July 30th, 2008
06:36 AM ET
14 years ago

AFL-CIO launches campaign to dispel Obama rumors

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/07/29/art.rumors.cnn.jpg caption="A new AFL-CIO mailer seeks to dispel continued false rumors about Obama."]

(CNN) - The nation's largest labor conglomerate says it's set to launch a major effort Tuesday to dispel ongoing rumors surrounding Barack Obama that continue to percolate more than 18 months after the Illinois senator launched his White House bid.

The organization is set to send out mailers to more than 600,000 union homes in crucial battleground states - including Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin - that directly address the false rumors that he is not a Christian, refuses to wear a flag pin on his lapel, and was not sworn into the Senate on the Bible.

It also beats back claims the Democratic presidential candidate was not born in America and refuses to put his hand on his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. (view the mailer [PDF])

A majority of AFL-CIO's membership is considered part of the working-class demographic - the key voting bloc that overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton in the prolonged Democratic primary race and is likely to play a key role in the battleground states this November.

Watch: Obama battles rumors online

The AFL-CIO is also sending out a second mailer that features testimonials for union workers in support of Obama's policies on job creation, health care reform, and worker's rights. (View the second mailer [PDF])

"The mailers are the leading edge of a massive campaign in August to clearly define Sen. Obama among millions of union voters and to contrast the policies and plans of Sen. Obama with those of Sen. [John] McCain," AFL-CIO spokesman Steve Smith said.

That massive campaign will include a large-scale mobilization effort in 24 states, targeting 13 million union voters. The organization will also deliver more than 1 million fliers touting Obama's record at work sites across the country in August.

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  1. Carrie Goodeagle Hayden, Idaho

    God Bless the AFL-CIO, Obama and all the working citizens in this country that truly represent Democracy. God loves all people, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindu's Buddist, and others that I may have missed. We are one Country, made up of many religions.

    July 29, 2008 02:47 pm at 2:47 pm |
  2. SADDAM H.

    What an effort. Plz exclude me in this nonsense.

    July 29, 2008 02:47 pm at 2:47 pm |
  3. Open Your 3rd Eye

    This is GENIUS.

    I am fired UP and ready to VOTE!

    Let's GO!!

    July 29, 2008 02:47 pm at 2:47 pm |
  4. a southern bell for OBAMA







    July 29, 2008 02:48 pm at 2:48 pm |
  5. ANGIE

    If people still belive these karl rove smears against obama well all I can say is now i understand why you voted bush twice one word for you all IGNORANT oh and by the way YOU CAN THANK FOX FIXED NEWS FOR THE SMEARS AS WELL GOD I WISH THEY WOULD CANCEL THAT FAKE WANNABE NEWS STATION!!!!!!!!!!

    July 29, 2008 02:48 pm at 2:48 pm |
  6. proud NH Democrat

    I like the mailing, but I think it's sad that it needs to be done. Yes it does need to be done. Thanks to sources like fox news and hate filled people who are just looking to yelp about something.

    July 29, 2008 02:48 pm at 2:48 pm |
  7. Brian Hubbell II

    If only they would send out fliers telling about how his policies would destroy this country, doing harm that could never be repaired in any of our lifetimes.

    July 29, 2008 02:48 pm at 2:48 pm |
  8. Sam

    "Bitter Typical White Person" for Barack Obama all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Bitter Typical White Person" for Barack Obama today, tomorrow, and in November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    July 29, 2008 02:48 pm at 2:48 pm |
  9. Debby, NJ

    AFL-CIO You gooooooooo ... so great having you aboard the OBAMA train.

    July 29, 2008 02:48 pm at 2:48 pm |
  10. Mark

    As much as the New Yorker tried to smear the right wing republicans with their cover, the truth is 10% of the democrats also believe tha Obama is muslim and his wife hold anti-american views.

    July 29, 2008 02:48 pm at 2:48 pm |
  11. Roger

    I really hope people would not be so stupid to still believe these rumors floating around about Obama.

