June 9th, 2008
07:10 AM ET
9 years ago

More than three-quarters rate economic conditions poor

A new survey shows nearly 80 percent of Americans thing economic conditions are poor.

A new survey shows nearly 80 percent of Americans thing economic conditions are poor.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - More than three-quarters of Americans think economic conditions are poor, a new poll suggests.

Seventy-eight percent of those questioned in a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey out Monday morning rate the economic conditions as poor. That’s up from 75 percent in March.

Only 22 percent rate the economic conditions in the country as good. That’s down from 25 percent in March and 54 percent in September.

But it appears Americans are optimistic. Fifty-two percent said economic conditions a year from now would be good, with 46 percent saying they would be poor.

The economy continues to be issue number one for Americans, with 42 percent saying it is the most important issue in their vote for president, far ahead of the war in Iraq in second place.

The CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey was taken June 4-5, with 1,035 adult Americans questioned by telephone. The poll’s sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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  1. Ilona Proud Canadian


    Your Mc/Bushism is shooooooooooooooing!


    I really am sorry that you are in such dire financial straits, that $30.00 would have made such a difference to you, and believe me I am very sincere, I am not being facetious.


    Hillary is in deep debt, to the tune of $25 MILLION to $30 million!
    I am issuing a CHALLENGE to all of the 18 MILLION HILLARY SUPPORTERS, who claim that they truly BELIEVE and TRUST in Hillary, to go to her website RIGHT NOW, and donate $1.50 to her CAMPAIGN. This will net Hillary $27 MILLION which should allow her to PAY OFF HER DEBT IN FULL!

    If you are feeling a bit more generous, you can donate $2.00 this will definitely allow her to PAY OFF HER DEBT IN FULL and she may have a wee bit left over. Then I CHALLENGE YOU FURTHER, if you really BELIEVE and TRUST in Hillary, to get on this blog and post your comment telling everyone how much you believe in Hillary, BY TRANSFERRING YOUR VOTE TO Barack, AS SHE HAS DONE.

    COME ON FOLKS this is a very doable CHALLENGE for you to take up. I in the meanwhile am an avid Barack supporter, but I would really like to see Hillary's debt paid off, therefore, I am going to be listening for CNN TO tell us that Hillary's debt has been paid in full! I will also be monitoring this blog to see just how much Hillary's 18 MILLION supporters really love and support HER!

    June 9, 2008 09:38 am at 9:38 am |
  2. Manny

    If everyone is suffering so much,why do I have to stand in line at restaurants? Why was last weekend the biggest grossing weekend for movies at 7-10 dollars a pop. Why is it impossbile to get the Wii.
    Why are baseball stadiums sold out? If we're all so down and out, where is the money coming from?

    June 9, 2008 09:39 am at 9:39 am |
  3. JC

    With weak dollars, we should be able to export more cheaper. We do, but not enough to stimulate our economy. Our manufacturing industries have to consider adding jobs in the US so they can take advantage of weak dollars. If the government gives incentives at this time to manufacturers, the effect can be doubled by weak dollars and people's desire to work hard in a weak economy.

    Then again, education is the ultimate drive for a better economy. It will take time to rebuild a better education so most politicians aren't interested in it for their next election.

    June 9, 2008 09:39 am at 9:39 am |
  4. Emenike

    Guys this is one reason we shudn't have a Republican in office. We have to turn to the Democrats to lift us back up. Like Bill Clinton,Al Gore and Hilary did .

    Let's come together and acheive these Hilary and Obama supporters.

    Obama 08

    June 9, 2008 09:39 am at 9:39 am |
  5. Carolyn

    Timber–don't so disappoint that Hillary lost. Someone had to lose and someone was going to win it just happen to be Obama. Hope you don't do anything crazy like voting for McCain. If you do, then you really wasn't a true Hillary democratic.supporter Obama won fair and square. Obama was treat more harsh by the Media than any candidate.

    June 9, 2008 09:39 am at 9:39 am |
  6. DeeJam - Los Angeles

    It's hard on me. My kids don't get it. Gas is killing me. I can barely fill up at the pump. Groceries have went sky high. My health insurance premiums went from $530/month for a family of 5 to $818/month (Kaiser Permanente). And to top it off, since I am in education, my hours have been cut so I'm making $1000 less per month. It's terrible.

    We need that change. I don't expect Obama to be the Messiah that the talk radio shows sarcastically make him out to be. However, at least he cares and wants to do things differently.

    Vote Obama. Not McCain

    June 9, 2008 09:40 am at 9:40 am |
  7. skylark

    At last! Took long enough for CNN to get to the REAL issues.
    No to 4 more years. It will take more than that to begin to fix the disaster of the last 8.
    There are no miracles available but our only chance is to boot the GOP out on their fat butts. From the bottom to the top vote Democratic!

    Fire it up Mr. Obama!

    June 9, 2008 09:40 am at 9:40 am |
  8. Karen in Fla

    And the nastiness from Obama supporters continues. Gee, I wonder why many Clinton supporters are looking at other options. Hey – breaking news – there ARE other candidates besides Obama and McCain!

    June 9, 2008 09:40 am at 9:40 am |
  9. RallyGrrrl

    Bush is an oil man – oil prices are skyrocketting – he's in his last year of gov't office before returning to the private sector – how is it no one is putting this together? It's in his best financial interest to help rake the American people for every cent he can get!

