August 9th, 2008
01:00 PM ET
14 years ago

McCain again slams Obama 'celebrity' in new radio address

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="McCain has pegged Obama as an out-of-touch celeb."] WASHINGTON (CNN) - John McCain is using his weekly radio address today to continue to attack his opponent, Barack Obama, as a celebrity.

“The Democratic National Convention is just a couple of weeks away. It was four years ago, at the same gathering, that America heard a fine speech from an Illinois state senator named Barack Obama. He's done pretty well for himself since then. And the smart money in Denver is on another celebrated performance,” says McCain in the recorded address.

“But even the most stirring speeches are easily forgotten when they're short on content. Taking in my opponent's performances is a little like watching a big summer blockbuster, and an hour in realizing that all the best scenes were in the trailer you saw last fall. In the way of running mates, Senator Obama should consider someone with a knack for brevity and directness, to balance the ticket,” adds the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

The McCain campaign first termed Obama a celebrity in a television campaign commercial over a week ago. Since then it appears to have become a theme with the campaign, showing up in a number of ads.

In the radio address, McCain also criticizes Obama’s energy policies and touting his own, saying “a serious energy plan involves a lot more yeses than nos. And that is why I say yes to drilling, here and now. Yes to 45 more nuclear power plants to provide our country with electricity. Yes to clean coal technology, so that we can create jobs and use America's most abundant resource. Yes to renewable energy sources, so that we can shift away from petroleum over the long term. Yes to a break from the federal gasoline tax, so that our government helps you in a time of need instead of just adding to your costs. In short, yes to all of the above - to a bold plan for achieving energy independence that starts today.”

McCain heads to Las Vegas later today, to address the annual convention of the Disabled Americans Veterans.

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  1. reyt ijk l

    talking dirty again – john, you can leave all he name calling and reference to the celebrity show – focus on the substance – you are losing my vote ..........

    August 9, 2008 03:47 pm at 3:47 pm |
  2. Lonnie

    It is interesting that McCain keeps saying that Obama is a celebrity. I wonder if Nixon thought the same thing about JFK? What does McCain think of JFK's then celebrity status. Did JFK not get a lot of things done and was a popular president?

    August 9, 2008 03:48 pm at 3:48 pm |
  3. me in dc

    Doesn't he have anything better to talk about? Every time he knocks Obama it makes him look more desperate and bitter.

    August 9, 2008 03:48 pm at 3:48 pm |
  4. Charles

    And yes, McCain being the latest release from the local Community Access Chanel.

    Talk about what you can do for America Mr. McCain. Got anything? I didn't think so. The thing is, if the Republican had a candidate that ACTUALLY KNEW HOW TO RUN THE COUNTRY, I would then choose between the two for the best candidate.

    I hate what has happened to this country under the Dumbpublicans and I'm going to go donate some more $$ to Obama.

    August 9, 2008 03:49 pm at 3:49 pm |
  5. Charles

    So Obama's short on content, yet McCain spent the second half of the speech responding to the content of Obama's energy plan?

    August 9, 2008 03:49 pm at 3:49 pm |
  6. Jinga Wewe

    McCain is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Barrack and his campaign are not allowed to even mention the man's age, or that he is the oldest candidate in the history of this country. But he continues to mock barrack as a "celebrity" which indirectly mocks his work in the senate and therefore his young age.
    This is ridiculous, if he wants to take the gloves off he should. So far he takes them on and off depending on his health status. Typical senior citizen.

    August 9, 2008 03:50 pm at 3:50 pm |
  7. Dexter

    McCane speaks and the world yawns.

    August 9, 2008 03:51 pm at 3:51 pm |
  8. George Hook

    Is this all this man has? It seems a really pathetic attack to make on another person. I'm not sure what his point is, the most celebrated republican is a former movie actor. Also, I want to know from McCain how drilling now when the first drop won't be seen for 10 years does anything to help. Also, he seems bent on giving away land grants to the oil industry, when they aren't even using the ones they have now. I guess when everyone checks who is donating to him, it will become obvious.

    August 9, 2008 03:53 pm at 3:53 pm |
  9. Cindy

    Oh John, please stop. Do you have nothing else to talk about? You are tired and old. Besides, isn't it about time you start cheating on me like you did your first wife?

    Cindy McCain

    August 9, 2008 03:53 pm at 3:53 pm |
  10. Tim E

    McCain's hoping (pun) that Obama will pick a VP who speaks with brevity and directness? Would that be because John has trouble paying attention for anything longer than a Paris Hilton commercial?

