September 3rd, 2008
08:00 AM ET
15 years ago

Palin's early morning practice run

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Sarah Palin tours the podium at the Republican convention site early Wednesday morning."]

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (CNN) - Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin took an early Wednesday morning tour of the podium at the Republican National Convention - some 15 hours before she’ll return to the stage to give what can be considered the most important speech of her life.

The Alaska governor walked through the nearly empty Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota - site of the Republican convention, spending about ten minutes checking out the podium, where she’ll give her primetime nomination acceptance speech.

Palin told reporters, including CNN’s Jessica Yellin, that she feels “great” and, as she walked off stage, answered a shouted question about the speech, saying “I’m excited to speak to Americans. This will be good. It’s about reform.”

Palin was accompanied on her tour by top McCain campaign advisers, including campaign manager Rick Davis and senior adviser Nicolle Wallace.

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  1. Enlightened Voter

    Does it bother anyone that Dutch spy sources are saying that the US was planning to bomb several Iranian Targets within weeks using unmanned aircraft? Does it bother anyone that this is a famous repuglican tactic to start or initiate some kind of conflict and instill fear in people near an election so that a repuglican can get elected? Haven't we been played enough. Aren't we tired of the fear tactics and the warmongering? Good God people, wake up!

    September 3, 2008 08:36 am at 8:36 am |
  2. Michigan Independent

    I find it interesting how the Republicans have turned the word "liberal" into a negative and yet if you go back in history, the last "liberal" in the White House balanced our budget, grew our economy, etc.- the debt under the Reagan and Bush was and is staggering.

    I was taken back watching the R convention last night how old it was...not just in age but in technology supporting their convention. A definate lack of diversity in it's convention hall...I can see how a 44 year old woman could be the energizer for them...look foward to her speech tonight....

    September 3, 2008 08:36 am at 8:36 am |
  3. Spencer, Newport News, VA

    STOP CENSORING MY COMMENTS CNN. I hope she falls on her face. I was listening to that bum of a mayor Giulianni this morning praising Palin's accomplishments. Come on!!! Rudy. You actually ran a city with 8 million people. This chick ran a village with 8,000 people. That is not leadership I can believe in. Neither is McCain Mr. I vote with Bush 90% of the time like it's all good. LOSERS!!!

    September 3, 2008 08:36 am at 8:36 am |
  4. Praetorian, Fort Myers

    Some really big shoes to fill...I'm interested in hearing her speak–and watching her handle the job in the days ahead.

    As far as being a breath away from the Presidency goes–all I've got to say is Pelosi is 3 breaths away-and I wouldn't sleep well if she were in the big house–Palin at least has command presence–and understands what the term–the buck stops here-really means.

    September 3, 2008 08:36 am at 8:36 am |
  5. Robert

    Im sure she will do awesome tonight! Go Palin!

    September 3, 2008 08:37 am at 8:37 am |
  6. No More McCain/Palin

    "It will be about reform" Palin says?? What a hypocrite, how about she start with herself, who is she kidding? She's under investigation and there are legimate charges against her! How about she start with explaining how her experience governing Alaska for less than 2 years and less than 600,000 in popluation would transcend into being prepared to be the most powerful person in the free world? This is so irresponsible of McCain, it speaks to his lack of judgement. If he was so careless with his VP pick, I wonder how careless he will be in selecting other cabinet positions (Secretary of State, etc.). Putting Palin in the Whitehouse is equivalent to taking a goldfish out of his fish bowl and putting it in the ocean, it will be eaten alive!

    September 3, 2008 08:37 am at 8:37 am |
  7. Ron L

    She will probably give a very good speech. But this is frankly insignicant. Why?? Because we (America) would like this potential Vice President to do SEVERAL one on one interviews with some of our best news anchors and reporters. SHE HAS to appear on Meet the Press, Face the Nation, ABC news, CNN, etc. etc.. Until we have see her take on unscripted questions, we haven't a clue who she really is...Like I wrote before it will be a fine speech, but it will be as significant to most Americas as adding a cup of water to the ocean.

    September 3, 2008 08:37 am at 8:37 am |
  8. Dawn

    Did you look around that convention hall last night? How can the Republican Party say it represents America? It was like "Where's Waldo" trying to find a face any other color than white!

    September 3, 2008 08:37 am at 8:37 am |
  9. SophieL

    Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air for the Republican party and this election. John McCain has shown himself to be a master chess player with this pick.

    I don't agree with the Republicans on any issues but they will probably end up winning this election because the Democratic party is stupid. In the one election they couldn't lose, the DNC was heavy-handed throughout the primaries, overrode the will of the voters, and lost the most loyal voting block they have.

    September 3, 2008 08:38 am at 8:38 am |
  10. Anonymous

    Joe Lieberman is very upset because McCain picked Palin instead of him....LOL

    September 3, 2008 08:38 am at 8:38 am |
  11. Angela

    "it is about reform." Yes, Sarah, you are right on that account. Our Constitution is being systamatically trashed, our reputation is in the gutter, the ecconomy is in the toilet. Yes, please Sarah, please talk about reform. How about the national debt, yes reform is what it is about. We are waiting to hear the refroms you want on these issues.

