September 24th, 2008
07:08 PM ET
12 years ago

McCain camp to propose postponing VP debate

(CNN) - McCain supporter Sen. Lindsey Graham tells CNN the McCain campaign is proposing to the Presidential Debate Commission and the Obama camp that if there's no bailout deal by Friday, the first presidential debate should take the place of the VP debate, currently scheduled for next Thursday, October 2 in St. Louis.

In this scenario, the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin would be rescheduled for a date yet to be determined, and take place in Oxford, Mississippi, currently slated to be the site of the first presidential faceoff this Friday.

Graham says the McCain camp is well aware of the position of the Obama campaign and the debate commission that the debate should go on as planned - but both he and another senior McCain adviser insist the Republican nominee will not go to the debate Friday if there's no deal on the bailout.

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  1. rightsaid

    McCain is a joke!
    This naked ploy is both foolish and rash. Obama sweeps into the presidency with a landslide. . . .

    September 24, 2008 07:29 pm at 7:29 pm |
  2. Ann Moore

    McCain just blinked and lost the election.

    September 24, 2008 07:29 pm at 7:29 pm |
  3. kimberly

    You have GOT to be kidding! If the bail out takes place before Oct 2. what other excuses could the McCain Campaign make..
    HMMMM, It's too sunny, it's raining, the debate is too late and past McCain 's bed time..

    Like he thinks his presence is going to make such a difference in the outcome..McCain, here's a Clue! the outcome is pretty much decided..
    You seem to think you have Already been elected to the White House..
    NOT TRUE!!!

    Come On, McCain, Be a REAL man!!! and let's hear your plan, I vote to proceed with the debate as scheduled..

    September 24, 2008 07:29 pm at 7:29 pm |
  4. ray

    I hope Obama and Biden stand firm on this even if they show up to the debates with no opponent.

    September 24, 2008 07:29 pm at 7:29 pm |
  5. female against Palin

    McCain needs to debate himself first anyway. Is he for the Bush tax cuts or against them? For off-shore drilling or against it? For ethics reform or against it? For deregulation or against it?

    September 24, 2008 07:29 pm at 7:29 pm |
  6. Janel, St. Paul, MN

    Senator McCain, obviously you are afraid to debate Obama and more frightened of the upcoming VP debate.

    I'd like to hear your solution to our country's financial dilemma. . .and believe you aren't sure if you have one.

    September 24, 2008 07:29 pm at 7:29 pm |
  7. Just Human

    What a bunch of CRAP! If he can't make it to an event scheduled for over a year, then he CAN'T RUN THE WHITE HOUSE!!! What's a couple of hours? He's not the only one who runs Washington! Plus, just because Obama did not agree to do any town home meetings, this one WAS agreed to by BOTH!

    September 24, 2008 07:29 pm at 7:29 pm |
  8. wicth

    Why would anyone be surprised? I am not.........................If people haven't seen thru them now they won't ever. I think if he doesn't debate he should have to pick up the tab for the cost of the debate.

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |

    He must be joking. He is not president yet, therefore, his vote is the only thing that may be needed. He can fly there on his jet for that. McCain, is a CHICKEN. LOL LOL Mcshame lol lol

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  10. independent voter, battleground state

    was on the fence but this seals it for me. Now donating $200 to the Obama campaign. McCain is much too erratic for the white house

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  11. Wake-up America

    So does McCain think he is so important to the decision making process in Congress that they can’t make a decision without him? I THINK NOT!!! Here is an interesting fact, for the 109th & 110th Congress (Jan. 3, 2005 – Present), guess who is on the top of the list of all Senators with a whopping 411 MISSED VOTES (64%). If you guessed Maverick McCain you are right, Obama has missed 294 (45.8%) 18.2% difference for the same period. (Note the list consists of the most important bills, nominations and resolutions that have come before Congress. The list is based on an analysis of the potential impact of the legislation on policy and politics.)

