June 11th, 2008
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Compiled by Mary Grace Lucas

CNN Washington Bureau

NY Times: 2 New-Style Candidates Hit Old Notes on the Economy
For all the efforts of Senators John McCain and Barack Obama to portray themselves as willing to break with party orthodoxy to get things done, the economic debate that opened their general election campaign this week previews a classic clash. It is a battle between Republican supply-side economics and a Democratic tradition that uses government levers to try to reduce inequality and spur the economy.

CNN: Gates: Next president likely to take 'sensible approach' to Iraq
No matter who winds up being the next president, he is likely to "take a sensible approach" to the Iraq war, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told CNN in an exclusive interview Tuesday.

USA Today: Dems reluctant to take on 'don't ask, don't tell'
Democrats say the nation should be ashamed of its ban on gays serving openly in the military. It discourages qualified people from joining the ranks at a time when the armed forces are stretched by two wars, they say, and is degrading to those willing to serve their country. So what have the Democrats done about it? Nothing, really.

CNN: Gergen: Advice to Obama: Take a break
The fight between Barack Obama and John McCain over the economy is warming up so fast that it almost matches the blistering heat up and down the East Coast.

NY Times: Those Loyal to the Clintons Take Note of Who Was Not
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was gracious in her full-throated endorsement of Senator Barack Obama. But that does not mean all is forgiven by others in the Clinton universe.

NY Times: With One Eye on Gasoline and the Economy, Congress Keeps the Other on November
Congress is shifting quickly to a general election footing, with lawmakers of both parties intensifying efforts to exploit public alarm about gasoline prices and the economy as a way of making the political case for themselves and their respective White House contenders.

USA Today: 5 lessons for picking a running mate

Barack Obama and John McCain have clinched the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations but hardly have time to catch their breath, what with party factions to unite, key states to target, debates to negotiate, money to raise and TV ads to launch.

WSJ: Clinton Primary Debt Poses Quandary

Hillary Clinton has $24 million she collected for a general-election campaign she now won't run. With debts of about $20 million to outside vendors and to herself, it seems she could easily balance her books. Campaign-finance-law experts say it isn't so simple.

WSJ: Republicans Gird for Big Losses in Congress

Republicans are bracing for double-digit losses in the House and the prospect of four or five losses in the Senate, as they fight to hold a wide range of districts and states normally seen as safe for them, from Alaska and Colorado to Mississippi and North Carolina.

NY Times: Ripples in the Vice-Presidential Pool

It’s so early in the vice presidential search process that aides to Senator Barack Obama will not even speak of a “list” of names they are working on. But the universe of potential candidates shrank by one name and grew by another on Tuesday.

USA Today: Obama avoids rallies, begins more relaxed general campaign
Barack Obama has shown he can pack 20,000 people into an arena and draw 75,000 to an Oregon river bank. Now he's trying to win voters' hearts a few at a time.

Financial Times: McCain vows to restrain big business
John McCain on Tuesday promised a clampdown on corporate malpractice if elected president and vowed to give shareholders a veto over executive pay. The Republican presidential candidate said government had become beholden to big business and too forgiving of corporate abuses.

Washington Post: Fact Checker: McCain vs Obama on taxes
The McCain camp is attempting to persuade Americans that their taxes will increase dramatically with Barack Obama as president. The presumptive Republican nominee has repeatedly said that Obama would enact "the largest tax increase since the Second World War." A surrogate, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, insists that Obama has not proposed "a single tax cut" and wants to "raise every tax in the book."

Washington Post: Online, Obama Outpaces McCain by Miles
Less than five months before The Big Day - Nov. 4, 2008 - national polls show John McCain and Barack Obama locked in a dead heat. The latest CNN poll has Obama at 49 and McCain at 46; the most recent Gallup poll shows Obama at 46 and McCain just a point away. But on the Web, there's simply no contest: Obama easily trumps McCain.

USA Today: Paul campaign puts plans in place for alternate convention
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has tentatively reserved a university arena in Minnesota, a school spokesman said Tuesday, as the campaign plans a separate gathering during the national GOP convention in September.

AP: Auto union endorses Obama
The United Auto Workers international executive board has endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president.

WSJ: Congress Presses FDA on Investigations
The criminal-investigations wing of the Food and Drug Administration is in hot water with Democrats and Republicans in both the Senate and the House.

Politico: Webb's rebel roots: An affinity for Confederacy
Barack Obama’s vice presidential vetting team will undoubtedly run across some quirky and potentially troublesome issues as it goes about the business of scouring the backgrounds of possible running mates. But it’s unlikely they’ll find one so curious as Virginia Democratic Sen. Jim Webb’s affinity for the cause of the Confederacy.

New York Daily News: Donald Trump bashes President Bush
The Donald to W: "You stink." Donald Trump trashed President Bush Tuesday as a "terrible" President who has destroyed the world economy – but insisted the global crunch wouldn't stall his planned $2 billion golf resort. "We have a President in the United States who's terrible. He stinks," Trump said.

CNN: GOP senators spike windfall profits tax on Big Oil
Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked a Democratic initiative that would have taxed the windfall profits oil companies have enjoyed due to rising energy prices, with the minority leader calling the proposal a "gimmick."

NY Times: Lobbying Investigation Prompts Raid of Albany Firm
Federal law enforcement agents have raided the offices of an influential lobbying firm in Albany as part of the latest investigation connected to the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal in Washington.

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