September 26th, 2008
11:45 PM ET
14 years ago

McCain: 'I hope I made you proud tonight'

OXFORD, Mississippi (CNN) – Senator John McCain dropped in on a vocal group of supporters near the University of Mississippi campus late Friday night after his face-off with rival Barack Obama, asking the crowd: “Do you think we showed them who's qualified to be commander-in-chief?”

McCain, joined by his wife Cindy and daughter Meghan, visited a debate watching party at the club Lyric on Oxford Square. A smiling McCain briefly addressed the crowd of about 1,000 backers, “I'm overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and support ,and I want to say that I thank you all for being here. I want to tell you that I will not let you down.”

He talked about his family’s roots in the state, and his time stationed at the Naval Air Station in Meridian. To loud cheers, he said, “I hope I made you proud tonight. I'm grateful for your friendship, I'm grateful for your support and I can't think of a better place to be than Oxford, Mississippi."

McCain then boarded the Straight Talk Express to drive 90 minutes to Memphis. He will fly back to Washington overnight.

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  1. Rachel

    Johnny boy is out Barack Obama is in.

    September 27, 2008 02:00 am at 2:00 am |
  2. Not

    McScared never looked Obama in the eye. He did not make me proud.

    September 27, 2008 02:01 am at 2:01 am |
  3. The Debate

    Sen. McCain did not do himself proud by his unpresidential behavior. While he answered some questions very well, he was condescending, insulting, and barely containing a hostile attitude toward Sen. Obama. I want a President who will conduct himself with respect for other Heads of State even when he disagrees with them.

    Sen. Obama can be proud that he projected intelligence, knowledge of the issues, and the ability to communicate his vision and ideas very well. And he conducted himself with dignity, and respect for his opponent, the voters, and the office he's seeking. He understood that he was at a job interviewed.

    As a hiring official I would not hire anyone who conducted himself as Sen. McCain did tonight. The office that the candidates aspire to requires dignity and respect for self and others.

    September 27, 2008 02:01 am at 2:01 am |
  4. Canadian for Obama

    John we know!!! You didn't win the Miss.Congeniality award this year! Nor will you win this Presidential race! :p

    September 27, 2008 02:02 am at 2:02 am |

    On every single point McCain lost this debate, I have to say that he sounded like my grandpa. Old and well meaning but out of touch. I think this was his to lose and he did.

    September 27, 2008 02:04 am at 2:04 am |
  6. Wake Up!!!

    Mccain has no plan for anything new, 4 more years of the same.

    September 27, 2008 02:05 am at 2:05 am |
  7. TruthBeTold

    Also...I AM NEVER LOOKING AT FACTCHECK AGAIN! They are so much in the tank for Obama...Its like every time obama says something its true...and everything mccain says is a lie???? Please...even mccains not stupid enough to lie about that much....Once again a media source shows liberal bias! Everyone keeps pointin fingers at Palin for "troopergate" and about how she was blessed by a priest who "witch hunts"......the media is all over that.....but hmmm...they dont seem to be investigating all of Barack Obamas connections...Bill Ayers? His two maniac preachers? Lobbyists?? His wife who said she wasnt proud to be an american until her husband decided to run? BTW PEOPLE...sarah palin isnt running for the libs are wasting their time....OBAMA WILL LOSE BADLY....this race is not as close as the media keeps trying to make it.....and like i said...i dont even like mccain


    September 27, 2008 02:05 am at 2:05 am |
  8. Matt

    You sure showed us John. I'm voting early tomorrow...for Obama.

    September 27, 2008 02:05 am at 2:05 am |
  9. Mila

    John McCain proved he has a clear plan for the country. He was calm, cool, and collected. Obama was nervously drinking water, hand shaking and speaking in vague terms spending most of the time responding to Mccain by aggreeing with Mccain.

    Obama looked like a naive ill-prepared child who has no business being in charge of this country.

    September 27, 2008 02:06 am at 2:06 am |
  10. NCRepublican

    John McCain showed he has the experience this country, Obama only showed how of a corrupt politician he is and how rude he is.

    McCain will win come November! and he won the debate tonight!!

    September 27, 2008 02:07 am at 2:07 am |
  11. jude

    I hear Obama keep bragging about the fact that he didn't vote for the war. Did he think there were wmd's like everyone else,and if so he just didn't care? Maybe he knew they wouldn't find them there,after all it couldn't be that 14years is long enough to hide them elsewhere or could it,maybe Obama knows.

    September 27, 2008 02:07 am at 2:07 am |
  12. SFcivil

    He keeps betting his chips on Obama's inexperience. The truth is I rather see a mule administrating this country then have McCain. And since he's being supported by one he has even less going for him. His cheap shots can only go so far. I think the population is the country is getting tired. They talk about going into a recession, this is already a depression and nobody seems to acknowledge it. Obama is not going to be a miracle worker, but if given power he can make the right decisions necessary to see us thru these times.

    I am rooting for you OBAMA.

    September 27, 2008 02:07 am at 2:07 am |
  13. Jeremy, Renton, WA

    I think that the debate did show who is qualified to be commander in chief: both candidates. Both of these guys beat out extremely competitive opponents in the two most prominent political parties in the United States, and the poll results between these two have been consistently ambivalent for months now. That's no coincidence. But judging by McCain's demeanor - particularly his unwillingness to even look in Obama's direction - it would seem that he disagrees.

