June 8th, 2008
01:15 PM ET
13 years ago

Clinton's new job: Persuading diehard fans to back Obama

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/06/08/art.clinton.gi.jpg caption="Sen. Hillary Clinton suspended her presidential campaign on Saturday."]

(CNN) - With Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign officially over, she is focusing on making sure her supporters back Sen. Barack Obama's bid.

Throughout the primary season, Clinton and Obama expressed confidence the Democrats would unify once a nominee emerged.

As Clinton closed her campaign Saturday, she urged the cheering crowd of thousands to support Obama in his run for the White House, saying she and supporters should "take our energy, our passion and our strength and do all we can to help elect Barack Obama ... I ask all of you to join me in working as hard for Barack Obama as you have for me."

Her endorsement was met with a scattering of boos and thumbs downs from the crowd at the National Building Museum in Washington.

In a CNN poll released Friday, 60 percent of Clinton supporters said they would vote for Obama, but 17 percent said they would vote for McCain and 22 percent, said they would not vote at all if Clinton were not the nominee.

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  1. MM

    Come on guys - Follow Hillary's example – let's get a democratic as the president!

    June 8, 2008 12:12 pm at 12:12 pm |
  2. Love you Hillary

    It is not THAT she lost... It is HOW she lost.

    Until integrity and the ideology of justice and equality for ALL is restored to the democratic Party I will not vote for any democrat.

    Hillary will ALWAYS get my vote- but mend your hateful ways, "new DEMS" if any other democrat ever wants this lifelong's vote.

    June 8, 2008 12:14 pm at 12:14 pm |
  3. Ed, Santa Fe, NM

    The less Hillary says, the better off we'll all be.... We're sick to death of this grasping woman.

    June 8, 2008 12:15 pm at 12:15 pm |
  4. Haters one and all

    Months of seeing the campaign of hate waged by DEMOCRATS against their own and reading all the Filthy, vulgar comments about fellow democrats by the new dems, has driven my vote to the other side of the aisle.

    I will always stand by Hillary. But I can not sanction the hatred and bias and swiftboating that she was subjected to just to secure Obama the nomination.

    Bye Bye Obama

    June 8, 2008 12:16 pm at 12:16 pm |
  5. matt

    so now, what will you talk about her, Obama 's supporters? You killed a best chance of this party in this election. History will see this election as a biggest mistake ever of DNC and its supporters.

    June 8, 2008 12:19 pm at 12:19 pm |
  6. No more hate

    To vote for the Democrats now would be to say that fixed and unfair elections are okay.

    It is to say that woman bashing is acceptable while racism is not.

    BOTH are deplorable and go against the ideals of the party.

    The Obama camp is full of vicious and vulgar hate for fellow democrats from other walks of life.

    I can wait 4 more years until the hatred that divided this party is banished.

    June 8, 2008 12:19 pm at 12:19 pm |
  7. Walt

    Let's see, the 60% are intelligent, and/or educated and/or African American, and/or true Democrats, and/or wise Independents..

    Anyone want to guess the make-up of the 22% represent?

    And, the 17% well let's just say, if you want to cut off your nose to spite your face...hey, its your face.

    Thanks Hillary, that speech was strong! You are a woman of your word.

    June 8, 2008 12:20 pm at 12:20 pm |
  8. unions are not stupid

    It is not a job the differences between John Mc Cain and Obama are like day and night! They most loyal of her base the women voters are not going to vote for Mc Cain in any significant numbers. Women have a long established record of voting on issues not rumor and gossip and not on there feelings. They review facts investigate deeply then make and informed choice, and in this election a womens right to choose is what they will be voting for. There are some racist people that will not vote for him that was supporting Clinton but I do not believe they will be any significant number and lets face it I for one am glad to get them out of our party now just as I would have been happy to see all the sexist guys leave that would not have voted for Hillary no matter what.

    June 8, 2008 12:21 pm at 12:21 pm |
  9. Robert

    Fellow Obama supporters.

    Please, please, please. It's time to grow up and stop immaturely rubbing it in that we've won the primary. Hillary Clinton is already out of this race and the only person you hurt with this nonsense is Barack Obama.