    Now to be fair to both candidates since they have been campaigning I factored out the votes taken from Jan 2008 to the present. McCain missed 120, Obama missed 100, so adjusting for that leave McCain’s with a 57.4% to Obama’s 35.8%, a 21.6 % difference.

    So I say again Maverick McCain, do you really think you are so important or are you just ducking the issues as have been all along? And then to try and reschedule the VP debate at a later date is a joke. When were you Republicans planning on that one, maybe November 3rd. You can run but you can’t hide. McCain/Palin, get in front of the people or bow out while you still have a shred of dignity left.

    WAKE-UP AMERICA. The only chance for change is Obama/Biden. At least a chance!!

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  12. Troy

    mccshame is being a coward his lies is catching up with him his campaign is tanking his vp choice is a bummer

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  13. mstercor

    i think that obama and biden should show up for the debates. good press for them, bad press for mcshame. i just cant believe this, are all the undecided voters suppose to make their decision without a few debates. hope they all vote for obama.

    obama 2008

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  14. Elle

    THIS IS SUCH CRAP! All McCain is doing is trying to bully his way to the head of the pack, using tasteless, senseless tactics to gain attention. Honestly, this is not a hurricane where people's lives are at stake. This is a bickering between two parties and putting a Presidential candidate into the mix is only going to further the problem!

    I wouldn't put it past McCain to purposely hold back signing of this bailout deal until he's milked as much time and press out of it as he can. That's just the kind of campaign he's been running all along.


    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  15. potatoheadbobby

    Rather than postpone the VP debate, why not just swap their places, so the VP debate would happen on Friday and the presidential debate would follow.

    Joe Biden's ready. How's Sarah doing?

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  16. mark

    When McPalin's Rovian machine wins the white house, they will change the name of his plane to PhotoOp 1.

    Is this a joke? In a time of crisis, gum up the wheels of a negotiation with presidential politicis, duck debates that will lay bear the truth and blame the other guy. Schmidt may be better than Rove at getting us to vote against our self interest.

    Scary stuff!

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  17. Mel

    What a pair of transparent idiots these two are. Just because McCain is losing he wants to quit or "suspend the campaign."

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  18. Anonymous


    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  19. elle eda

    i'm sorry, why must he suspend his campaign to go to washington???

    isnt that the point of having a veep? to take over while you do other things?

    doesnt he trust pitbull palin to run his campaign in his absence??

    if he cant trust her to run the campaign or have a debate, which, may i add was scheduled over a year ago....tell me again why we should trust mcaain and palin to run the country?

    this is like a bad dream

    what about all the money and effort put into planning the debates??!!

    does mccain ever stop to think?? at all???

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  20. Bob

    The pitbull (lipstick or not) is afraid of Biden, the press, and speaking without a script. McCain is afraid of facing Obama after picking Phil Gramm as a financial advisor (Gramm wrote banking deregulation laws, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999, which removed laws separating banking, insurance and brokerage activities. This act certainly helped create the current fiscal mess. Then he called anyone thinking the economy was in the dumpster a "WHINER").

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  21. Lyndon,CA

    Debate a black man in Mississippi, you gotta be kidding!

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  22. Jeff Wood

    McGoo and his brood of bottom-feeders have single-handedly brought the state of American politics into the toilet.

    Country first? Who are you kidding?

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  23. susan

    McCain hasn't voted on a single piece of legislation all year and now he has to run back to Washington because they can't do anything without him – PLEASE, give me a break. It's insulting for the McCain campaign to think we're so stupid.

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  24. Postpone Everything

    Postpone trooper gate, postpone debate, let go ahead and postpone the election until McCain/Palin are ready.

    You lost my vote McDelay.

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  25. b. Krause

    First he hides and throttles Palin. Now McCain wants to hold the country hostage? What next? It took the Republicans years to get us into this mess and they expect us to relent in a week?!!

    September 24, 2008 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
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