August 22nd, 2008
11:01 PM ET
14 years ago

Source: Clinton has been told she's not the VP pick

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Clinton has been informed she will not be Obama's VP."] (CNN) - Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama has ruled out Senator Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate, a senior Democratic official told CNN on Friday night.

Clinton - Obama's main rival during the primary season - has been informed by Obama's campaign that she is not his choice to be his vice presidential candidate, the source said.

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  1. Summer Seale

    People here are commenting that Hillary thinks she's entitled to it? What about Obama? He is such a pretender that it makes me sick. I may disagree with Hillary on lots of things, but she's actually done stuff. Somehow, all these Obama messianic nuts think that some community organizer is suddenly qualified to be president.

    I don't think so.

    He should at least have offered it to her.Obama is afraid of real challenges. He won't face McCain in a town hall, and he wouldn't face Hillary. He's afraid of the challengers, and he thinks he can stare down Ahmadinejad?

    What if he loses his bullet points during that meeting?

    August 23, 2008 02:47 am at 2:47 am |
  2. Susan, PA

    doesnot matter....
    my vote is anti-Republican this time......

    I know what a mess I did in last 2 elections........NOT THIS TIME...................

    August 23, 2008 02:48 am at 2:48 am |
  3. Helen Kwan

    that's the end of my democratic support. My family and friends will be voting McCain in Nov.. .Thanks for making the decision for us.. Helen

    August 23, 2008 02:48 am at 2:48 am |
  4. SamSunny

    What is it about this women that she can't figure out when she is out of the race? She was out of the Primary by Feb. 2, 2008....Super Tuesday, but carried it out until June. Did she really think she was on the ticket for VP? She and Bill have made Obama's life miserable with their unending needs to be adored and noticed. Believe me, if Obama picked Hillary he would have lost because there are so many supporters of Obama who would never tolerate the Clintons on the ticket and she should have known this the minute he won the Primary.

    August 23, 2008 02:48 am at 2:48 am |
  5. Frank, California

    PUMA the Obama campaign owe you nothing. Hillary lost fair and square. First you guys want her to be president, then when she loses it's sexism, then she deserve the vice-presidency, oh! Her 18m voters need to be respected, Bill and Hill get prime time speaking spot in Denver....You guys make me sick with your demands and it was time to cut you loose
    Biden is the VP nominee, you either put up with it or "shut the hell up" and join the right wing as you all say to vote for whomever you please.
    It won't matter in the end, Obama is the next POTUS.
    Obama/Biden 08,12

    August 23, 2008 02:49 am at 2:49 am |
  6. Nick

    Hillary supporters disgust me

    August 23, 2008 02:50 am at 2:50 am |
  7. Ken

    How is that that people are willing to vote or not vote based on "allegiance" instead of looking at the policies and doing what's best for the country? Those of you Hillary Supporters that are being stubborn about this, you know what, I hope you vote for McCain and I also hope YOU suffer the consequences of your actions for 4 more years. Just don't ever complain about the state of our country and how we are lagging on so many fronts.

    The stakes couldn't be any higher. I have no respect for you "throw away" stubborn voters. Vote because you think the candidate will do this country good! Don't throw away an election.

    PS. I'm sure Hillary was considered but in the end of the day, Barack was never the one to take a course of action simply for the votes. It has to fit his ideology. That's fine. Go Dems!!

    August 23, 2008 02:50 am at 2:50 am |
  8. Robert

    I am tired of all the BS I am reading here and throughout the last two months... Why isn't anyone stating the obvious: you are not voting for Obama because he is black. Die hard Clinton supporters...aka diehard democrats plotting to sabotage the democratic party's chances of taking the white house. This is utter stupidity. Four more years of republican policies, if you can call them that, is insane. I for one will be a proud supporter of Obama 08... I hope the rest of you don't ruin it for all of us by abstaining or voting McCain.

    August 23, 2008 02:50 am at 2:50 am |
  9. Richard

    Thanks GOD its BIDEN and not Hillary... I can't stand her!!!

