August 3rd, 2008
01:15 PM ET
13 years ago

Is McCain's 'Celeb' ad accurate?


Watch more on McCain’s claim that Obama would raise your electric bill.

(CNN) - John McCain's campaign got a lot of attention last week for its ad that likens Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

The ad calls Obama "the biggest celebrity in the world," but asks, "Is he ready to lead."

In addition to the flashy imagery, the ad also claims that Obama would raise taxes on electricity. But is that claim true? CNN's Josh Levs reports.

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  1. Tyler in Raleigh

    Stupid ad, bad campaign move yet again. There were better ways to make the point if that is what they wanted.... instead of focusing on your opponents lack of good ideas, focus on your own.

    Both the candidates are disappointments... wish we had more than a 2-party system to choose from.

    August 3, 2008 05:08 pm at 5:08 pm |
  2. Rob

    McCain is only trying to deflect attention away from himself and the lack of ideas or leadership and gaffes that are dominating his campaign. The media keeps it all alive when they should ignore it because all it is is trash talk and not the kind of thing you expect from someone that wants to be a leader.

    August 3, 2008 05:12 pm at 5:12 pm |
  3. Rebecca

    Further proof McCain is a continuation of the Bush administration. McCain is making false accusations and lying just like Karl Rove and George Bush did in the last two elections. They fooled enough naive people to vote for them then so the real question is are people still dumb enough to fall for the same tricks and lies.

    August 3, 2008 05:17 pm at 5:17 pm |
  4. ANGIE

    MCAIN CRAZY CONFUSED OLD MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you people want him for president????????

    August 3, 2008 05:18 pm at 5:18 pm |
  5. eric steele

    After running this ad over and over again, giving McCain free time to spew his absurdities without questioning him at all, why are you not running Obama's response to the ad? Obama's ads deserve just as much free air time as you and other news organizations keep giving McCain. Are you so scared to be called "liberal" or "Obama supporters" by the wretched minions of Bush/McCain that you've lost all sense of fairness?

    August 3, 2008 05:19 pm at 5:19 pm |
  6. ObamaDollarBill

    Yes! It is very accurate Ad! Obama is very irresponsible, flip-flopper, arrogant and wind headed bubble candidate. His latest dream is to have his face in Dollar bill. He already changed the "Presidential Seal". Is it not enough for the fools?

    August 3, 2008 05:20 pm at 5:20 pm |
  7. The Obvious Choice

    McCain isFlat out JEALOUS!
    McCain is an EMPTY SUIT 2 Thumbs Up -shoulder high- Flip Flop Campaign!
    The biggest Joker around! Keep hatin on Obama see where it gets you!
    Focus on the ISSUES!!!
    I want to know how th next president will lower the price of gas, fix the economy, end the war, etc etc
    I need ads about Britney or Paris who CARES!!!!!!!!!!!! Are they goin to lower the price at the pumps!?!?!?
    The way I see it only 3 kinds of people would vote for McCain:
    1 The Wealthy – they are not affected by todays cost of living.
    2 Idiots- they are not wealthy and still voting for a man who is givin us 4 more years of the past 8.
    3. Racist- they know Obama is the BEST choice but wont vote for him because of his skin color so they would rather suffer another 4yrs- Pathetic and SAD in 2008!!

    August 3, 2008 05:20 pm at 5:20 pm |
  8. BlackWoman4Obama

    @ BlackMan4Mac–If you have nothing constructive to contribute to the conversation, you should keep quiet. You are pure proof that the quality of education that black boys are receiving is dismal. And if you had actually listened to this report and others you would know that McCain is being quite dishonest in his attack ads against Obama.

    August 3, 2008 05:25 pm at 5:25 pm |
  9. Alice in Florida

    YES, YES IT IS!!!!!

    McCain '08 for Hillary '12

    The False Messiah can go back to organizing racist neighborhoods – that's pretty much all he is EXPERIENCED at besides running for offices that he is unfit for!!!!!!!!

    August 3, 2008 05:28 pm at 5:28 pm |
  10. Robert

    Britney has said she's a republican and Paris' parents are republican. So what McCain is saying is that young republicans are dumb like Britney and republican parents don't know how to raise their daughter? Not to mention McCain doesn't know how to keep a marriage.

    August 3, 2008 05:28 pm at 5:28 pm |
  11. jason, tx

    haha. is his ad accurate? Is anythingMcCain says "accurate?" Um, no.

    August 3, 2008 05:33 pm at 5:33 pm |
  12. Connie

    I believe that it was McBush that appeared in Wedding Crashers, not Obama. Drawing large crowds doesn't make you a celerity it means you are popular and people want to hear what you have to say. Just like holding hands with the Dali Lama does not make McBush or Linsay Graham a budhist(still bring back memories of Bush holding hands with King from Saudi Arabia)Who wears 520.00 dollar loafers,it's not Obama .
    Connie from Indiana

    August 3, 2008 05:35 pm at 5:35 pm |
  13. Marc from San Diego

    John McCain is coming across a whining old man now picking on young women to make a 'joke'. Since when does a supposedly dignified person use other people to make fun of – even if they are celebrities. Disgusting, mean old man tricks. He would be outraged if his wife Cindy were used to make a 'joke' and actually that would be normal Republican politics. She is fair game – but leave others not in your game out of your jokes. McCain has lost my confidence and vote. Grow up and start talking about solutions to our country's problems.

