October 1st, 2008
12:45 PM ET
14 years ago

Obama ad calls McCain 'big spender'

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/10/01/art.spending.spree.jpg caption="The Obama campaign released a new ad calling McCain a 'big spender'."]
(CNN) –- As the Senate prepared for an expected Wednesday evening vote on the financial bailout package, Barack Obama’s campaign released a new ad Wednesday that portrayed John McCain as a “big spender” who would add $3 trillion to the national debt.

Citing statistics from TaxPolicyCenter.org, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and the McCain campaign Web site, “Spending Spree” charges that McCain’s tax and spending proposals would drive up America’s debt by trillions of dollars.

Watch: The Obama campaign's latest ad calls McCain a 'big spender'

“So as we borrow from China to fund his spending spree, ask yourself. Can we afford John McCain?” a narrator asks in the ad, which start running in “key states” Wednesday, according to the Obama campaign.

The ad comes one day after the Republican National Committee’s independent expenditure unit released a new spot, set to run in battleground states, that looks to tie Obama to the bailout plan before Congress, and holds him responsible for the $1 trillion in new spending that may result.

"Who pays? You do. New taxes. New spending. New debt. Barack Obama’s plan: It will make the problem worse," says the announcer in the 30-second spot.

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October 1st, 2008
12:23 PM ET
14 years ago

Mainstreet USA: St Louis

[cnn-audio-slide http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/interactive/allpolitics/0809/slideshow.mainstreet.stlouis/soundslider.swf width=585 height=449]

Audio Slideshow
In a bar down the street from the Wachovia Securities headquarters, Election Express producer Josh Rubin talks with those effected by the company's recent economic troubles.

Election Express: See more dispatches from the Election Express

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October 1st, 2008
12:22 PM ET
14 years ago

ON THE TRAIL: Bill Clinton on the stump in Florida

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/10/01/art.cnnlive62.cnn.jpg caption="Watch Clinton's event on CNN.com/live."](CNN) - Bill Clinton held a campaign rally for Barack Obama in Orlando, Florida earlier Wednesday.

"It matters who the president is, it matters what the decisions are, it matters what the policies are," Clinton told the cheering crowd as he enthusiastically endorsed Obama's candidacy.

Watch the event on CNN.com/live!

October 1st, 2008
12:13 PM ET
14 years ago

Greene: Sudden horror near the campaign trail

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/POLITICS/09/30/greene.trail/art.hudson.panolian.jpg caption="William 'Son' Hudson, 65, was the director of Panola County's emergency operations."]ABOARD THE CNN ELECTION EXPRESS (CNN) - On the morning of last week's presidential debate, I walked, as I had every day since arriving in Mississippi, along Highway 6 in Batesville.

It's a stretch of road with local businesses and chain fast-food restaurants along both sides, and no sidewalks, just grass and gravel. I had gotten to know the businesses by name and by sight: Yolanda's Tax Service, Smith Cleaners, Mary Nell's Blossoms, Mike's Bargains, dozens more.

Batesville is a town of about 7,000 residents some 30 minutes from the University of Mississippi in Oxford, where the debate was to be held. By late morning of debate day, the temperatures were already in the 80s, and the sun was unrelenting. I was thinking, as I walked, what a pleasant and peaceful routine this had become.

At the East Oaks Shopping Center, a small strip of shops across from the local Wendy's, I turned down a driveway toward the perimeter of the storefronts, just to make the walk a little longer. As I headed back up to Highway 6, I heard the sound of what I thought was a fender-bender.

Then my eyes became unable to fully take in what they were seeing.

Full Story

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October 1st, 2008
11:22 AM ET
14 years ago

ON THE TRAIL: Obama in Wisconsin

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/10/01/art.cnnlive5.cnn.jpg caption="Obama campaigned in Wisconsin earlier Wednesday."](CNN) - Barack Obama discussed his support of the economic bailout package at at campaign rally in La Crosse, Wisconsin earlier Wednesday.

"Even with all these taxpayer protections, this plan is not perfect. Democrats and Republicans in Congress have legitimate concerns about it. I know many Americans share those concerns. But it is clear that this is what we must do right now to prevent a crisis from turning into a catastrophe," he said. "That’s why I’ve been reaching out to leaders in both parties to do whatever I can to help pass this plan."

Read Obama's full prepared remarks

UPDATE: McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds has issued a response to Obama's comments in Wisconsin:

“As Americans teeter on the edge of economic crisis, Barack Obama continued attacking John McCain today, but he didn’t even pick up the phone to work toward a legislative solution until after there was failure in Congress - it's exactly what Americans are tired of," he said


October 1st, 2008
11:00 AM ET
14 years ago

ON THE TRAIL: McCain talks economy in Missouri

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/10/01/art.cnnlive4.cnn.jpg caption="McCain delivered a speech in Missouri earlier Wednesday."](CNN) - John McCain  delivered a speech on the economy in Missouri earlier Wednesday and stressed bipartisanship.

