September 24th, 2008
04:43 PM ET
15 years ago

Obama 'inclined' to debate

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Obama wants to press on with the debate."](CNN) - Barack Obama is 'inclined" to go ahead with the debate Friday night, campaign sources tell CNN.

McCain said Wednesday the debate should be postponed if the economic bailout has not passed congress by that time.

Obama is expected to make a statement around 4:30 p.m. ET.

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  1. Shawne

    I agree with, Obama. McCain and Obama can spend the days before and after the debate to deal with this crisis. They have an obligation to speak on the issues and what they plan on doing about them. This is just a ploy for McCain to give himself and Palin time to stall and get ready for the debate because neither one of them are very intelligent. Obama will win and I hope he wins because if not this country will fall from power under McCain.


    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  2. How can I get some of that amazingly-good liberal PR??

    Obama inclined to debate... only if they can find a power outlet for his teleprompter.

    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  3. Joe ' Bama

    2 hours will NOT change what's going to happen on Wallstreet...neither will 1 week. Don't let this worm slime his way out of the debate. Attack now!

    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  4. jimtranr in Oregon

    McCain is trying to paint bullship as "leadership." The debate should go on as scheduled.

    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  5. Nina

    The debate should ABSOLUTELY NOT be delayed. This is McCain once again trying to bully and avoid the press because this week has been horrific for his campaign. This is a very short election season and this is the very first debate between the candidates, it is crucial. There is absolutely no reason that the candidates can’t still hold the debate. This is pure bait and switch.

    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  6. fixthebroken

    Good! Don't fall for this desperate stunt Obama.

    As President you are required to multitask. There is no reason on this good earth to postpone the debate, let alone the campaign. There is nothing McCain can do in Washington. Nothing! If he wants to vote on the bill, then he can get in his jet and be there to vote within hours. If he wants to provide input, he can do that remotely. Or, like a real President would do, he could go to Washington, do what he needs to do, then get back to the campaign trail, then go back and vote.

    The American Electorate is not going to fall for this. McCain saw the polls, saw the momentum shift and is trying desperately to get the attention back on him.

    Country First - yeah right!

    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  7. Alex

    There's nothing so crucial about this bailout that requires postponing the debates. This is nothing more than McLame's attempt to score political points, distract the voters, and delay his eventual defeat.


    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  8. jmc

    go on with the debate. u don't need to suspend your campain. he's trying to set you up

    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  9. Believer in Electorial Process

    Senator Obama, DO NOT JOIN IN THE HOAX!!! John McCane is losing, and his "Rovian" advisors are seeking any distraction – they tried the Palin distraction and it is now going flat. Congressmen and Congress women already acting in the House and Senate will do just fine with the debate on the financial situation. You owe it to the American people to proceed with a legitimate and intelligent Presidential campaign. DO NOT LET THE POLITICAL MANIPULATIONS OF A LOSER DISTRACT YOU FROM THE LEGITIMATE AND IMPORTANT JOB AT HAND – ELECTING A NEW PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Go to the debate fully prepared and fully expecting a responsible opponent.

    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  10. HN

    I dont understand why as candidates they must refrain from debating the issue when that is their most important job.
    CNN must modify the debate to be exclusive to the crisis and the two candidates must tell us how they paln to ride it out if they are elected.
    There are enough politicians andbaeurocrates in Washington working on the issue.
    We have a serious job of electing one of them and MaCain and Obama should tell us how they will fix the probelm. It is more important for them to tell us this at this point than anything else they may do.

    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  11. Lillie

    Please have the debate!!!!! McShame is trying to run AWAY!!! He's not READY!!!

    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  12. Amy, NY

    McCain's temperament is really scary to me! Is he going to lead like this, with bold moves every time things go wrong? THis is not wisdom. This is gamble!

    September 24, 2008 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  13. Hana

    Senile MCCain will do whatever it takes to buy time. Lets face it, he is NOT prepared to face Obama. Next thing GOP will do, is to make lame excuses for Sarah Palin not to debate Joe Biden. This GOP ticket is as pathetic as it can be...

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  14. Gia in Los Angeles, CA

    McCain wants to postpone the debate because he's not ready. He's using the financial crises as an excuse, knowing that it's an issue everyone is concerned about and people would be willing to support a delay for that reason.

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  15. Matt

    PLEASE DO IT!!!!! Obama is the one who initiated the call for a bipartisan response Obama (8:30 a.m. phone call). Obama is the one who showed leadership and insight. McCain is trying to steal the credit by trying to one-up Obama with this announcement of a suspension of this campaign before giving the joint statement he agreed to give. IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A GAME TO THESE PEOPLE. So fine. GAME ON!!!!

    NOTE: McCain asked the leader of his party, the President, to call for a meeting at which Obama would need to attend. This is a NAKED POLITICAL PLOY. Nothing more. Both of them can review the proposed bill and vote by proxy. As it is, McCain knows nothing about th eeconomy and wouldn't be contributing to the bill anyway.

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  16. Jim

    Let him debate Biden since the two of them seem to agree on nothing.

    McCain is putting his country first and Obama, self.

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  17. patty

    Let BO debate himself.
    McCain has his priorities in order it seems.
    This should tell you all something significant about the differences in the two candidates. .

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  18. wendy

    I think the debate should go on.
    This is a stunt by the mccain camp to delay the debates.
    We don't have much time left.
    There is nothing the he or Obama can do there that should interfere with the debate!
    It's sickening that mccain is useing this as a political ploy and will try to make Obama look like he doesn't care.I'm sure they both care,but mccain has lost all my respect.All of it!
    Who the heck suspends their campaign and cancels a debate?!
    mccain voted with bush over 90% of the time and wants us to believe he is different!
    If the debates are canceled there won't be enough time to have them all.

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  19. canuck

    Why is everyone so upset with MCAIN . You people sounding off with no regard ... no respect .... EVERY ENTRY . If he is making such a blunder you should be happy but you sound more like you are scared .Yes it looks like he made a better discision first ,Get a grip.
    Try and keep up Obama ,,,holy one.

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  20. Emma

    Please do not let Senator McCain off the hook. As President he must be able to handle multi-situations and this is great training. Do not fall for this sucker move.

    The President is making a speech to the Nation, after all Bush is President not McCain. Don't allow the Republicans to get the upper hand................................

    NO DELAY! You can do your civic duty in Congress and still debate the issues............................................

    Please Senator Obama, do not fall for this Republican trick.

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  21. Frederick

    Obama don't fall for it! McCain is trying to pull a fast one. We the American people want to hear from both of you and McCain has no back bone or answers to the economic bailout except to bailout his buddies!

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  22. beth

    yeah!!!! McCain's Palinish excuse for avoiding the debate might not work.

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  23. Hillary mom for Obama now

    McCain is not prepared for Friday's debate and he's very scared of Barack so he came up with an excuse he knew the democrats couldn't turn down. That's how most people will read this.

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  24. Lisa

    I agree with Obama. This was a political ploy and I didn't buy it. It shows wisdom in going forward. Well done!

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  25. Willcnnapprovethis?

    Yeah Well, I doubt Mr McCain is inclined to debate. Especially after his poll numbers fell.

    September 24, 2008 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
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