July 2nd, 2008
08:15 PM ET
15 years ago

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(CNN) - Sen. John McCain was in Colombia Wednesday, the same day that the South American country's military mounted a risky hostage rescue operation.

In the latest installment of CNN = Politics Daily, Dana Bash reports on the briefing McCain received before the military operation began and what it might say about McCain's standing on the international stage.

Sen. Barack Obama prided himself on being the only major presidential candidate who opposed the Iraq war from its beginning. What will Obama do now that the Bush administration's surge strategy appears to be working? CNN’s Jessica Yellin takes a look.

Meanwhile, the McCain camp had a personnel change in its top ranks Wednesday. Dana Bash explains why some Republicans felt the change was necessary.

Obama's online campaigning has become one of his trademarks since the beginning of his presidential bid. But, now some of his supporters are using the Obama camp's own Web site to organize a movement against the Illinois senator. Abbi Tatton reports on the online community of Obama supporters who are banding together against his support for the new foreign surveillance bill.

Finally, Sen. Obama is refuting claims that the mortgage on his Chicago home was a sweat-heart deal. Brian Todd has the details.

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