    September 3, 2008 08:39 am at 8:39 am |
  12. pat C.


    September 3, 2008 08:39 am at 8:39 am |
  13. Rob

    Am I the only one to notice at this convention their all old white men and bitter looking white women. The GOP is so out of touch with day to day problems –especially all the ones their idiot President caused/. I didn't vote for him so I can't consider that mess my President

    September 3, 2008 08:39 am at 8:39 am |
  14. Party Crasher

    Sorry, it's not about reformed its more about McPOW pimping you out for votes. This is criminal and the American public should be slighted by it. McSwine really thinks that there are that many women out there that are voting age that can be this easily fooled. Ladies if you really want to be treated on an equal foundation you must first be willing to stand on that foundation.

    Pimping one woman in order to herd other women reminds me of Clay Williams of Texas. Did these guys all go to the same summer camp, high school, and fraternity?

    September 3, 2008 08:39 am at 8:39 am |
  15. Dana

    Do you think they will now explain what the job of VP entails?? She seemed to have some questions on it- thought they may want to bring her up to speed before the big

    September 3, 2008 08:40 am at 8:40 am |
  16. joe smith

    if cnn had given Ron Paul the coverage they gave him in the piece at the target center throughout the campaign, the american people would be putting Mr. Paul in the White House, instead of one of these two ( you fill in the space )..

    September 3, 2008 08:40 am at 8:40 am |
  17. Michelle, PA

    About reform? When she hired a lobbyist to pursue millions in Federal earmarks for her small town? (And ended up with a huge budget deficit anyway, even after all the Federal money poured in). When she served on the board of a 527 political group formed solely to support the indicted Senator ted Stevens? When she was wholeheartedly in support of the Bridge to Nowhere....until she was against it, after she was safely elected Governor and after Congress pulled the funding. Perhaps her "reform" agenda included the $500 million in subsidies and handouts to Big Oil to build a new pipeline at a time when Alaskan oilfields are reducing output. You've got to be kidding me. The only "reform" her record shows is "reforming" her positions for expedience and political ambition, just like McCain has done to win his nomination.

    McCain/Palin – Ambition First

    September 3, 2008 08:41 am at 8:41 am |
  18. Thomas

    This will be the one shot that Governer Palin has to solidify her position. She better know that everyone (Republican and Democrat) will be listening and analyzing what she is saying (and not saying).

    I hope she is prepared and had a good speech writer.... she will need it.

    September 3, 2008 08:41 am at 8:41 am |
  19. Ron from Baltimore

    Speaking Advice for Gov Palin:

    Pick out one typical audience member and imagine him naked.
    Imagine you are speaking to him, addressing his past behaviors and positions, his current grasp of the real world, and his future needs.

    That sorry soul is the Republican Party you are getting set to join big-time. Take something for your stomach before going on or you will lose it big time.

    September 3, 2008 08:41 am at 8:41 am |
  20. proud army and navy mom

    i don't care how they prepare her, she is unfit to run this country. You can put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig.

    she should go back home and raise her children. This is not saying that woman can do both successfully, but she and her husband was obviously lacking somewhere.

    September 3, 2008 08:41 am at 8:41 am |
  21. Sam, NY

    What a woman. She can and does it all. Middle America loves her and that's where the election will be decided. It will be decided in the small towns of Indiana, Pa., Ohio and Michigan, not in some elitist ivory tower in Cambridge.

    McCain/Palin 08'

    Sarah Palin 12 & 16'

    September 3, 2008 08:41 am at 8:41 am |
  22. cindy

    yes palin, practice your lies and spouting more republican propaganda. You have zero experience, so get up there tonight and try to compare yourself to Obama or Clinton and not only will you not pick up any supporters but I guarantee that you will lose the few you have.

    September 3, 2008 08:41 am at 8:41 am |
  23. Tyler from Ohio

    It's about reform. Like being against the bridge to nowhere (after I was for it). Like how Hillary Clinton supporters should like me (even though I make Dick Cheney look like moderate). Like being against lobbyists (after I hired a lobbying firm to win $27 million in federal earmarks for my town). Like being against corruption (after I used my political power to try to have my brother-in-law fired).

    I can't wait hear this message of reform.

    September 3, 2008 08:41 am at 8:41 am |
  24. Adrienne

    I also might add that by the media having an open conversation about traditional family values it opens minds by allowing a conversation and opinions larger than our neighbours that often act as an echo chamber. The media in many ways helped Palin by making the conversation open. You did not savage her. But 2 days is enough of the subject. the focus needs to be on her stand on issues... and looking into them and reporting them. Not GOP talking point but real investigative journalism. You did your job opening the traditional family values conversation but I want to know if she really was a member of a group that was pro making birth control illegal.

    September 3, 2008 08:42 am at 8:42 am |
  25. GARedNeck

    If a Republican wants to talk about reform that is good.

    How about:
    reforming the tax policy;
    reforming the Iraqi policy;
    reforming the electronic spying policy;
    reforming the energy policy;
    reforming the trade policy;
    reforming the medicare drug plan;
    reforming party politics;
    reforming health care;
    reforming the world........

    Wait! That would make her a Democrat. Never mind.

    September 3, 2008 08:42 am at 8:42 am |
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