August 26th, 2008
01:55 PM ET
10 years ago

Biden chokes up

Joe Biden spoke to the Delaware delegation this morning in Littleton, Colo.

Joe Biden spoke to the Delaware delegation this morning in Littleton, Colo.

LITTLETON, Colorado (CNN) - An emotional Joe Biden addressed the convention’s small Delaware delegation at a breakfast at their hotel Tuesday morning, thanking them for their years of support in good times and bad, and joking that the only reason he accepted the nomination was so they could get a prime seating location in the convention hall.

The Delaware senator lavished praise on Barack and Michelle Obama, saying the Illinois senator has a perspective he has never seen in Washington before, and predicting Michelle Obama’s Monday night speech will be remembered as the most significant event at the convention.

Watch: Biden praises Michelle Obama

“Not Barack Obama, not Joe Biden, not Ted Kennedy, but Michelle Obama's speech,” the newly-minted VP candidate said.

“This is a great honor being nominated vice president of the United States, and I am proud of it.” Biden also said as he choked up. “I don't mean in any way to diminish it. But it pales in comparison to the honor that I've had representing you.”

Biden remarked that he wished the breakfast was closed to the media because of what he called “corny sounding” comments.

Watch: Biden tearfully thanks Delaware friends

“I don't know whether I would have made it through a lot of the tough times in my life without you guys, I mean it sincerely” said Biden who lost his first wife and daughter in a car crash in 1972, shortly after being elected to the Senate.

He joked that his optimism isn’t “borne out of some congenital problem,” but said an election with opportunities like this have only come along four or five times in American history.

“I am excited to be on a team and I don’t use those terms, I’ve never been team,” said Biden. “I’ve sort of a been a one-man band you know.”

“I am honored to be part of making sure – helping to make sure I hope – that the first African-American, the first guy who looks at things from a perspective like no one I’ve worked with – and I’ve been around a long time – gets to be President of the United States,” Biden later added.

Going forward, the Delaware senator is expected to be Obama’s attack dog on the trail, but Tuesday morning he didn’t mention John McCain once.

He will address the convention Wednesday night when he will receive the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nomination.

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  1. Janice

    I love Joe Biden's willingness to show his heart. People who are "us" and don't think they are above "us". How refreshing!

    You could tell also last night as he watched Michelle's speech that it touched him deeply. Few of us could imagine what he went through when he lost his first wife and child in a car accident. As a family man her speech had to have touched his heart and those memories.

    He learned brutal lessons from his mistakes in life but always came back to serve and find redemption. What an admirable person! Much different than the person we've had in the White House the last 8 years who keeps selling us on lies and replacing them with more lies.

    He's the right man for the job!

    Obama/Biden all the way.

    August 26, 2008 03:19 pm at 3:19 pm |
  2. Super delegate NJ

    They are aleady crying because they see a loss down the road

    August 26, 2008 03:19 pm at 3:19 pm |
  3. Unbelievable.

    Hillary sheds a tear and you all call her a cry-baby.

    Biden sheds a tear and you call him a hero.

    What a bunch of pigs.

    August 26, 2008 03:20 pm at 3:20 pm |
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