July 28th, 2008
09:30 PM ET
15 years ago

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(CNN) — Potentially the oldest candidate ever elected to a first term, Sen. John McCain has faced questions about his ability to maintain his health and handle the nation at the same time. Now, Dana Bash reports on the presumptive Republican nominee latest trip to the doctor.

The worsening economy is issue #1 for voters and will likely be a deciding factor in who becomes the next president. Returning home from overseas, Sen. Barack Obama turns his attention to the struggling market while McCain focuses on the issue of off-shore drilling. Dana Bash and Senior Political Analyst Gloria Borger discuss the two nominees' strategies in the next phase of the general election campaign.

Also: the estimated federal budget deficit for the next fiscal year is a record-setting $482 billion. White House Correspondent Elaine Quijano explains what the projected shortfall means for the Bush administration and how it might affect the White House race.

Finally: the general election is 100 days away and new polls show a sizeable lead by Sen. Obama. But how predictive are summer polls for a November election? Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider takes a look at the historical record of how well summer polls have forecast the general election in past cycles.

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