August 9th, 2008
01:00 PM ET
14 years ago

McCain again slams Obama 'celebrity' in new radio address

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="McCain has pegged Obama as an out-of-touch celeb."] WASHINGTON (CNN) - John McCain is using his weekly radio address today to continue to attack his opponent, Barack Obama, as a celebrity.

“The Democratic National Convention is just a couple of weeks away. It was four years ago, at the same gathering, that America heard a fine speech from an Illinois state senator named Barack Obama. He's done pretty well for himself since then. And the smart money in Denver is on another celebrated performance,” says McCain in the recorded address.

“But even the most stirring speeches are easily forgotten when they're short on content. Taking in my opponent's performances is a little like watching a big summer blockbuster, and an hour in realizing that all the best scenes were in the trailer you saw last fall. In the way of running mates, Senator Obama should consider someone with a knack for brevity and directness, to balance the ticket,” adds the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

The McCain campaign first termed Obama a celebrity in a television campaign commercial over a week ago. Since then it appears to have become a theme with the campaign, showing up in a number of ads.

In the radio address, McCain also criticizes Obama’s energy policies and touting his own, saying “a serious energy plan involves a lot more yeses than nos. And that is why I say yes to drilling, here and now. Yes to 45 more nuclear power plants to provide our country with electricity. Yes to clean coal technology, so that we can create jobs and use America's most abundant resource. Yes to renewable energy sources, so that we can shift away from petroleum over the long term. Yes to a break from the federal gasoline tax, so that our government helps you in a time of need instead of just adding to your costs. In short, yes to all of the above - to a bold plan for achieving energy independence that starts today.”

McCain heads to Las Vegas later today, to address the annual convention of the Disabled Americans Veterans.

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  1. SGJ, Chicago, IL

    I thought he ws better than this.... its starting to sound really sad!

    August 9, 2008 05:07 pm at 5:07 pm |

    Mc Cain is NO BETTER than Sen Edward because he was HAVING AN AFFAIR with Cindy while his crippled wife was suffering from her accident At least Sen Edward did NOT DIVORCE HIS WIFE.

    August 9, 2008 05:12 pm at 5:12 pm |
  3. sDanielle

    Re: McCain campaign's "Celeb" attack.

    Obama, you need to say it. HI HATERS...(HA HA HA)

    August 9, 2008 05:15 pm at 5:15 pm |
  4. rayster

    If you have no election positions to take , then its time for you to take a holiday and find out if you really do have a platform or do you just attack. I would really like to hear from you on positions and not your slime team

    August 9, 2008 05:19 pm at 5:19 pm |
  5. Donna from Colorado Springs

    John McBush really needs to move forward and stop using the same old"celebrity" tag line in his ads. It's really getting very annoying! He is so stuck in the past, and what he percieves if working, that he just keeps going over and over the same material. Enough,already! McBush is so out of touch that's getting embarrasing. He stumbles and fumbles through every one of his little speechs and constantly gets every time line wrong. Like, he said "when I'm president, I will call the congress back from their vacation" Someone needs to clue the old man into the fact that he wouldn't become president in September,when the congress returns, but in January! He makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. Is this the person we want to lead the country? We already have one idiot there now, and we don't need another.

    August 9, 2008 05:21 pm at 5:21 pm |
  6. angie in dallas 28

    yeah the repulicans know nothing about electing "CELEBS" to their party..

    so what did that guy Ronald Reagan do before he was gov and president???

    Oh yeah and i also know there is some celeb named arnold who is gov also and trying hard to be president...


    August 9, 2008 05:27 pm at 5:27 pm |
  7. Republican_leaning_for_BO

    Maybe you should care more about your own VP choice. It's the last chance i offer you to count on my vote.. If not, im voting Democrat. At least he seems to have some substance and has a positive approach of the campaing.You can be againts some body's positions without going under the belt. I used to believe you'll show the same kind of respect.
    Still waiting..

    August 9, 2008 05:32 pm at 5:32 pm |
  8. Johnson Mugenyi

    Celebrity, Blockbuster, Popster, False Messiah, Antichrist..... etcThat is what we keep hearing from the mocking Mccain "s Camp!

    Meanwhile Obama will keep having an egde in the polls.

