August 1st, 2008
07:12 AM ET
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POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Friday, August 1, 2008



Washington Post: Race Moves to Center Stage
Sen. John McCain's campaign accused Sen. Barack Obama of playing the "race card" on Thursday, a day after the Democrat said his opponent and other Republicans would try to scare voters by pointing to Obama's "funny name" and the fact that "he doesn't look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills." Juice economy again? It's a tough call
Top Democrats are calling for more measures to stimulate the economy. But experts say it's too soon to tell whether another round of stimulus is a good idea.

NY Times: Alaska Senator Seeks a Quick Trial
It was fist pumps all around at the campaign headquarters of Senator Ted Stevens here on Thursday.

Washington Post: Senate Probe's Targets Give to Campaigns
Officials of Swiss Bank UBS – which is at the center of an unfolding Senate investigation – have directed more than $2 million into this year's congressional and presidential campaigns, some of it arriving just as investigators finished a report accusing the bank of helping clients hide billions of taxable dollars from the Internal Revenue Service.

CNN Radio: It’s getting ugly fast…enter the race card
The CNN Radio Political Ticker is a rarity today: one topic only. But when that topic is the politics of race, it's hard to fit in much else. Lisa Desjardins brings us the new, dizzying back and forth in today's CNN Radio Political Ticker.

Washington Post: McCain's Ad Formula Employs Lowest Common Denominator
In a celebrity-driven culture that has left little space for John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate has decided to go tabloid.

Washington Times: McCain VP talk turns to 2 female conservatives
John McCain's growing popularity among women is fueling speculation that he will select a female running mate, ripening talk about conservative favorite Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, and former Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Officer Carly Fiorina, one of his top economic advisers.


LA Times: For Clinton supporters, it's a gender issue
Some Clinton backers want the Democratic Party's platform to recognize what they see as the pervasive bias she suffered in the primaries.

WSJ: Kaine's Versatile Appeal Gives Him a Shot to Run With Obama
Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine took the stage at the Texas Democratic Party's annual convention last month and began by offering the standard party dogma. As national co-chairman of Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign, he offered the proper tribute to Sen. Hillary Clinton and urged everyone to now "come together" behind his candidate.

Washington Post: Campaigns' Iraq Stances Seem to Hit a Middle Ground
When President Bush announced his plan, in January 2007, to launch a "surge" of U.S. troops in Iraq, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called the initiative the "best possible chance" for success and proposed a Senate resolution supporting it. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) called the troop buildup "another tired and failed policy" and introduced a bill opposing it.

Politico: GOP hopes to skirt Minn. bridge issue
It’s a year today since the Minneapolis bridge collapse that killed 13 people, but don’t expect Gov. Tim Pawlenty to showcase the reconstruction.

Politico: McCain's camp suffers from a paper gap
While campaigns typically snow reporters with white papers and policy minutiae, many of the domestic policy plans of John McCain have been notably short on details.

Washington Post: The Curious Mind of John McCain
In his 2002 book, "Worth the Fighting For," John McCain offered this confession - an acknowledgment of a restless mind: "Although I seem to tolerate introspection better the older I am, there are still too many claims on my attention to permit more than the briefest excursions down the path of self-awareness. When I am no longer busy with politics, and with my own ambitions, I hope to have more time to examine what I have done and failed to do with my career, and why."

CNN: White House aides not immune from subpoenas, judge says
Congress can force White House aides to testify under subpoena, a U.S. District Court ruled Thursday, rejecting Bush administration claims of immunity.

CNN: Brian Todd’s Analysis: GOP's tough year gets tougher
Even before news broke of Alaskan Sen. Ted Stevens' indictment on corruption charges, analysts were saying that Republicans in Congress haven't been this vulnerable in decades.

CNN: Glenn Beck’s Commentary: Still looking for a candidate I can support
I believe this election has put a lot of people in a strange place. It's a place that I've never personally been before. Put simply, I couldn't care more, and I couldn't care less.

Washington Post: House, Senate Pass Overhaul Of Higher-Education Programs
Congress yesterday passed a major overhaul of federal higher-education programs aimed at expanding financial aid and bringing greater clarity and disclosure to the student loan process.

CNN: GOP lawmakers want special session on energy crisis
Top congressional Republicans Thursday called for a special session of Congress to deal with the oil crisis plaguing the country. President Bush called on Congress Wednesday to allow offshore oil drilling, saying the need to lower crude and gas prices made it urgent.

CNN: Poll: Country's mood at historic low
A new poll out Thursday indicates that fewer than a quarter of Americans think things are going well in the country. The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. Poll showed that 24 percent have a positive outlook for the country, while 76 percent say things are on the wrong track. Economy grows, but warnings sound
Recent growth is boosted by stimulus checks, but still lags forecasts. Last quarter of '07 is revised down – first negative period since 2001 recession.

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