    Please CNN, you've never approved one of my posts.

    June 8, 2008 12:21 pm at 12:21 pm |
  10. dave

    Senator Clinton, I have never being involved in politics like I did this primary and I thank you for that. I am a strong supporter of you and yes, I will vote and support Senator Obama now!

    June 8, 2008 12:23 pm at 12:23 pm |
  11. Terry, NJ

    The ONLY way I'll vote for Nobama is if Hillary is the VP. Otherwise I'll write her in or vote for McCain. It's about who is best for the job, not who is most popular, what party, etc.

    June 8, 2008 12:23 pm at 12:23 pm |
  12. Matt in MO



    June 8, 2008 12:24 pm at 12:24 pm |
  13. Art

    Woman VP choice for McCain? Clearly the Obamites will select a nearly anonymous Mr. X for the VP and thumb their noses at 18 million Hillary supporters. Following this, McCain should select a centrist woman VP candidate for his ticket. Finding a qualified woman for this position should not be difficult. I'm sure there are many women on the Republiican side with qualifications that far exceed Obama's.

    June 8, 2008 12:24 pm at 12:24 pm |
  14. 4 more years

    When the dust has settled... on Hillary.

    I realize that I CAN wait four more years.

    Maybe the hatred and reverse racism and the vile and filthy vulgar attacks on HRC will be purged by then.

    Hillary is the champion, Obama is the installled nominee.

    Rise from the dust of hatred and savaging attacks.

    When you rise, I will return to the DEM party

    June 8, 2008 12:25 pm at 12:25 pm |
  15. No More Clintons, California

    Hillary DEMAGOGUE played DIRTY and purposefully stired up negative emotions of her voters! The Clintons are the cause of their supporters emotional INBALANCE.

    The Clintons take no responsibilty of their FAILED campaign strategy but blame it to media and others.

    To name clintons as VP is like to have 3 Dick Chennys in the White House. There will be endless dramas and disasters!

    A strong Obama administration shall not give in to the THREAT of the Clinton LOBBYISTS AND SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS – That includes Larry King, Lou Dobbs and CNN.

    June 8, 2008 12:25 pm at 12:25 pm |
  16. Michael from Boston

    Well, she brought it on herself and the party. Now she has to work hard to fix her mess if she truly wants to show that she loves the party.

    June 8, 2008 12:26 pm at 12:26 pm |
  17. Mike, Iowa

    I really hope we can put our petty diffrences aside and work together as Democrats to take back the white house and our country. Choosing to vote against your party or against the candidate that you did not vote for in the primaries is a blaitant waste of everything that both candidates have worked for and stand for. Now i understand if you are truely fed up with your party and switch sides, that is one thing. But to choose someone else just out of spite is just plain selfish and iresponsible. Another example of why we don't get anything accomplished in this country. I am an Obama support and have been from the beginning but had Senator Clinton won the race I would have supported her as well. I don't trust republicans and I sure don't trust john McCain. If you are a true Hillary supporter then you are a true Domocrat and as a true democrat it only makes sence to support our Democratic nominee.

    June 8, 2008 12:27 pm at 12:27 pm |
  18. Lim

    "Clinton's new job: Persuading diehard fans to back Obama"

    Good luck Hillary, selling an empty suit!

    June 8, 2008 12:27 pm at 12:27 pm |
  19. Rendezvous

    Hillary... I want to let you know that my love, respect and honor for you is paramount. Also, it is not transferbale.
    Obama locked in the nomination, in notthe most honorable way ( Chicago politics), my vote is for McCain... my respect is for Hillary , always..

    Love, Jess

    June 8, 2008 12:28 pm at 12:28 pm |
  20. Manny

    I think it's the Obama camp's responsiblity to prove to the HRC camp that he is worthy of their votes. His supporters have been arrogant and insulting toward the HTC camp and to think now its HER resposibility to change that is disingenuous. Many people are more turned off by the DNC and will take their votes elsewhere. Case is point:Howard Dean NOW is offended by the sexism that was aimed at Hillary during the race. The only other people who could be oblivious to it would be the Gitmo prisoners and I might actually believe them. I wouldn't want Dean to run a birthday party let alone the Democratic Party. But with his fine judgement, Barack has chosen Dean to continue. Give me a break.