    July 29, 2008 02:49 pm at 2:49 pm |
  12. Yes Virgin, you can be too old to be president

    Good idea, but most of the people that believe in these rumors would be better reached during a professional wrestling match or NASCAR race. Reading probably isn't their thing, just like facts and good judgment aren't McBush's thing.

    July 29, 2008 02:49 pm at 2:49 pm |
  13. aaaa

    people are dumb to know his Muslim

    July 29, 2008 02:50 pm at 2:50 pm |
  14. Candy West Virginia

    Come on people, give the RNC a break. They are desperate and will do ANYTHING necessary to win. It must be hard being repuglican, I actually feel sorry for the evil ones.

    July 29, 2008 02:50 pm at 2:50 pm |
  15. Michael "C" Lorton, Virginia

    My hat off to CNN. Your viewing audience and blog participants have been down this road to many times. Please, we have enough of practical politics alarming the populace with series of hoglobins. Why do you continually keep stirring the pot......?

    July 29, 2008 02:51 pm at 2:51 pm |
  16. Lesley

    It's great to see that large groups are getting out the message countering McCain's negative attacks. Using a positive approach and not playing into McCain's flawed and underhanded strategy of undermining your opponent with outright lies and homespun information. I thought McCain said he was going to run a respectful campaign. Another example of what we can expect with McCain as president.

    July 29, 2008 02:51 pm at 2:51 pm |
  17. Goodcitizen

    Is CNN endorsing Obama as their pick? I don't think that I've gotten a balanced look on political candidates on CNN or any other news provider for that matter. Just an honest observation.


    July 29, 2008 02:51 pm at 2:51 pm |
  18. Stacy

    I was under the impression that Union dues should not be used for political purposes???? Could I be wrong? Is the AFL-CIO's run by such incompetes that they can figure out that a Obama Presidency would put many of their work force on the unemployment line???

    When you stick it to big business....you really stick to the man and women working in the trenches...

    What a joke unions have become.

    July 29, 2008 02:52 pm at 2:52 pm |
  19. R.I.F.

    Another example of positve campaigning versus the McAttack way. I just hope people don't fall for the Rove politics that stuck us with Bush for 8 years.

    July 29, 2008 02:52 pm at 2:52 pm |
  20. SpookyX

    AFL-CIO has been doing a great job in their support for Obama and this country.

    July 29, 2008 02:52 pm at 2:52 pm |
  21. Moderate Republican for Obama

    I think it is utterly foolish that these ridiculous rumors have be handled in this fashion. In the end, some ignorant people are still going to believe these rumors, because they want to find any "rationalization" to justify their hateful ignorance and refusal to vote for Barack Obama. Still, I am convinced that mailers like this will help change the mind of some people.

    July 29, 2008 02:53 pm at 2:53 pm |
  22. Matt--NE

    Do these rumors actually exist??

    I've never heard anybody say these things except his nutjob followers.

    I think this is just another campaign ploy to paint Obama as some kind of victim.

    Fuel that White Guilt.

    If Obama was white, he would be 20 points behind McCain!

    July 29, 2008 02:53 pm at 2:53 pm |
  23. Vote Nader

    Someone should tell them that the Obama campaign and support groups are the only ones talking about these rumors. They're only brought up when the are dispelling them.

    I believe the rumors are nonsense, as any slightly intelligent person would. But, why do they insist on going to such extremes to prove them false? Usually that means something is going on and just adds fuel to the fire.

    Ralph Nader has nothing to dispel, which is one of the many reasons I am supporting his candidacy.

    ** Nader/Gonzalez 2008 **

    July 29, 2008 02:53 pm at 2:53 pm |
  24. Chris

    me thinkest thou doth protest too much.

    July 29, 2008 02:54 pm at 2:54 pm |
  25. Donna from Colorado Springs

    I'm sure that all of these lies and rumors against Obama come straight from the republicans via the white house. McCain said that he would run a clean campaign. All he has done is slander and lie about Sen, Obama from day one. I really hope this dirty campaign comes back to bite him in November.

    July 29, 2008 02:54 pm at 2:54 pm |
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