October 2nd, 2008
09:50 PM ET
14 years ago

Martin: Raise the bar for Palin and Biden

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/09/27/art.split.gi.jpg caption="Sen. Biden and Gov. Palin will take center stage Thursday night."]
(CNN)–Expectations are high for Palin AND Biden. Many of you read my commentary this week on CNN.com and I haven’t changed my opinion.

I’m tired of Washington journalists continuing to say that the expectations are low, and the bar even lower, for Gov. Sarah Palin.

And the same goes for Sen. Joe Biden.

One of these two will be Vice President of the United States. How in the world do we tell our children every day to have high expectations in the classroom, but we should expect the vice president candidates to not raise their game? Nonsense.

It’s time for Biden and Palin to show America what they are really made of.

Bring it on!


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  1. Tamesha

    Please put Palin the bobblehead doll back on the dashboard of a chevy where she obviously belongs...JUST ANSWER A QUESTION ALREADY!!!

    I have never seen anyone skate around the issues like Palin is, but then again she is a HOCKEY mom so she should know how to skate well....

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  2. lisa

    This is crazy can she hear her self

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  3. PD Nemons

    It appears that Sen. Biden is debating and Gov. Palin is making speeches and rehearsed statements. To her own credit she said that she may not answer what the moderator or the Senator wants, but she is going to speak to the American people. If that's the case she should have not even appeared on a debate and just appeared at a rally.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  4. Andrew J

    Tomorrow morning the pundits are going to be laughing at Palin. She's right they will be saying "who said what." And they'll be pointing out how she said nothing.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  5. Joe

    who's actually winning

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  6. joe in Orlando

    Gov. Palin seems lost and doesn't really answer the questions. On the other hand, I could easily feel confortable with Biden as President. I don't think I'd trust Gov. Palin to walk my dog around the block and return him safely, let alone run this country.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  7. Meria

    I'll admit she started off strong, it was surprisingly refreshing 'til she started going in circles and it just went downhill after that. Looking like she didn't know what the hell she was talkin about....again. SMH

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  8. Clarke Caywood

    Can you help check the tax issue exchange earlier of whether taxes will be raised for small businesses above $250,000 in income. Palin says the Obama tax program will impact small business; Biden says no. I had not seen this claim.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  9. Julie

    I'm thinkin' that Obama's youngest daughter should have subbed in for Biden tonight. That would have made it a fair fight.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  10. PL

    This lady scares me. I'm not sure if I'm watching a debate or a hour and half John McCain commeriical.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  11. Lisa T.

    Wow, she is awful. Boring, reheared answers.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  12. Liz

    I find it annoying that she continues to avoid direct answers to the questions. She keeps spitting out soundbites, I haven't heard her answer a single question with a substantive answer. I also find her "golly gee" cutesy tone degrading.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  13. Eva In Columbus, Ohio

    I'm amazed at how Palin is not answering the questions that are directed to her, instead she changes the subject and goes back to what she thinks she has knowledge about. Biden came prepared and has all his facts straight and I definitely can't say the same for Palin.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  14. texas blue dog

    she's like the Exxon Valdez- SUNK!

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  15. Ray

    Gov. Palin is struggling tremendously with regard to getting past the cue card rhetoric. Biden is at the top of his game tonight...

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  16. tc

    Why does she have that smug and crazy grin al the time.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  17. Paul - Fla

    GREAT answer Biden to the potential of a Biden admin.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  18. cheryl e

    Palin is out of her leaque, she can't compete! it is no contest between her and biden, i just shudder to the bone to think if mccain/palin elected she is a hearbeat from being the president!

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  19. Mark

    Gov. Palin is doing a great job!! Palin is showing the World that Obama and Biden are just not ready for the job of Leadership!!

    After tonight everyone should be for McCain and Palin!!!!!!

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  20. kays

    Wow unbelievable...the democratic party told the nation a year ago the war in Iraq is lost. Wow bunch of losers

    They were wrong then and now are unable to admit there mistake.

    Why can't biden admit that he, Obama, Durbin, and the rest did say that the war was lost......

    I guess this speaks volume about trust.....it is for this reason that the american people cannot trust the democrats

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  21. Richie

    It's almost over. Thank goodness. I hope this is the last time we have to listen to her insane random phrases.

    October 2, 2008 10:08 pm at 10:08 pm |
  22. Sharese

    Cynicism is not what we tuned in for, The Gov needs to answer the questions. She has been fed too much info that she has no concept of where to let it out she need to listen and answer the questions .As Roland Martin has said very well, she does remind me of running for office in high School .... she is really doing herself a disservice to continue in this bid for 2nd in command, she has no concept of what a debate entails .. men this thing is WAAAAYYYYYYYYY over her head out of her league.. she is definitely on a road to nowhere.. by the good analogy Senator Biden, "Road to nowhere..."
    This has nothing to do with Mcains age or Palins gender it is the measurable fand accurate facts and genuine knowledgeable individuals at this level.. are you kidding me this is the position of
    President and vice-president of the Great United States Of America. Has nothing to do with a president with a "bucket list as Chris rock joked or her being dumb as many citizens have written in blogs etc it has everything to do are you prepared and qualified for the particular office that is up for takes dont fool yourself Mrs Palin .. look into the crevies and corners of your soul and your conscience and be honest if with no one else yourself, not all of us women are being strangled and brain dead about being a hockey mom and a pit bull pit bull antics is not necessary to achieve whats best for us.. the american general public....
    do you see confidence in Biden its screaming at us hes been there knows the facts and is telling it like it is not from reported speech as palin has received giving us half trurths and innuendos and faricating stuff as well as stetching the truth giving sound bytes that when put in context is sooooooooooooooooooooooo inaccurate. Mrs Palin please quit while you are ahead and believe me you are fast slipping behind.. a word to the wise believe me is sufficient.

    October 2, 2008 10:09 pm at 10:09 pm |
  23. James

    Joe has got remember the cut away shots

    October 2, 2008 10:09 pm at 10:09 pm |
  24. Jenna

    (Sarah Palin voice): Darn I'm losing the debate!

    October 2, 2008 10:09 pm at 10:09 pm |
  25. CarolynW

    She's doing better than I thought she would, but I'm really tired of hearing about "Joe Sixpack" and "hockey moms."

    October 2, 2008 10:09 pm at 10:09 pm |
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