    Since comments closed so quickly in the other blogs, I also want a chance to comment regarding the newly released McCain video which cites Obama's "Senator McCain is right" quote excerpts (and I call them quote excerpts because they omit Obama's counterarguments that inevitably followed). If McCain intends to claim the helm of mending partisan gaps and finding common ground, why is his campaign outright mocking Obama for doing just that? Will I also be mocked because I concede that he, too, has qualifications to be commander in chief?

    But there's a difference between presidential qualifications and presidential quality. In my opinion, McCain surrendered a lot of presidential quality with his behavior and the behavior of his advertising campaign tonight.

    The Obama campaign can easily brush off this attack by 1) framing the ad as McCain mocking Obama's gestures of nonpartisanship, and 2) asking, "If McCain can't even look across a stage at his opposition, how can we expect him to reach across the aisle?"

    Block, punch. An easy 1-2 for the Democrats.

    September 27, 2008 02:07 am at 2:07 am |
  14. John F. Leech

    John McCain has had a rough week, and this debate wasn't much better for him.

    Obama took him to task on just about every point.

    September 27, 2008 02:08 am at 2:08 am |
  15. Independent but Leaning

    Of course we're proud John. Who wouldn't be (other than an aloof chump who prefers domestic terrorists and racists)?

    Obama said it best, "John is right." Obama is wrong. For America.

    September 27, 2008 02:08 am at 2:08 am |
  16. Pat

    I agree with FLDem. He even wore the Bush Smirk.

    September 27, 2008 02:09 am at 2:09 am |
  17. Nina-Florida

    I am not sure why it always seem that if I write more than two (2) sentences, my cimments never get posted, So I am writing this again! Sen. McCainyou did not make me proud. You kept saying that Sen. Obama did not get it, but Sir. you are the one who does not get it. You don't get the fact that Americans want to live in a country that is not always at threat of going to war. I firmly believe that if you are elected into the White House, there will be a 50/50 chance that we will be involved in another war. (other than the 2 that we are currently in). You don't get it!. I have a son who has served 5 tours in Iraq. Sen. McCain no one should have to serve 5 tours anywhere. He's had to do that because we have stretched our military to the breaking point, not to mention their families. With you as president my family and I would not benifit from your proposed tax package. I've actually put both side by side. My family and I will not benifit from your child tax credit and quite frankly there's nothing else that will help us. My husband and I are both college grads. and together we make a good living. However, with the constant increase in gas, utilities, food, insurance prems, mortage, car notes, you know just the everyday to day bills, we are finding it harder and harder. Less vactions, less eating out, less everything. This certainly does not help a very sick economy. Sen. McCain you don't get it. The trickle down economics that you are baseing your tax package on (and you are) does not work. If it did, we would all be receiving some trickle and the economy would not be in current condition. Sen. McCain you don't get it!. Do you actually know how much a gaoolon of milk costs? You do not share the same views as myself and family. I thank you for the service that you have given to this county, but Sen. McCain we can't afford to have you as President of these United States.I wish you well in your future endevors

    September 27, 2008 02:09 am at 2:09 am |
  18. perplex republican.

    Why wouldn't he look to directly to Obama?

    I've always learned that people are lying or afraid when they don't look directly to other peoples eyes. This was really strange.

    September 27, 2008 02:10 am at 2:10 am |
  19. Scott M

    Who cares who got in the best one liner? We need to deal with the real issues facing our country like healthcare, global warming, gasoline prices, ending the war in Iraq, home forclosures, and the economy. I want to hear what is going to be done about these problems, not who is the better speaker or who misspoke about an issue. The election is less then forty days from now and the American people deserve better.

    September 27, 2008 02:11 am at 2:11 am |
  20. RobWA

    "Mr." McCain. You did make me proud. Proud that I am more convinced than EVER to realize we do NOT need attitudes like yours in the WH ever again!!!!!

    September 27, 2008 02:11 am at 2:11 am |
  21. Martha Hussein Baker for Barack

    McCain made himself look even worse than before if that's possible. He was rude and even talked over the moderator. Nothing but lies came out of his mouth. Stick a fork in him, he's done!


    September 27, 2008 02:11 am at 2:11 am |
  22. ctdem

    As a democrat, I am disappointed that I am growing so disenchanted with Barack Obama. I may have to sit this one out.

    September 27, 2008 02:11 am at 2:11 am |
  23. PoliticsAdInfinitum

    John McCain attempted to make Barack Obama seem clueless on topics that Obama was clearly correct and he was dead wrong.

    That the Surge was a strategy not a tactic
    That Kissinger did not agree with talks with Iran
    Constatantly distorting obama's stance

    He couldn't even Look obama in the eye

    September 27, 2008 02:11 am at 2:11 am |
  24. Kate

    ...Yuck. I agree with FLDem. Proud to be an OHDem myself.

    September 27, 2008 02:12 am at 2:12 am |
  25. Hope

    Opps my bad! McCain saids he will put a freeze on all government spending accept for the Military and Veterans. Well God bless the Vets they do deserve more. But once again McShame what about the rest of Americans who are hurting? Everyone isn't on welfare or looking for a handout. We need healthcare reform now, and not that sorry tax credit to purchase your own. Question? where is the money suppose to come from to purchase private insurance? Tax break! not to mention private insurance min. about 12,000 per year. Hm... who is going to foot the bill for the remaining $7,000 this type of deception makes me mad as he11! One more thing couldn't even look Obama in the eye disrespectful. How well is that going to go over with world leaders you disagree with! You wont be able to drag someone across the table this time! .

    September 27, 2008 02:12 am at 2:12 am |
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