    Wait to see what happens when Obama comes back from his holiday.

    August 9, 2008 05:32 pm at 5:32 pm |
  9. Michael Switchzer

    Let me get this straight, McCain who frequently appeared in blockbuster movies and was once the "celebrity politician" is SO AFRAID of the Democratic National Convention, that he's already starting to "prepare" people for another "great speech" from Obama?

    My God, what a loser. There's nothin McCain can do or say to eclipse Obama's historic nomination process or Hillary's historic primary race. And these two will shine brightly in Denver as they should.

    I used to actually respect John McCain but I am starting to see him as a real petty and jealous man. Not to mention he cannot remember a word of what he said just a day ago.

    August 9, 2008 05:36 pm at 5:36 pm |
  10. UllC

    McCain is out of his mind!!!
    He is making himself look really bad at this point. If he continues to attack Obama, and he also continues to sing his same ol senile tune, then he shall surely lose in November!!!!

    Obama 08'

    August 9, 2008 05:38 pm at 5:38 pm |
  11. chas alabama

    He is so desperate that he will continue to lie about anything, all he does is badmouth Obama,

    August 9, 2008 05:38 pm at 5:38 pm |
  12. John McCain't - New Leader of the DeceptaCONs

    When you have nothing offer the American people, you trash the other person.

    John McCain't – can't pull our troops out of Iraq.
    John McCain't – can't support the new G.I Bill
    John McCain't – can't understand the Economy.
    John McCain't – can't understand the American Energy crisis.
    John McCain't – can't understand why people want Obama for President.

    John McCain't – The new leader of the DeceptaCON party!!!

    Vote Obama – 08

    August 9, 2008 05:39 pm at 5:39 pm |
  13. ben-Lagos

    I fall off my chair laughing any time I watch McCain mock Obama. McCain does not need to mock or make a joke about Obama to make us laugh; his looks and moves are enough. He walks as if he is carrying a stone on his bottom. ……………… he?

    August 9, 2008 05:49 pm at 5:49 pm |
  14. Dan, MA

    At least people like Obama. Nobody likes McCain or his good buddy, George W. Bush.

    McCain might be slipping mentally, but he's not entirely stupid. We, the real American people, are hurting hard and his plans will offer no help to us It's not that McCain doesn't get, though; he just doesn't want it.

    August 9, 2008 05:52 pm at 5:52 pm |
  15. TG, Miami

    psst...John...celebrity is a good thing for a leader on the national stage. An exciting, popular president is a very good thing. Makes it easier to govern.

    I get it! Because you admire the Bush model, you prefer an unpopular presidential style...

    August 9, 2008 05:53 pm at 5:53 pm |
  16. Ken

    lets talk about celebrity while the main stream media ignored facts about Edwards affair!!

    August 9, 2008 06:00 pm at 6:00 pm |
  17. R. Dixon

    Obama should hit McCain hard on the "Celebrity" nonsense. McCain is trying to tell Americans what to think of Obama. He's trying to convince us to think of Obama in a detrimental way, even though we see Obama for ourselves and have formulated our own opinions of him. McCain is telling a lot of us that we are wrong to think of Obama as a fresh faced, change agent who happens to be liked by people. It seems asinine to me that McCain is turning popularity into a negative feature. We know what an unpopular president does; let's have one that people like for a change. But I digress. To me, McCain's effort to convince us, when we fully see Obama for ourselves, that he is some "Celebrity" seems a lot like President Bush trying to convince us that Iraq was our true enemy when, in fact, many of us saw that Bin Laden and Afghanistan should have been our targets. So, if I were Obama's people, I would advise the following ad:
    Narrator: John McCain is attempting to convince the American people that Barack Obama is nothing more than a Celebrity. We know what happened the last time John McCain and the Republicans tried to convince us of something that was not true.
    Then show footage of war planes, war ships, exploding bombs, etc and superimpose on those two running tallies, one showing the number of troops killed, the other showing the billions of dollars spent. Once the tallies end, back to narration.
    Narrator: Who are you going to believe, yourselves or the people trying to tell you what to believe?

    I would love to see BHO hit back hard with something like this.

    R. Dixon, ATL

    August 9, 2008 06:10 pm at 6:10 pm |
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