September 3rd, 2008
02:52 PM ET
15 years ago

Rich is 'Raisin' McCain' in St. Paul

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Country star John Rich says millions of young voters support McCain."]

(CNN) - Rappers and rockers flocked to the Democratic convention last week - now country stars are turning out for John McCain at the Republican gathering in St. Paul.

John Rich, of Big & Rich, voiced strong support for the Republican contender today in an interview with CNN.

"I'm one of those young conservative voters voting for John McCain that everybody says doesn't exist out there," Rich told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Wednesday. "But I know there's tens of millions of us and I want to write a song that got everybody fired up and kind of a rally song."

Rich was referring to his song "Raisin' McCain," which he's been performing on the campaign trail. The song invokes McCain's time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

"He stayed strong, stayed extra long / 'Til they let all the other boys out," he sings. "Now we've got a real man with an American plan / We're going to put him in the big White House."

Rich will be playing his song tonight at the Republican convention, and he says he's been pleased to spend time with both Senator McCain and presumptive Republican VP nominee Governor Sarah Palin.

"Getting to be a part of this process is just off the charts for an old country guy like myself," he said.

Watch:  Rich tells CNN about his support for McCain

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  1. fits

    Last name "rich" fits McCain M.O Let's add filthy rich. Asin too many homes he does know how many? Ha

    September 3, 2008 06:18 pm at 6:18 pm |
  2. lil

    Republicans are the party of the rich and they are afraid that they are going to have give money to someone else besides themselves.

    September 3, 2008 06:21 pm at 6:21 pm |
  3. Daryl from Seattle

    Funny how the Republican convention is so similar to watching CMT (Country Music Television) where you will see no other ethnic groups represented outside whites. I guess Mr. Rich is referring to the people his age since 40 is the new 30 though huh?

    September 3, 2008 06:26 pm at 6:26 pm |
  4. jojodancer1119

    I don't even know who this is!!!! It doesn't matter. He can ride the ship down with McSame.

    September 3, 2008 06:37 pm at 6:37 pm |
  5. lol election

    So........ how many musical performers playing at the DNC?

    at least we now know how John McCain was able to fill his convention hall

    September 3, 2008 06:48 pm at 6:48 pm |
  6. anyonmous

    if obama doesnt win ohio hell won florida if he doesnt win florida hell win ohio who cares about mccain if he doesnt take florida its over for mccain

    September 3, 2008 06:50 pm at 6:50 pm |
  7. Kevin

    Isn't it just typical of this Liberal Media to go foraging around for some tidbit to hype. Like a pig looking for a truffle. What scares the Democrats, and, the Media the most, is that Mrs. Palin "IS" a complete unknown. You want "REAL" change America, well, here it is. For years, everyone keeps saying, "We don't want another Washington insider". Well, she's about as far removed from the Beltway as you can get. My Gosh! What a stroke of genius from McCain! She has completely electrified his campaign. I can't wait until November. When the Democratic Party Apparatus shunned it's own Queen Bee and annointed a Complete Liberal Unknown and tries to pander him off as a "Mainstream", O Please. Obama does not represent anything this country stands for. A typical politician who will promise you the moon. You poor demosaps, you will never get what it takes to be your own persons. You look at their big Denver Dog & Pony show and think he has all the answers. All he will do is raise every tax you can name and fatten another Bureaucratic Institution so Uncle Government can babysit you. Grow up, take charge of your own life, stop your dependency on Big Govt to take care of your every need.
    That's the main difference between the 2 parties. R believes in U, D controls U.

    September 3, 2008 06:50 pm at 6:50 pm |
  8. Jeff in Houston

    Okay. Getting a little more of the picture. Now we know how the Neanderthals are voting. Glad we got that squared away.

    Don't your knuckles hurt from walking like that? OUCH.

    September 3, 2008 06:54 pm at 6:54 pm |
  9. JolleeDemocrat

    I love this guy and his song that he wrote for John McCain!

    I am so excited about this ticket, I truly dont believe the last time I felt so energized by an election. I am a Democrat, female, 44 years old. I am pro-choice but respect people's pro-life stance. I even find myself being more toward pro-life just becuase I am a proud mother and just recently a proud grandmother. I like Sara Palin, she has more experience in Public office at city councel level, mayor level and Governership of the Oil rich state of Alaska. She has more experience then any of the running candidates. I like the fact that she is a reformer and fights corruptive government. She is also well verced in the oil industry, they know not to mess with her! I am voting for the Maverick who selected this great VP.

    Go John McCain, we love you!

    September 3, 2008 07:19 pm at 7:19 pm |
  10. Marla in California

    I think John Rich is a great singer, songwriter,& producer and has more talent in his little finger than most of the up-and-coming artists on EITHER coast have in their whole bodies! He's honest and direct and says what's on his mind. Nice change from some of these kiss-ups in Hollywood and Nashville that are always afraid of saying something un-PC or ruffling someone's feathers! I agree 150% with all the political views I've heard from him and I hope his song helps push the Republican party momentum forward. I think the rest of you people need to get educated and then you might have something interesting to say.

    September 3, 2008 08:10 pm at 8:10 pm |
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