    June 9, 2008 09:42 am at 9:42 am |
  10. Kristen- Philadelphia, PA

    Timber get a life. There is more to live for than bash Obama and the democrats

    June 9, 2008 09:43 am at 9:43 am |
  11. MaryJo Bruce Surprise, Ariz

    Of course this country is one of the best. However, sooner than we think (Liberal Media) we will be a 3rd world country. Rep, Dem are both responsible for our situation. And us also spending what we do not have. This has got to stop. Stop needless government over spending and individual overspending. If you can't pay for it then don't get it. This me, me, me society is no longer. he average Legal Americans are bailing out everyone elses bills. WE cannot afford you. Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    June 9, 2008 09:43 am at 9:43 am |
  12. APS in Hawaii

    Gee whiz, Obama supporters give it a break. Obama does not have a specific plan for anything. What is his plan for the economy? Stop dividing the country into "Your either with me or against me". It is time for all Americans to come up with solutions and to do it fast. I could care less if a person is GOP or Democrat, what matters is coming up with the right solution and doing it fast. The high prices of gas, food, electricity, travel, and everyday things are ruining this economy. It is time for action and not words.

    June 9, 2008 09:43 am at 9:43 am |
  13. JIM...TX

    To Hillary forced out by sexism...you people need to get a grip. Sexism was never mentioned in the early months by you all when HRC was ahead and on her way to the CORONATION.....But due to her own arrogance an stupidty things changed. Quit pulling rabbits out of the hat to make your point......there was nothing magical about Obama winning.

    June 9, 2008 09:45 am at 9:45 am |
  14. Johhny C.

    I bet Obama's high taxes and bigger welfare programs will fix everything!

    June 9, 2008 09:45 am at 9:45 am |
  15. Gerry

    John McCain states the economy is fine. Talk about being out of touch.

    June 9, 2008 09:45 am at 9:45 am |
  16. georgia

    Belle if you're so bad off that you think $70.00 in 6mos . saved w/ the alluded gas tax savings would make a diff , put your address on & I'll send you $70.00. Don't be blatently petty & stupid !!

    June 9, 2008 09:47 am at 9:47 am |
  17. JJWW

    I thing you didn't proofread your article.

    June 9, 2008 09:47 am at 9:47 am |
  18. Greg Pottstown, Pa.

    House Republican leaders on Tuesday challenged Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to release a plan to lower gas prices that they say Democrats touted when they were in the minority.

    “Two years ago this week, you stated that House Democrats had a ‘commonsense plan’ to ‘lower gas prices,’ ” the letter said. “In light of the skyrocketing gasoline prices affecting working families and every sector of our struggling economy, we are writing today to respectfully request that you reveal this ‘commonsense plan’ so we can begin work on responsible solutions to help ease this strain.”

    In a press release dated April 24, 2006, Pelosi said, “Democrats have a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices by cracking down on price gouging, rolling back the billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies, tax breaks and royalty relief given to big oil and gas companies, and increasing production of alternative fuels.” The letter cited policies put in place during the GOP control of Congress that the Speaker claimed had raised prices on American consumers to benefit oil companies.

    The House GOP leaders’ letter points out that the price of gasoline has spiked $1.18 since Democrats took over in January and stands at $3.51.

    Do you like those apples !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What happened to ,it's the republicans. Do some research.

    June 9, 2008 09:47 am at 9:47 am |
  19. Tim

    McCain cannot help this country. He has even stated that he does not understand the economy. He will continue the same course we have been on for the last eight years. We cannot afford to let that happen.

    Dem unite behind Seator Obama!!!

    June 9, 2008 09:48 am at 9:48 am |
  20. KMAN

    On what planet are the 22% that feel the US economy is doing well? Must be nice to be so insulated from the rest of us!! Anyone still supporting Bush's administration and still think he has done a good job should have their voting rights recinded ... they are too stupid to have a voice in our future!

    June 9, 2008 09:48 am at 9:48 am |
  21. Henry Schlatman

    Can I ask when the Economists will ever learn that it is the Spendable Cash in Consumers Hands that makes the World go around?

    For why the term Poor maybe in the Eyes of the Individual, to say that the Barons of Society are making money goes against the Common Sense of Man.

    June 9, 2008 09:48 am at 9:48 am |
  22. Rob

    For the ones who says "Hillary was forced out by sexism".

    I agree with you that some people did not vote for her because she was a woman. However, there are millions of women voting for her because she's a woman. I think they even out. When you talk about sexism, don't forget to take reverse-sexism into account. The same thing is true about race issue vs Obama.

    Moreover, Hillary was not forced out. She lost. If you want it to be a "forcing out", voters forced her out by giving the lead to Obama in every count.

    If you plan on voting for a Republican just because you think Hillary was not treated fairly, remember how Republican treated her and her husband in the past. Do you rather being on the same side with Karl Rove, Keneth Star?

    June 9, 2008 09:53 am at 9:53 am |
  23. Country first party second

    What difference does it make we can't do anything about it. Our goverenment is not for the people. What does the constitution say?
    "For the people, by the people" I am sorry that is a joke, the government does nothing for the people, unless this line in the constitution is talking about just them, Obama is just an empty suit who likes to talk and hear himself, McCain scares me as well, neither one of the candidates will do anything to make this country better, reaching across party lines doesn't work unless they pay each other off and not just money, although I am sure they do that as well, they pay each other off also by saying I will vote your way if you vote mine when we need it, no matter if they believe in the cause, I guess you can say that is reaching across party lines, blackmail. Most dems won't go GOP way and GOP won't go Dems way it is just a FACT unless both parties get something. I believe that most americans feel this way.

    I say a good revolution may be the answer. Come on all you cowards.

    June 9, 2008 09:53 am at 9:53 am |
  24. Farrell, Houston, Tx


    June 9, 2008 09:54 am at 9:54 am |
  25. Sluggo

    The country needs to drill in ANWR and off the coasts to increase the supply of oil which will reduce everyone's cost.

    June 9, 2008 09:54 am at 9:54 am |
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