October 3rd, 2008
08:00 AM ET
13 years ago

Vulnerable congressman tries to explain his bailout vote

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/10/02/art.marshall.cnn.jpg caption="The bailout bill is causing problems for vulnerable congressmen."](CNN) - The House of Representatives has yet to officially pass the economic bailout bill, but one member of Congress is already hitting the airwaves to explain to wary voters why he is supporting it.

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The ad is the first from a member of Congress this cycle to mention the controversial bailout bill, and is a sign of just how politically thorny an issue the legislation is for vulnerable congressmen.

Georgia Rep. Jim Marshall, a Democrat whose re-election bid is among the most competitive House races this election cycle, released a 30-second campaign ad Thursday during which he says, "I don't like this rescue plan any better than you do."

"Warren Buffet calls this financial crisis the worst in the nation’s history," Marshall says in the ad. "I don't like this rescue plan any better than you do, and I'm not interested in bailing out the irresponsible people who dragged us into this credit mess. But I am not going to stand by and let this crisis undermine our economy, and damage the financial future of everyone in America - their jobs, their savings, their dreams."

Marshall is one of the few House Democrats who faces a competitive re-election bid in a year that is clearly favoring his party; his district leans Republican, and like many congressmen his office has been flooded with calls from constituents urging him to vote against the bill.

Evan Tracey of Campaign Media Analysis Group, CNN's consultant on campaign advertising, says Barack Obama and John McCain may want to pay attention to Marshall's strategy.

“This is an effort to get out in front his constituency and explain this tough vote,” he said. “The presidential candidates might want to take a look and replicate this approach."

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  1. Dan in Waukegan

    It is hard for me to understand why this bill is a good thing. I'm not for it but I'm not always the brightest bulb in the socket. I've contacted my representatives numerous times and expressed my feelings and they all voted for it. I just don't understand how more borrowing is going to get us out of a situation caused by too much borrowing. I've stood in line many times and watched people buy a pack of gum with a credit card, jump in their Lincoln Navigator and drive home to their 10,000 square foot Mc Mansion. It was obvious folks have been living beyond their means. I saw this coming years ago. I can only hope my representatives know more than I about how to fix it.

    October 2, 2008 07:27 pm at 7:27 pm |
  2. cherie B palumbos

    we see both parties hiding the truth to how we arrived at this mess.

    according to Rep John Mica... both Clinton...and BUSH..
    had their greety fingers in Fanny mae and Freddie Max.

    Setting up a goverment ...to help the poor...
    so people could buy a house...

    while FRANLIN RAINS walked away w/ 100's of millions of
    taxpayers money...

    check and please report this...

    October 2, 2008 07:29 pm at 7:29 pm |
  3. TXBad1

    Vote him out he is selling out his District over Banking and a Higher inflation this added debt will cause to Low and med income family's!

    October 2, 2008 07:31 pm at 7:31 pm |
  4. Wise White Guy

    Probably because there is a sufficient amount of pork on it now for the Republicans to support it. Very sad that the only major difference in the bill is the amount of pork barrel spending added to it and now it will likely be acceptable for the Republicans. Yes these are the same Republicans that continuously accuse the Democrats of being the Pork party and the tax and spenders. Anybody going to get a clue out there!

    October 2, 2008 07:33 pm at 7:33 pm |
  5. LB-NJ

    It's despicable what thess Senators have done with the Economic bill. They have added all their earmark proposals for their states. Including Obama asking for $932 Million for stupid crap that's not needed in Illinois. So much for the People's Candidate. He's a hypocrites spending our money. People don't be fooled by Obamas' BS.

    October 2, 2008 07:35 pm at 7:35 pm |
  6. Barney

    I'd like for someone to tell me how to borrow MY way out of debt.

    I'll listen to that person.

    October 2, 2008 07:36 pm at 7:36 pm |
  7. Wise White Guy

    Dan, please understand one thing. People use cards now for a lot of different reasons. It is not always because they do not have the money. We pay almost everything, including bills, with a credit card these days because we get rewards for them. We then pay the balance off before getting charged any interest. In other words we get more for our money so it is a smart thing to do. It is also nice to have an accounting of your spending sent to you conveniently every month. I do agree with you about borrowing to pay debt.

    October 2, 2008 07:37 pm at 7:37 pm |
  8. Reagan

    Gooooooo Sarah!!!!!!!!!

    America love you girl!

    October 2, 2008 07:38 pm at 7:38 pm |

    This bill just like a large majority of others is easy to understand when you follow the money.

    First: What is the biggest problem? Fannie/Freddie.

    Second: Who got the most money from them? Dodd & Obama.

    Third: Who stands to profit the most? Google George Soros and Asian Banking Crisis...

    Fourth: Who will make sure this post gets censored? CNN

    You do the math – – –

    October 2, 2008 07:39 pm at 7:39 pm |
  10. Molly

    Get rid of all the DEMS – from Ms. Nancy on down – they have caused all these problems – now want to "Fix" it with our money!

