September 18th, 2008
08:00 PM ET
14 years ago

Podcast: Negative campaign ads- are they facts or all fiction?

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(CNN)— In the latest installment of CNN=Politics Daily, the ailing economy still dominates headlines — and remains front and center on the campaign trail. Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley reports on Barack Obama’s criticism of John McCain’s position on the AIG bailout, while CNN’s Ed Henry has the details on the Arizona sentor’s attempt to discourage voters from taking their economic pain out on the Republican party.

Meanwhile: President Bush tried to ease American’s growing financial jitters Thursday, while many Democrats blamed Bush for the direction the economy has been taken in. CNN White House Correspondent Elaine Quijano has the story.

Finally: It looks like an all out ad war between the Obama and McCain campaigns on the nation’s airwaves — but how fair are they fighting? CNN’s Howard Kurtz of Reliable Sources has been taking a look at the recent ads, and separates fact from fiction.

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