCain Set to Release Health Data on Friday
Senator John McCain is set to release 400 pages of medical records, including documents related to his melanoma surgery in August 2000, to a tightly controlled group of reporters on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

WSJ: Democrats Set Rules for Meeting About Florida, Michigan Delegates
The Democratic Party released rules for the May 31 meeting that will decide how the Florida and Michigan delegations are seated at this summer's national convention. Like everything else about the dispute, it looks like the meeting will go on and on.

Washington Post: In Wake of Defeats, House GOP Moves to Right the Campaign Ship
Reeling from drubbings in three special elections in the past two months, House Republicans yesterday unveiled a series of tactical and personnel changes at their campaign arm designed to forestall more losses in November. After losing seats in GOP strongholds in Mississippi, Louisiana and Illinois, rank-and-file House members have grown more critical of the leadership of National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) and House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (Ohio), who have repeatedly butted heads themselves.

AP: Mixup negates House override of farm bill veto
The House overwhelmingly rejected President Bush's veto of a $290 billion farm bill Wednesday, but what was to have been a stinging defeat for the president became an embarrassing episode for Democrats.

Politico: Clinton evokes ghosts of Bush v. Gore
Hillary Clinton is evoking one of the darkest episodes in modern Democratic party history in her effort to salvage her bid for the party’s presidential nomination. As the New York senator presses party officials to count the unsanctioned Florida and Michigan primaries, she is warning that doing otherwise would smack of the resolution of the 2000 presidential election in Florida and provoke a November backlash against Democrats.

WSJ: IRS Clears Obama's Church
The Internal Revenue Service has told the United Church of Christ, Sen. Barack Obama's denomination, that it didn't violate tax laws when the presidential candidate addressed 10,000 church members in June.

Politico: Viral e-mails attack Obama’s life story
The main obstacle standing between Barack Obama and the White House was distilled into five words by a local television correspondent in South Charleston, W.Va., earlier this month.

NY Times: Theme Persists: Obama Outraises Clinton
Throughout the campaign, there has been a recurring theme: No matter how much money Mrs. Clinton raises, Mr. Obama has consistently outraised and outspent her.

WSJ: In Money Chase, McCain Can Rely on Party Boost
While Sen. Barack Obama holds a commanding lead over Sen. John McCain in fund-raising, the Republican National Committee's strong money edge over its Democratic rival suggests the Arizona senator's fall campaign could be competitive financially.

Washington Post: Obama, Clinton Use Florida Swing to Bolster Their Support
Sen. Barack Obama sought on Wednesday to win over general-election voters in the critical swing state of Florida, as rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed to remain in the race until the state's invalidated primary results are counted, even if that means taking the fight to the Democratic National Convention in August.

NY Times: Many Florida Jews Express Doubts on Obama
At the Aberdeen Golf and Country Club on Sunday, the fountains were burbling, the man-made lakes were shining, and Shirley Weitz and Ruth Grossman were debating why Jews in this gated neighborhood of airy retirement homes feel so much trepidation about Senator Barack Obama.

Washington Post: Good Money After Bad at the NRCC?
As if the spring hasn't been tough enough on House Republicans, there is also the issue of bills piling up from the investigations into the alleged embezzlement scheme at the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Washington Post: McCain Adviser's Work As Lobbyist Criticized
Longtime uber-lobbyist Charles R. Black Jr. is John McCain's man in Washington, a political maestro who is hoping to guide his friend, the senator from Arizona, to the presidency this November. But for half a decade in the 1980s, Black was also Jonas Savimbi's man in the capital city. His lobbying firm received millions from the brutal Angolan guerrilla leader and took advantage of Black's contacts in Congress and the White House.

WSJ: House Votes Tax Breaks For Alternative Energy
The House of Representatives passed a $57 billion package of tax incentives for wind, solar and other alternative-energy sources, and other business tax breaks. The House approved the bill on a 263-160 vote.

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