    McCain/Palin – a Team we can TRUST

    October 2, 2008 07:40 pm at 7:40 pm |
  11. j. williams

    FRANKLIN RAINES--i want Americas' 90 million dollars back and the part you gave to Osama.

    October 2, 2008 07:40 pm at 7:40 pm |
  12. alvino

    I wish Rep. Marshall well. A lot of conscientous congressmen are not going to be re elected because they put the country first with their vote. None of us like the position that the little moron Bush has gotten us into.

    October 2, 2008 07:41 pm at 7:41 pm |
  13. Paul & Nader v Bailout!

    Staged "debate" dance now ready for 24/7 consumption –
    Bailout Barack Obama w/partner Bailout John McCain.

    Full-spectrum media suppression/distortion
    target Ralph Nader and Ron Paul.

    Your vote is your power,
    they fear it, use it.

    October 2, 2008 07:42 pm at 7:42 pm |
  14. Joe Regis

    No socialism for the rich. Let them fried for a while.

    The repubs are doomed this year.

    October 2, 2008 07:43 pm at 7:43 pm |
  15. Flip-flop, flip-flop

    All I know is that McCain just voted for porkbarrel spending.

    October 2, 2008 07:44 pm at 7:44 pm |
  16. alvino

    We sure could use the trillion dollars tha "W" has wasted on his personal war with Iraq.

    October 2, 2008 07:44 pm at 7:44 pm |
  17. Ram

    At least there is one sensible congress man who is able to "communicate" rather than waving hands and saying out loud some cliche statements by the presidential candidates!

    October 2, 2008 07:46 pm at 7:46 pm |
  18. mitch

    more need to stand up and support this. all of my congressmen ,in ark., voted for it the first time. for this vote ,alone, any running for re-election ,will get my vote in nov. this isn't funny, people! folks are losing their jobs and homes ,and it will only get worse.

    October 2, 2008 07:57 pm at 7:57 pm |
  19. laura

    All the pork is for the Republicans because they're babies. They don't care about mainstreet . If they did they wouldn't fight the foreclosure deal.

    It is the Republicans fault. Whose in the White House, a Republican. it starts at the top.

    October 2, 2008 07:57 pm at 7:57 pm |
  20. Willy Brown

    Well democrat congressman if you all would have heeded McCain and President Bush's warning back in 2002 and 2005 then you would not be in this spot trying to cover for Dodd's, Schmuer and Obama today!

    October 2, 2008 08:10 pm at 8:10 pm |
  21. No Hillary = No Obama

    I wish these people would just vote their conscious, analyze the pro's and con's and make an informed decision instead of always worrying about when they will have to get a real job if the voters throw them overboard. It's known as integrity.

    October 2, 2008 08:17 pm at 8:17 pm |
  22. Ben in Athens

    Jim Marshall will not lose his re-election bid. I'm originally from his district (Macon, GA) and I know plenty of republicans who routinely vote for him out of loyalty. The republicans in the state house continue to re-draw his district every 2 years, but they still can't get him out. He was the last good mayor the city of Macon had.

    October 2, 2008 08:26 pm at 8:26 pm |
  23. linda from South Dakota

    my opinion is IF we knew this sarah better and she wouldnt have come on soo strong at the beggining and told us the thruth,, we may give her the benifit of a doubt,, but she waltzs in,, blabbs her strut and expects to be treated like a canidiate,, wellll she better know we in the US of A dont like spouters,,,,, and if you run for an office,, u better clea up your own stuff first ,, cos it will come out in the end,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,OBAMA/BIDEN08 and BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    October 2, 2008 08:26 pm at 8:26 pm |
  24. R Morgan

    This bailout is throwing more of our money away to those who have already proved incompetent. How about giving the money to the taxpayers where they can use it to help get the economy moving. The banks wonder why they have had so many foreclosures when they give out ajustable rate mortgages than jack up the interest rate or interest only loans which people will never pay off. They also fine those who are behind on a credit card payment and or raise there interest rate so high that these people can never pay and just give up or default and never pay. It would seem these people would be a better risk if they would make it easer for them to pay. BUT NO, They would rather take the tax payers money by having us bail them out while screwing the little guy.

    October 2, 2008 08:27 pm at 8:27 pm |
  25. Judith Rosado

    We've seen how effective "Trickle Down Economics" has been thus far-NOT!!! Let's do something really innovative – like "Spurt Up"! Spread the 700+ Billion dollars amongst taxpaying American Households. Once we the taxpayers pay off our home mortgages, credit card debts, car loans, student loans, and "Oh yea, treat ourselves to something really lavish like a night out on the town," then banks and other major financial institutions, businesses, etc., will have the money they will undoubtedly squander once again!

    October 2, 2008 08:29 pm at 8:29 pm |
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