    August 9, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  11. MurphyMorseJohnson

    The Republicans McCain, Cheney, Bush, and the like are American-busters. They have broken the American economy sending trillions of dollars and jobs elsewhere at the cost of countless lives. The Republicans have broken the American mortgage system, energy, oil, and gasoline availability to Americans, availability of health care and college tuition. No wonder Republicans want to create smoke screens–the incompetence of Republican lies and inexperience have provided an unfunny a Laurel and Hardy Comedy Act! ....And still no oil breaks for Americans or apprehension of bin Laden !!!!!! Shame on you McCain and the rest of your Republican cronies.

    August 9, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  12. gingerpeachy

    MCCain is a grimpy old man, past his prime who should get a life, I'm a lifelong Republican who is ashmed of his campaign and the tactics ot conservative radio, which I used to listen too.
    Time and the country march on. Ho wproud I am we have someone like Obama to resuurect the U.S. image in the world!

    August 9, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  13. Taylor

    It's very clear that Senator McCain is seethingly jealous of Senator Obama. His constant ridicule has increasingly backfired, and is seen as pathetic to the majority of voters. That jealously will, in part, be the reason for McCain's loss in November.

    August 9, 2008 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  14. Matthews

    This continued attack on Senator Obama's character will certainly be the downfall of Senator McCain's bid for the White House. Count on it.

    August 9, 2008 03:56 pm at 3:56 pm |
  15. George

    I guess when you have nothing new to talk about politically, you can always bash your more popular opponent for being popular. Poor McCain.

    August 9, 2008 03:56 pm at 3:56 pm |
  16. Kevin, Austin

    The problem with McCain's logic is that I remember clearly Obama's speech from four years ago. I remember the speech I heard in Rhode Island in October, 2007. I remember his "Yes We Can" speech from February. I remember his speech about race relations.

    They're not forgettable. His speeches are stirring, full of content, motivation, hope, ideas, leadership.

    McCain and his supporters want to forget them, but they can't (well maybe McCain can.)

    And they only have attacks on Obama... no real policy solutions.

    August 9, 2008 03:56 pm at 3:56 pm |
  17. Grandma

    McCain does not have anything to say even on his add. We know him always crying about media attention and when he has it he talk about Obama. Media putting Obama under microscope and they can not find anything and now all I see McCain TV add for free in all the stations. McCain is follower and Obama is the leader. He had all week to talk about energy and all he said all the above is my plan he never give any $ or brake down on his plan he said “ALL THE ABOVE “he means Obama plans. Please ask him what his plans are about the war he just says we need to win just like a child not just like a leader. Senator Obama is a leader young like Kennedy and Celebrity like Ragan

    August 9, 2008 03:58 pm at 3:58 pm |
  18. Ruthie, Stone Mountain GA

    Yes you are an idiot. Yes you are a third Bush term. Yes you are a liar. Yes you are going to lose in November.

    August 9, 2008 03:58 pm at 3:58 pm |
  19. Dan

    Notice about six articles down there's an article about Obama "slamming" McCain. Read this one and then read that one. Notice any glaring differences? How about the fact that when Obama attacks McCain he talks about real issues, real problems facing America. McCain's campaign, from where I'm sitting, has done NOTHING but make pathetic attacks on Obama's character. I'm confused about why anyone in his campaign would think it's a good idea to repeatedly point out that his opponent is REALLY popular. I shudder to think of what would happen if this incompetent geriatric is elected president.

    August 9, 2008 03:58 pm at 3:58 pm |
  20. Judith S Rogers, Hendersonville, NC

    I am going to help him block your bluster!

    August 9, 2008 03:58 pm at 3:58 pm |
  21. brightidea

    envy thy name is mccain! if thats the best his camp can come up with they are pretty desperate..if obama is a summer blockbuster, mccain is a rerun of some 40 year old very predictable spagetti western. pick any one..they all start and end the same!

    August 9, 2008 03:58 pm at 3:58 pm |
  22. mark

    McCain is just jealous and he knows hes a weak candidate for a trouble party. McCain is a terd. Not funny, not effective. Pack it in old man, Partys over!

    August 9, 2008 03:59 pm at 3:59 pm |
  23. Hans-Erik Iken

    So now McCain is advising Obama on his VP choice as well?

    Why doesn't this old coot just go away and leave the future to the ones that will actually live in it?

    August 9, 2008 03:59 pm at 3:59 pm |
  24. Harvey Lang

    When is this clown Mcain going to stop trying to attack Obama"s plans and put forward to the american people what he stands for, thata is if he can come up with something credible, this guy is about as dumb as a sack of rocks...........

    August 9, 2008 04:00 pm at 4:00 pm |
  25. Joy from TN

    McCain who? Oh, you mean that old guy that was going to run a clean campaign? I'm an old gal (though 10 years his junior), a republican, voting Obama. I detest the lies,corruption, and deal making of the likes of John McCain

    August 9, 2008 04:01 pm at 4:01 pm |
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