    August 23, 2008 02:51 am at 2:51 am |
  10. David

    And why shouldn't he take care of his supporters? We SUPPORTED him. Or do you not think that Hillary would have done the same thing? Saying you'll vote for McCain is a bigger insult to Hillary and her party than anything Obama could every're essentially saying that because your favorite didn't win, you'll betray everything she stood for by voting for the man that stands for everything she stood against. Well thought out, indeed.

    August 23, 2008 02:51 am at 2:51 am |
  11. david

    McCain will win one more vote from the undecided, and may be a lot more,Go Hillary 2012

    August 23, 2008 02:52 am at 2:52 am |
  12. Rob indetroit

    Two thing's first she burned alot of bridges with a dirty campaign,
    and they would not reveal the names of donors to the clinton Library.

    Knowone wanted another whitewater.

    August 23, 2008 02:52 am at 2:52 am |
  13. stephen

    lost 2 votes in my household...mccain '08 – hillary '12

    August 23, 2008 02:52 am at 2:52 am |
  14. Gina in Chicago

    I refuse to believe that the Clintons and Obama didn't sit down and talk out a strategy to give her an important position in his administration. It doesn't make sense that he wouldn't do something for her and her supporters. I can't see him denying her VP and sending her back to the Senate empty-handed. I'm positive they've worked something out.

    It would not surprise me one bit if Hillary gets appointed to the Supreme Court. She's certainly smart enough, it would give her a perfect opportunity to protect women's rights in a very real and concrete way, and it would ensure that there is a strong woman still serving on the bench when Ruth Bader-Ginsberg finally retires.

    While the thought of a President Hillary Clinton totally terrified me and the thought of her as VP made me worry for Obama's safety, I don't think she could object to a position that would make it possible for her to wage a real and meaningful war for women's rights in perpetuity. The woman is a hellcat. There would be no overturning of Roe v. Wade in our lifetimes.

    A position on the Supreme Court would allow her to make her own path, rather than follow in the footsteps of her husband. She'd keep the boys in line too. Scalia would probably go toe to toe with her, but I'll bet you she'd keep everyone else in check, even Roberts.

    Justice Hillary Rodham Clinton...I like it.

    August 23, 2008 02:53 am at 2:53 am |
  15. Hillary Fan

    No Hillary - No Vote

    August 23, 2008 02:53 am at 2:53 am |
  16. Howie

    Amazing! Democrats turning on each other and the convention hasn't even taken place.
    I wish there was a candidate worthy of my vote this election.I have voted Republican in the past, when I like the candidate. At times I see Democrats that are worth my vote.I'm not wrapped up in partisan politics like just about everyone here. It really sucks that our country is at war right now, however the militants aren't going to just stop and go away.We can't just move troops and just wish this thing away.Iraq is just a partial mistake.It had to happen , however it's been handled badly.Here are all those post cold war peace dividends we invested in for around 5 decades.I blame both party's for this nonsense.
    As for Hillery & Bill isn't anyone aware of all the people who died around them? Like a man who said to be a suicide with a gunshot wound to the back of hie head? And Whitewater?
    Have any of you bothered to take an objective look at Obamas varnished past? Unions, mob connections payola and cheap property? He's dirty not as dirty as the Clintons, but still dirty. And McCain? jeez is he wishy washy. He doesn't seem to know what the hell he's for or against. I used to really like him now I think he's not playing with a full deck.
    And to spend all those millions of dollars on a $200,000 a year job?
    It's only about power at that level anymore. More pork, payola favors and the average American gets screwed again with recycled promises
    yet again.
    How about fixing the freaking tax code? No one person even understands it. More immigration laws? Why? we have enough on the books, we just haven't made a serious effort to enforce what we have.
    All because of power and money. Look around you if you have those 2 things you can even buy justice.
    Our Military is 2 small to handle todays problems.
    Our National guard troops shouldn't be used for fires and other disasters for which they aren't trained. It's time for a national disaster force with aircraft heavy equipment, fire trucks, medics, firemen, Dr's that can respond to anyplace in the US. Use old Military bases to house them.

    Oh and while we are at it can't we find at least one man or woman who is honest hard working to lead this great country? Someone who doesn't care about power and money?

    God Bless America!

