September 18th, 2008
10:50 AM ET
11 years ago

CNN POLL OF POLLS: Obama up by 2

Obama is gaining in national polls.

Obama is gaining in national polls.

(CNN) - Barack Obama appears to be regaining his summer edge over John McCain according to the latest CNN poll of polls, which shows a swing of four points in the Illinois senator's favor in just over a week.

With less than seven weeks remaining until voters weigh in at the polls, Obama now holds a 2 point lead over McCain (47 percent to 45 percent), according to CNN's average of several recent national polls. Eight percent still remain undecided.

The latest polls also suggest Obama again holds the slim but clear advantage he held in August before both parties' conventions - one month ago, Obama held the same 2 point margin over McCain.

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The Illinois senator increased that lead following his own convention, but saw it disappear entirely after McCain tapped Sarah Palin as his running mate and Republicans emerged energized from their convention in early September: In a CNN poll of polls taken 10 days ago, The McCain-Palin ticket held a 2 point advantage over its Democratic counterpart.

The poll of polls consists of six recent surveys: CBS/NYT (September 12-16), Quinnipiac (September 11-16), IPSOS-McClatchy (September 11-15), Gallup (September 14-16), Diageo/Hotline (September 14-16), and American Research Group (September 13-15).

It does not have a sampling error.

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  1. Texas Witch Twister

    CNN polls. Oh my I know you got it right. Who the dickens do you poll. Los Angeles.

    September 18, 2008 09:26 am at 9:26 am |
  2. Barbara Campbell

    McCain and Palin are struggling to distance themselves from the Bush/Cheney/Rove policies that have wrecked America. But there’s plenty of evidence tying McCain to Bush: the people running McCain’s campaign are running the Bush administration; like Bush, McCain supported the deregulation of the banking and insurance industries that led to the current economic collapse; now, McCain’s running mate is refusing to cooperate with an investigation by Alaska’s legislative branch, just as Bush has refused to cooperate with Congressional investigations. These folks are taking dangerous steps toward consolidation of power in the executive branch and its cronies. McCain/Palin clearly show by their campaign tactics that they’re just the latest face on the same old corrupt Republican party.

    September 18, 2008 09:26 am at 9:26 am |
  3. ChuckinCT

    not only that we can, we will

    Obama/Biden '08

    September 18, 2008 09:26 am at 9:26 am |
  4. Central Scruitinizer

    I generally dont put much stock in polls that are so close. If theres a major difference by 7-10 percent or more then it seems more valid and credible. I look for this to happen in OBAMAs favor. The more Palin answers these questions with stock and meaningless answers the better for OBAMA> That cooupled with McCains ability to do a 180 on major issues and problems within 24 hyours should display to anyone with a brain that this ticket is nothing but fluff and pandering.

    September 18, 2008 09:27 am at 9:27 am |
  5. kingpin

    All the political analyst predicted that the palin bounce would fade just like it did in the Mondale election. I too knew that all this hoopla sould soon fade over picking a hockey mom. I may have worked if she had been a soccer mom – there are more of them. LOL

    September 18, 2008 09:27 am at 9:27 am |
  6. Brian

    Can we please do away with polls? I'm convinced at this point that there is some guy in a windowless room saying to himself "I think I will put McCain up by 2 points this week." That's it. I yearn for the day when we can have a political process that isn't a joke....

    September 18, 2008 09:27 am at 9:27 am |
  7. Jean

    Looks like Obama – the 1st mocking President – will end up controlling our lives.

    If so I'll hope the next 4 years go quickly.

    September 18, 2008 09:27 am at 9:27 am |
  8. Jack Jones

    UP by 2, down by 5, even – wait until November 4th...
    The Media has been wrong so much of the time, and the POll guys should get lost – they have been wrong so much of the time it's not funny.
    Jack J
    Seattle WA

    September 18, 2008 09:27 am at 9:27 am |
  9. John

    Here comes the skewed polling numbers! They are desperate to hijack our government!

    September 18, 2008 09:27 am at 9:27 am |
  10. Geeque

    Go get em Barack !! McCain and Palin are out of touch with reality, we do not need another 4 yrs of Bush in the White House.

    September 18, 2008 09:27 am at 9:27 am |
  11. Dana


    I will appreciate if you start live coverage on Obama or Biden speeches. Lately you have not been doing that. But you have Mccain and Palin replay of their speech at the town hall meeting!! This is why I watch MSNBC now because Fox are ignorant conservatives and you are just one step behind them of becoming the same way!!

    September 18, 2008 09:27 am at 9:27 am |
  12. john

    Americans as you can see Sarah Palin was not a big factor,the polls are saying so, she brings nothing to the table, the GOP will say what they want about her because they are stuck with her, its only a matter of time its gonna be over for McCain due to Palin and all of her issues.

    Hey Sarah since you can see Russia from Alaska why not call over Putin for a back yard party.

    September 18, 2008 09:27 am at 9:27 am |

    Sarah what color is your lipstick?

    In what aspect, Mike?

    Game over!

    September 18, 2008 09:27 am at 9:27 am |
  14. bob in LA

    America is waking up to reality- Good Morning!

    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  15. Register to Vote

    YAY! Thank you AMERICA! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Please let us all vote, these are serious times, we can either stay the same or take a different course!

    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  16. proud army and navy mom

    Don't really care for polls every day.

    CNN, why don' t you report how Palin/Mccain lied about how many people showed up ath their rallies. Once they said 22,000 came out, but it was no more than 8000+. Last week the campaign said a least 10,000 people came, the place could only hold 4500 and it wasn't packed.

    Mccain and his pitbull are not distorting the truth, they are pathological liars. Who in their right mind will vote for them?

    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  17. J

    I think that we need to start seeing the raw data from these "Polls" because I don't think they are using a diverse enough sample set. I think that all the "news" (Entertainment Companies) outlets are fabricating this data to make their fairy tale race more marketable.
    You can't trust any organization that puts advertising and financial gain above informing the public and the truth.

    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  18. Kentucky

    Finally, people are starting to realize McCain is an idiot. Everytime he opens his mouth, the world's IQ drops instantly.

    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  19. Shawn - Ga

    That is until Mr. Obama FINALLY debates Mr. McCain. He knows that once that happens the people of the US will see that McCain is the stronger candidate. That is why Obama says he will "debate anytime anywhere" however turned down all of the opportunities to do so to leave just 3 debates. Sad

    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  20. james a

    You would think with the war, economy, job losses and everything else going on that OBAMA would have a double digit lead, but guess what they are essentially dead even. That tells me that the American people just don't like or trust Obama!!!

    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  21. si mwen te konen tou jou deye


    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  22. Jon

    Now here come all the Obamies saying how great these polls are, after disregarding them last week.

    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  23. herb oringel

    sanity is beginning to take charge

    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  24. Bulldog

    Palin said yesterday in the town hall "We'll be ready by January…..I'll be ready." Why hasn't anybody picked on that? She is admitting she is not ready right now with that statement. And she does not give any specifics. All of her answers are very generic, we want specifics.

    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  25. Rebublican for Obama

    YEH!!! I hope and pray that Americans wake up and take notice of all the lies and half truths of the McSame-Palin campaign. They simply can't be trusted!

    September 18, 2008 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
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