    August 3, 2008 05:35 pm at 5:35 pm |
  14. MBFLA

    Cynthia is right. So many people were shocked at McCain's childish attacks that Obama benefitted with a surge in donations, particularly in first time donors. That's a big backfire on McCain because it allows Obama to prepare adult ads in response to the celebrity and messiah ads and give them national exposure.

    Keep the negativity coming Rove, it is only hurting your candidate!

    August 3, 2008 05:38 pm at 5:38 pm |
  15. Lesley

    The way that McCain is running his campaign, with no clear message or purpose, attacking his opponent personally as well as on the issues, and not offering a clear representation of himself shows his lack of ability to lead. His White House would look like his campaign, frivilous stupid advertisements that he thinks are fun with a mind that's all over the place trying to one-up Obama at every turn because he's jealous of the attention. Is this person fit to be president? Obama on the other hand has already shown his ability to lead. He is mounting a superb campaign, whether you agree with his positions or not, he surrounded himself with top people who know how to move an agenda forward, and he has stayed focused and on point. He would run the White House the same way. So, yes, McCain, he is ready to lead and he has been leading, in every sense of the word.

    August 3, 2008 05:43 pm at 5:43 pm |
  16. Mike Kaplan

    Of course the claim was inaccurate. The rest of the ad is just stupid.
    Let's review: this week, the McCain camp

    1. Released the stupid Britney/Paris ad, which is just juvenile. Moronic. Childish.

    2. Released an ad blaming Obama for gas prices, which is just incredibly silly. Stupid. Absurd.

    3. Now, they are accusing Obama for "playing the race card". Right. The GOP has been playing the race card for 50 years now, ever since Nixon coined the "Southern strategy". Since then, we've seen Willy Horton, the contemptible Harold Ford commercials with a white woman saying "Call me, Harold"......and GOP hacks talking about Obama's middle name, and claiming he is a Muslim. And now, as the first black man to get the nomination of a major party, Obama states the obvious (that he doesn't look like a typical president) and now HE is accused of playing the race card?

    Silly, silly, and very stupid. We're not falling for it. McCain and the GOP are going down this year......"big time", as Cheney would say.

    August 3, 2008 05:44 pm at 5:44 pm |
  17. Emma, San Jose, CA

    McCain's ads are hateful. They are not humorous. A man who devalues other decent human beings to try to get what he wants is showing he has a character fault. He makes claims about how Obama will lead that have not been based on what Obama has said or done. Also, as far as McCain giving himself total credit for the Iraq surge, he needs to be honest about the idea not being exclusively his.

    August 3, 2008 05:48 pm at 5:48 pm |
  18. Martin

    I think if we were to compare McCain to anyone famous of course it would be the fictional Dorian Gray, except McCains portait in the attic is getting prettier by the day.

    August 3, 2008 05:51 pm at 5:51 pm |
  19. Phil Newton, Murphy, OREGON

    No. It's garbage, like most other items from the McCain can - er, camp.

    Issues, my friend. We need issues!

    August 3, 2008 05:53 pm at 5:53 pm |
  20. Beverly,NYC

    No it's not accurate. Anyone can see than McCain is jealous. He suggested the trip then pouted in the cheese aisle when the trip did not blow up in Obama's face. I don't see how showing your opponent before a large crowd waving, not burning, the American flag is a bad thing. Could McCain even get a modest crowd of 200 to listen to him drone on about nothing. Doubt it. McCain should spend his energy on getting a campaign platform of his own.

    August 3, 2008 05:53 pm at 5:53 pm |
  21. David Newport, OR

    as much as "The One" add. Republicans are slime and there is a certain portion of the electorate that are willing to believe rhetoric slime for fact. Is it fact to them? Most likely. Is it fact in reality? You need to ask that question?

    August 3, 2008 05:54 pm at 5:54 pm |
  22. marianna

    Accuracy doesn't matter, folks. The message is important – Obama is a national or world celebrity, not much substance – no matter how you slice it.

    Clinton/Clark '08

    August 3, 2008 05:55 pm at 5:55 pm |
  23. S. Denice

    John McCain is the most boring, pathetic presidential candidate I've ever seen. Who in the world would want a president that's not popular, well-known, and well-loved? Oh my bad, we alread have that in GWB. Anyhow, McCain is jealous and there is nothing that he can do to stop Obama's momentum except throw temper tantrums and resort to child's play as in the case of the ads...

    August 3, 2008 05:56 pm at 5:56 pm |
  24. Vig

    Who cares – Obama stage tour through Europe was more dishonest than anything McCain can dream up.

    August 3, 2008 06:02 pm at 6:02 pm |
  25. linda from South Dakota

    mccain,, face the facts, you ruined any chance you had of winning,,, retire and go away,, your rude and nothing but lies,

    August 3, 2008 06:03 pm at 6:03 pm |
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