Watch: McCain on revised bailout plan

“Crises often have a way of revealing our better selves - of showing what we are made of, and how much we can achieve when we are put to the test. This is true as well of the grave challenges we face in Washington," he said. "Yet it should not require extreme emergencies - when the future of our entire economy is on the line - to bring out the best in us, or to bring us together in service to the common good. We are supposed to do that even in the calmest of times. And if we worked together more often in that spirit, perhaps there would be fewer crises, close-calls, and near-disasters confronting our nation.”

Read McCain's full prepared remarks


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October 1st, 2008
10:00 AM ET
14 years ago

Stars come out for Obama

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/09/20/art.obamass.ap.jpg caption="Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Jay-Z are coming out to support Sen. Barack Obama this month. "]
(CNN)– Grammy-Award winning musician Jay-Z is set to host a voter registration rally and concert for Sen. Barack Obama in Miami on Sunday.

The event, "Last Chance for Change," is free to those 18 and older, in an attempt to encourage young voters to register before the state's October 6 registration deadline according to a press release.

Florida and its 27 electoral votes have been critical in past elections. According to CNN's electoral map the state is currently a toss up between John McCain and Barack Obama.

CNN Electoral Map Calulator: You Call The Race

Music legends Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel will also be teaming up for the Democratic nominee later this month.

The event, "Change Rocks," will take place at the famed Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on October 16, the night after the final presidential debate in Hempstead, New York.

Unlike Jay-Z's registration rally, seeing Joel and Springsteen perform is not free to the public. Tickets are selling anywhere from $500 to $10,000.

Springsteen is also expected to join Obama in Philadelphia Saturday, for a free concert before Pennsylvania voters.

"Senator Obama is a great fan of Bruce Springsteen and is honored to have his support. This will be a great opportunity to gather tens of thousands of our supporters together in one place as we register new voters and bring new volunteers into this campaign for change," said Craig Schirmer, the Pennsylvania State Director of the Obama-Biden campaign.

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October 1st, 2008
09:38 AM ET
14 years ago

Podcast: Bailout modifications, will it pass?

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i.l.cnn.net/cnn/2008/images/01/23/art.cepd.cnn.jpg caption="CNN=Politics Daily is The Best Political Podcast from The Best Political Team."]
(CNN)– New provisions for the $700 billion financial bailout. In the latest installment of CNN=Politics Daily, CNN's Kate Bolduan reports on the latest modifications to the bailout bill and what it will take to pass, while CNN's Suzanne Malveaux has the details on John McCain and Barack Obama's change of tone on the financial crisis.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin worked to clarify comments she made earlier this week, when she said she had been listening to Sen. Joe Biden's speeches since the second grade - but her explanation is raising some eyebrows.

Finally: President Bush is getting failing grades across the board from the public. CNN Special Correspondent Frank Sesno takes a look at the government's less-than-stellar report card.

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October 1st, 2008
09:00 AM ET
14 years ago

Palin: I'm a 'Joe-six pack American'

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/09/30/art.palinchat0930.ap.jpg caption="Gov. Palin met with fellow mothers of U.S. soldiers while campaigning in Philadelphia Sunday."]
SEDONA, Arizona (CNN) - Sarah Palin on Tuesday called herself a “Joe-six pack American” and said that her family has lost $20,000 in the stock market because of the financial meltdown on Wall Street.

Palin made the comments in a radio interview with conservative talker Hugh Hewitt while taking a break from debate prep at John McCain’s ranch in Sedona.

“I know what Americans are going through there,” Palin said on the radio show. “And you know, even today, Todd and I are looking at what’s going on in the stock market, the relatively low number of investments that we have, looking at the hit that we’re taking, probably $20,000 dollars last week in his 401K plan that was hit.

“I’m thinking, ‘Geez, the rest of America, they’re facing the exact same thing that we are. We understand what the problems are.’”

Earlier: Palin takes a dig at Biden's age?

Hewitt asked Palin her reaction to the “extreme hostility” that she has faced from liberals.

“Oh, I think they’re just not used to someone coming in from the outside saying you know what? It’s time that a normal Joe six-pack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency, and I think that that’s kind of taken some people off guard, and they’re out of sorts, and they’re ticked off about it,” she said.

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October 1st, 2008
08:35 AM ET
14 years ago

McCain defends Palin against experience attacks

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/10/01/art.dmr.cnn.jpg caption="McCain became visibly frustrated during an interview with the Des Moines Register when he was questioned about Sarah Palin's credentials to be vice president."](CNN) - John McCain defended embattled running mate Sarah Palin in an interview released Tuesday night, telling an Iowa newspaper he thought she had the” experience and knowledge and background” to be president and that he was “proud of her record.”

McCain ticked off Palin’s achievements with the editors of the Des Moines Register – a swing state paper that endorsed his presidential bid before January’s Republican caucuses.

"So, with due respect, I strongly disagree with your premise that she doesn't have experience and knowledge and background,” he said. “I fundamentally disagree, and I'm proud of her record.”

Later, after continuing to counter Palin’s critics, he pointed to what he called a divide between the press and the public on their view of the Alaska governor. “…You and I just have a fundamental disagreement and I'm so happy that the American people seem to be siding with me,” said McCain.

When editors pointed to similar recent assessments from conservatives, McCain responded “Really? I haven't detected that,” attributing those sentiments to the “Georgetown cocktail party” circuit.


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