September 17th, 2008
02:25 PM ET
12 years ago

Female Democratic lawmakers say no to Palin

Speaker Pelosi fronted a press conference Wednesday of Democratic women from the House who are supporting Sen. Obama.

Speaker Pelosi fronted a press conference Wednesday of Democratic women from the House who are supporting Sen. Obama.

(CNN) – Amid a McCain campaign push for Hillary Clinton’s supporters, a group of major Democratic congresswomen said Wednesday Sarah Palin wasn’t helping the Republican ticket make major inroads among women voters.

Watch: Dem women back Obama

“By and large her supporters are backing Barack Obama,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a press conference at Democratic National Committee heaquarters, backed up by cheers from over a dozen female lawmakers standing beside her.

“At first, the Clinton supporters were disappointed,” said Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado. “But in Denver, my district, Clinton unequivocally said she is supporting Barack Obama 100 percent, and all of the women who are supporting Hillary Clinton are supporting Barack Obama.”

Some national polls have shown McCain getting a boost among women voters since he tapped Palin as his running mate. To counteract that, Obama and Joe Biden — who have tapped the services of Hillary Clinton’s former director of women’s outreach — have launched a week-long effort dubbed “Women’s Week of Action.”

Obama and Biden will hold women’s rallies on Friday and the candidates’ wives, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, have both hit the trail this week for women-themed events.

Clinton herself will also join the effort, joining VP nominee Joe Biden in a women’s online forum on Wednesday night.

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  1. gays4palin, west hollywood, ca


    Now you want to speak up after all the sexists rants during the campaign.

    If you really aren't concerned about women voting for more McCain/Palin, then why all the women forums.

    You left-wing Democrats did it again to us Centrist Dems. Way to go. I have my, "I told you so" ready to send on November 5th.

    Pelosi, just sit down and shut up until the PURGE of you, Dean and Reid from your perches!


    September 17, 2008 07:24 pm at 7:24 pm |
  2. Chief ADFP

    *Palin is some one all should watch out for! she be out for blood.
    *McCain seem more like its some type joke way he carrior on about the stock market! oh we doing ok and then some one on his staff clue him in on it then and only then he try to joke it off as in they can fix it and other b/s

    i am (R) but i voting for some one who has a clue when this country really needs a leader who stays up on things happening.

    i'm a war time vet, and i don't talk about it at all. Bush is a Vet as will see what it got us! do we really need more of the same thing...NO!!
    Hillary Clinton’s is my soulmate i am for her and Barack Obama for life

    September 18, 2008 04:01 am at 4:01 am |
  3. Chief ADFP

    oh god i wish i could be the man in the white house in charge of it all, i pull all US arm force back to state side and go back pre-WW2 days! none over sea's baby setting other country, that would jump the USD up big time enstead getting bleeded by other countrys.cold war is over don't see why Nato or other need us any more..policing other is a killer

    only hope Barack Obama and Bined get a handle on stopping Spending waste full tax payer money

    McCain/Palin really think they think we all having a party going on! when Billion/Trillions of US Dollares go up in smoke.. they lie cheat anyway they can to get vote for them...i like to have fresh blood in the white house, that think in off beat way other then what been going in it.

    September 18, 2008 04:28 am at 4:28 am |
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