July 29th, 2008
05:18 PM ET
15 years ago

Obama huddles with VP vetters, again

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/07/29/art.obamavan.ap.jpg caption="Obama head to his VP vetter's office again Tuesday."]WASHINGTON (CNN) - Barack Obama spent a second day off the campaign trail Tuesday, using his time in the nation’s capital to talk with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.

But it was his “secret” visit to the office of a key campaign advisor that is drawing just as much attention. For the second day in a row, Obama stopped by the office of Eric Holder – a former Justice Department official who is leading the search for his vice presidential running mate. The campaign was mum on the details of Obama’s visit to Holder’s office other than to note that time had been blocked off for “private meetings.”

The Obama campaign told reporters that the Tuesday meeting would last more than two hours. Obama and his aides have been diligent about revealing very little about the vice presidential search. Whenever he is asked about it, Obama routinely says, “The next time I talk about my vice presidential selection, it will be to introduce that selection.”

With the Democratic convention one month away, speculation is mounting about when Obama will announce his running mate. Will it be before the Olympic Games, which start the first week of August, or shortly before the beginning of the convention at the end of the month? The same political parlor game is taking place on the Republican side as John McCain, too, wrestles with who will be his vice presidential running mate.

As for Obama, several names keep popping up as being under serious consideration such as Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. In the past 24 hours, Kaine has drawn most of the atttention thanks in part to stories written in The Washington Post and Politico about the Obama campaign vetting the governor. In an interview on Washington radio station WTOP Tuesday morning, Kaine said he is flattered to be mentioned but noted that the decision is up to the campaign.

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  1. OldManYellsAtClouds

    Even though it probably won't happen, I can't think of a better VP choice than Chuck Hagel. As to McLame, nothing and no one will help him – the repugs had 8 years and blew it – it's time for change and I'm sure Obama will make a smart choice after the Democratic convention.

    July 29, 2008 08:12 pm at 8:12 pm |
  2. Olivia

    I have a feeling he will very soon announce his vp.
    His polls are not too strong and he needs to get off his pedestal and back to reality.
    I also have a feeling he's going to make the wrong choice for vp.

    July 29, 2008 08:21 pm at 8:21 pm |
  3. Marj,Paso Robles, Cal

    Yet another reason NOT to vote for Dumbama.

    July 29, 2008 08:24 pm at 8:24 pm |
  4. Ridgeway

    I heard Jesse Jackson accepted the VP spot. Any truth to it?

    July 29, 2008 08:25 pm at 8:25 pm |
  5. David , MA

    Benator Joe Biden is probably the only one who can put any republican in there place when it comes to foriegn policy. An Obama/ Biden ticket would be unstopable

    July 29, 2008 08:26 pm at 8:26 pm |
  6. Marie in California

    He'll probably choose Judas Richardson....just to try to suck up to the Hispanic vote.

    USA/Gallup polls today give McCain a 4 point lead over Obama. So much for Obama's rock star American Idol European and Middle East entertainment tour.

    Was for Hillary, now for McCain!


    July 29, 2008 09:03 pm at 9:03 pm |
  7. Anna Colburn

    Obama clinched the nomination and should pick who he chooses.

    But a Hillary pick would clinch the election, certainly. Before the race even began.

    I dont think the Obama camp wants this, though. If they did, they'd have picked her and would be tasting victory already.
    Sorry, but my observation these past several months tells me Senator Obama Likes To Taste Victory.

    I think they are tarrying to see if they can get away with someone else. Just enough votes to hit that magic number in November.

    Its definitely interesting...

    July 29, 2008 09:08 pm at 9:08 pm |
  8. TheTruthHurts

    Normally I like a play-by-play, but this is ridiculous.

    July 29, 2008 09:09 pm at 9:09 pm |


    VA for Obama '08

    July 29, 2008 09:10 pm at 9:10 pm |
  10. JustSayNoDeal.com

    Just a wee bit tired of hearing about this creep.

    Enough already. NOBAMA!!! Joke... just words, no action, no accomplishments. Words you can XEROX. Hillary said it best and dead on.

    McCain '08 for Clinton '12

    July 29, 2008 09:17 pm at 9:17 pm |
  11. Ridgeway

    Henry in NY. Are the Republicans trying to get skinnier than your boy Hussein. What's the "Republican Slim Machine"?

    July 29, 2008 09:21 pm at 9:21 pm |
  12. ray

    no clinton, no obama

    July 29, 2008 09:27 pm at 9:27 pm |
  13. Truthteller

    I know that Senator Obama will be the next President of these United States of America. He is Honest, Trustworthy and for All Of The People! The Republicans are afraid that their truths will be known and that almost all of them will be going to jail along with Bush and his Administration. Racisism is in full swing inside and outside the White House. Shameful stuff.