    I pray everyday my fellow Americans will be able to look past media hype,bias and innuendo and save this great land for the generations that will(hopefully follow)

    Ok my Rant is over now

    August 23, 2008 02:54 am at 2:54 am |
  17. Obama/Biden '08

    Please, you Hillary supporters that keep quoting that inflated figure of 18 million voters, stop, please stop. If it were that many of you, I doubt very seriously she would be in so much debt. Obviously, that number includes voters whose intentions were not honorable when they voted for her, okay? Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos ring a bell? The rest of us have figured it out, why haven't you.

    Yes We Can!

    August 23, 2008 02:56 am at 2:56 am |
  18. doug, TAMPA

    yes thank god now i have a good reason not vote for him. whew! how is he going to promote change with someone who has been in the senate longer then McCain. i like to see that. and he is at least john's age. well im glad Hillary isnt on the ticket because it wouldn't be worth it for her to stoop to his level she is more powerful then him and she is better then him.

    August 23, 2008 02:57 am at 2:57 am |
  19. Yes We Can!

    Please, you Hillary supporters that keep quoting that inflated figure of 18 million voters, stop, please stop. If it were that many of you, I doubt very seriously she would be in so much debt. Obviously, that number includes voters whose intentions were not honorable when they voted for her, okay? Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos ring a bell? The rest of us have figured it out, why haven't you?

    Obama/Biden '08

    August 23, 2008 02:58 am at 2:58 am |
  20. Bush is not a bad guy

    Keyboard........11 dollars
    Internet in some places

    Watching a bunch of crybaby "libs" promise not to vote in November, because "Queen Clinton" may have to apply for a job at Mc Donalds.....................................PRICELESS

    August 23, 2008 03:00 am at 3:00 am |
  21. CK

    An early commenter hit it square on the head....those of you who are still pinning for HRC, please remember this election is not just about winning the White House, or being a "first" in our history books.. It's also about the seats on the Supreme Court that will undoubtedly be emptying in the next 4-8 years. If you HRC persons want to help reverse Roe vs. Wade and watch more of your civil rights disappear, please jump on the McCain bandwagon and witness what your vote will accomplish. Please also remember your children and your grandchildren will find their lives much less economically stable as they try to find a way to pay their own bills and the leftover debt from the Republicans. This election is about our future as a country in a global economy we never imagined in our wildest dreams until the reality of neo-cons began carving out a methodical approach to worldly control. Please re-think before you not vote, or vote for more of the same.

    August 23, 2008 03:00 am at 3:00 am |
  22. Lou

    If Clinton is old school, what does that make Biden? I thought he was the candidate of change.............what happened?

    August 23, 2008 03:00 am at 3:00 am |
  23. stella

    This makes it easier for this democrat to vote for John McCain.
    First time Republican vote at age 60. Feels good

    August 23, 2008 03:00 am at 3:00 am |
  24. raycar

    Good. Now she can continue on her way to the nomination as Democrat presidential candidate. Obama cannot win. – raycar

    August 23, 2008 03:00 am at 3:00 am |
  25. Serge Tampa, FL

    Nah nah nah, nah nah nah, hey hey hey, Goodbye. see ya in 2012 Hill-dawg when President Obama will have pulled our troops out of Iraq, find and kill Osama in Afghanistan, solve the mortgage crisis at home so we all can have a roof over our heads, and save planet Earth by being the first GREEN President who turned this great nation from being 80% dependent on oil to an alternative fuel nation like Venezuela figured out 30 years ago.

    Sorry McLame we will NOT drill here and drill now. We will use solar, wind, and bio-diesel fuels instead to run our daily lives so my kids and their kids have a freakin' planet to live on 50 years from now. I know you don't care McCain cause by the way you look, you can drop dead at any minute in one of your 7 homes, and if the Earth dies of pollution no biggie. Plus all of your kids have trust funds waiting for them. Well my little girl does not have a trust fund, and her dad is busting his hump to save up for college for her in a job that might or might not be shipped overseas if you become President. I cannot let that happen buddy. Maybe next time. Besides your only in it for 4 years anyway and we need someone who wants to lead our great nation back on top of the world.

    August 23, 2008 03:01 am at 3:01 am |
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