September 26th, 2008
09:57 PM ET
14 years ago

Schneider: McCain hits stride on Iraq

OXFORD, Mississippi (CNN) - McCain scores a good point, that under Obama's original plan on Iraq, US troops would have been out last spring, before the implementation of the surge.

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  1. Michael Donlan

    What wild, reckless statements! Does Mr. Schneider understand that the war should never have happened to begin with, and the troops should not be there at all ? This commentator is suffering from dangerous tunnel visionl that everything that McCain says is just brilliant – I want his job, just babbling that McCain is good McCain is good ........

    September 26, 2008 10:17 pm at 10:17 pm |
  2. Nate

    McCain, no doubt would flex his War muscles – – could be scary, expensive.

    September 26, 2008 10:18 pm at 10:18 pm |
  3. George

    This whole thing about the sucess of the "surge" is missing a key point: Obviously, if you temporarily flood an unruly town with policemen, crime will dramatically drop. The question is, will crime remain low when the policemen leave. Its the same thing in Iraq. If we send a lot more troops, the violence decreases, or move to afghanistan as it did in this case. When we "surge" the troops in afghanistan, it will flare up again in Iraq.

    September 26, 2008 10:18 pm at 10:18 pm |
  4. sandee in Portland

    We still have not won this war and it could still go either way as many of our Generals have stated. This is a moot point! Whether the surge worked or not does not mean we win! We have a long way to go yet in Iraq. let the Iraqi government deal with it. After all, they are very wealty due to oil revenue.

    September 26, 2008 10:18 pm at 10:18 pm |
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