    The Truthteller
    Stone Mountain

    July 29, 2008 09:35 pm at 9:35 pm |

    Wow the media must not having anything else to do. I am sure that when Obama and McCain make their decisions, you all will be the first that they call. Isn't this call stalking to always be following folks around????????????? Oh my bad, it is okay for the press to do it but if we were to do that, let me see, 10, 20, or life in prison!!!!!

    July 29, 2008 09:38 pm at 9:38 pm |
  15. Reality check #1

    No question, after last week, it sure won't be Edwards. I hope Elizabeth is "taking care" of him and has him on the couch or back porch.

    July 29, 2008 09:41 pm at 9:41 pm |
  16. What if?

    That's right Obama don't waste any of your time focusing on McBush, meet and talk with everyone that will be a positive part of your administration that will help us the 98% that is having such a hard time paying our bills. He and his camp are trying to deter you from the important business of the America people. SINCE you are the only candidate that is concern about us, the citizens here in America, please continue to work to help us with OUR economy woes........

    While McBush is busy focusing on you and the great job you are doing as a candidate, it has became clear that he is only concern with you, you, you, you, and what you have accomplished, he constantly worry about what you are doing, the people you are seeing and what you are saying. McBush constantly say negative things about you every second someone will listen.

    He said on the first day you left to go to Iran and Iraq, that he would spend his time talking to us about the things important to us here at home……reducing the price of GAS, FOOD and helping us keep our homes, ect....now that you are back in the states, maybe we will finally hear him talk about these issues.

    July 29, 2008 09:45 pm at 9:45 pm |
  17. malabar

    this thing is sooooooo boring and reaks of schoolgirls afraid to fight since Hillary left....

    July 29, 2008 09:48 pm at 9:48 pm |
  18. Alan

    Can someone tell the vetters and Pastor Hagee that the Church Age is over ?

    July 29, 2008 09:49 pm at 9:49 pm |
  19. malabar

    McCain and Obama are so afraid to get their hands dirty so they have everyone around them fight FOR them. neither hypocrite should be allowed to lead any country, Jesse Jackson has nothing to cut off from either one of these guys

    July 29, 2008 09:51 pm at 9:51 pm |
  20. Former Democrat, thanks Obama

    Wake me up when someone is desparate enough to say Yes.

    July 29, 2008 09:55 pm at 9:55 pm |
  21. LadyDove

    As a longtime Democrat whose recent ancestors were also lifelong Democrats, I can not bring myself to vote for someone as arrogant as Obama. I have no respect for him or his wife (she, who apparently wasn't proud of how this country came together immediately after September 11th or any other time in her adult life). Nor can I bring myself to vote outright for McCain. My decision is to vote for Senator Clinton - as Obama's running mate or as a write-in for President on the November ballot. I urge all others who feel as I do to do the same.

    July 29, 2008 09:55 pm at 9:55 pm |
  22. facts are facts

    I just found out why the press barely covers McCain's confused and ridiculous foul ups. The Republicans have waged a campaign to black mail reporters by not giving them access to news information if they report any of McCain's mistakes.

    I can understand the Republicans doing this as they are a bigger gang of criminals than any mafia that has ever existed and that is a well known fact. What I can't understand is the reporters allowing this to happen as all they have to do is stick together and put these clowns and convicts down once and for all since if they don't get any coverage other than fox they are done like a dinner and America will be saved.

    July 29, 2008 10:04 pm at 10:04 pm |
  23. dl

    These rumors of Kaine have me baffled

    Not only is this guy anti gay rights and anti-choice (he has the same stance on abortion that Bush had when he went into office)

    He has no foreign policy AT ALL ...not just weak but none...and no judgement to look at to see what he thinks of our standing in the world. Barack has judgement but he needs to show he understands America's reservations.

    Kaine will be a bloodletting in the VP debates with almost anyone from mcCain's short list...and worst of all

    if Obama picked Kaine it opens up enough cover for McCain to pick the guy he wants to and go with Ridge.

    If it is an Obama/Kaine vs. McCain/Ridge election it is inherently framed as national security, foreign policy and experience debate...

    It means Mccain would get PA, Ohio, Michigan with Ridge and he on the same ticket...and more importantly render the choice of kaine for a bump in VA null and void because even Virginia with their m,ilitary presence would be switched back to Red.

    I hope Kaine cancelling his baseball event tomorrow is not because obama is going to announce this weak candidate who ostracizes Obama's base... does nothing to bring VA over that wouldn't be better if he stayed as governor and campaigned with the other dems from the state... and it wouldn't switch VA red down ballot (the LT Gov. is republican)...

    I can not believe Obama would pick this horrible choice...he needs familiarity.

    July 29, 2008 10:06 pm at 10:06 pm |
  24. texas DEM

    Hillary Clinton.

    July 29, 2008 10:11 pm at 10:11 pm |
  25. paul oregon

    any of the above named people would be ok ! as long as its not a loser like hillary

    July 29, 2008 10:19 pm at 10:19 pm |
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