    June 8, 2008 12:28 pm at 12:28 pm |
  21. king from toronto

    ok!! enough with the bill and hillary already.mcsame vs obama that's the fight.

    June 8, 2008 12:29 pm at 12:29 pm |
  22. dems done gone

    I marched and protested in the 1960s for civil rights, women's rights and against the war.

    Just to see my party devolve into a party of hatred.

    The campaign of personal attacks on HRC, denigration of women, reverse racism (stupid, ignorant, uneducated, racist inbred redneck morons..... you know) and dragging a limping Obama across the finish line by a superdelegate pile-on...

    That went too far.

    That corruption and hatred and bias and inequality and travesty of Justice in NOT the party I joined 35 years ago.

    June 8, 2008 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  23. Kathy

    The DNC failed its constituents’ miserably in falling to acknowledge every vote cast and counted in Michigan and Florida..period. The principals for which the party was founded are simple…one voice..one vote. As far as the “rules” pertaining to the date of which a state is suppose to hold its primary-I say—to hell with these arbitrary rules put in place by political party elitists-they undermine the founding principles of the party by disenfranchising those who showed up to vote.
    By disenfranchising the voter, they have intentionally disenfranchised and abandoned the strongest candidate to head the ticket- Hillary. She with her tremendous strength, knowledge and courage was tossed aside for an ill-qualified community organizer with two years of Senate experience. Let me make clear, I do not hate Obama however I firmly believe him to be the weakest candidate to head the ticket. Those same party leaders did not have the courage to realize this and they will pay a price for their stupidity. I have heard those same party leaders repeatedly say, well gee, what would we say to the African American voter, and all those newly registered college folk who backed Obama-that would be a against our principals to “take” the nomination away from him--BULL. I say to the 92% African American voter and those college folk-where have you been all these years when the party needed your votes in prior elections--then you stayed home, or failed to register and vote.
    I have been a loyal supporter of the party my entire adult life-no more. You have shown me time and time again that you are gutless and have no clear clue how to win elections. You lack the vision and the wisdom to do anything other than pat your own pockets and run from the truth-for shame.
    I do not speak for all Hillary supporters, though I do hope I speak for many of them when I say to the party…. you have failed us-you have failed Hillary, and you will once again fail to win the White House. I watched and listen to Hillary today ask her supporters to now throw their support to Obama-for the sake of the party. Hillary is a loyalist to the party-why, I’m not sure-because I am no longer so. Come Nov I will exercise my right and vote for McCain-two can play the same game. I respect Hillary tremendously, however the party and the process did her wrong and this cannot stand. YES THIS WILL BE A PROTEST VOTE. I am not afraid of McCain, I believe him to be a man of honor who will do his best for this country and its people. He is no Bush, and reason I will place my hope in him.

    June 8, 2008 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  24. An Ohio Oracle


    We will miss Hillary yes we will.

    Don't forget Mr. Barackl Obombus lost 9 of the last 12 primary elections and the majority of primary voters and to a woman. Sure, he won early and often in February, when most of us thinkers were trying to stay warm under the failed Bush policies.

    But with the warm winds of late March garnished with the blooms of April, people actually awoke and started to listen to his cotton candy type fluff. The people noticed there was no substance to his empty words and drifted to the other side of the ballot.

    Yes, he is the nominee, not elected, but selected by the DNC as Bush was
    selected by the gang of Nine. Doesn't make it right, but makes it.

    I think he is extremely weak on miltary, foreign affairs, taxes and the economy.

    I worry that some Americans may get infatuated with this perennial campaigner running style for public office and disregard listening to his rhetoric. He could be a clear and present danger and a menace to our way of life. Be ware.


    June 8, 2008 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  25. Knife of hypocrisy

    Michelle Obama stated in an interview that she would NOT vote for HRC.

    That knife cuts both ways.

    I will not vote for the party nominee, either

    Why should I have loyalty to the party, to the country and to the nominee?

    June 8, 2008 12:31 pm at 12:31 pm |
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