October 7th, 2008
11:25 PM ET
12 years ago

Palin responds to questions from reporters

Palin visited reporters on the back of her campaign plane for the first time Tuesday.

Palin visited reporters on the back of her campaign plane for the first time Tuesday.

(CNN) - Shortly before John McCain and Barack Obama took the stage for the second presidential debate, Governor Palin ventured back behind the curtain that separates her from those who cover her every public move, accompanied by senior aides (and a campaign photographer, who chronicled the historic summit between the Republican vice presidential nominee and the reporters who trail her.)

Palin shook hands and chatted with journalists in the press section of her campaign plane. After a few minutes of niceties, it turned into an unscheduled press conference.

A few highlights from the rare question-and-answer session, which included comments on William Ayers, her husband’s decision to testify in the Alaska trooper investigation – and what she thinks of Tina Fey's Palin impression on Saturday Night Live - after the jump.


On why Barack Obama’s links to William Ayers are relevant in the campaign:

PALIN: It is pertinent, it's important because when you consider Barack Obama's reaction to and explanation to his association there, and without him being clear at all on what he knew and when he knew it, that I think kinda peeks into his ability to tell us the truth on, not only on association but perhaps other things also. So, it's relevant, I believe, and I brought it up in response to the New York Times article having been printed recently, and I think it just makes us ask the question that, if there's not forthrightness there, with that association and what was known and when it was known, does that lead us to ask, is there forthrightness with the plans Barack Obama has or say tax cuts, or spending increases, makes us question judgment. And I think it's fair and relevant.


On whether Barack Obama is dishonest:

PALIN: I'm not saying that he is dishonest, but in terms of judgment and in terms of being able to answer a question forthrightly it has - it has two different parts to itL that judgment and that truthfulness and just being able to answer very candidly a simple question about ‘When did you know him, how did you know him? Is there still - has there been an association with him since ‘02 and ’05?’ We've heard a couple of different stories. I think it is relevant.


On whether she would appear on Saturday Night Live with Palin impressionist Tina Fey:

PALIN: I would love to. I would love to. I love her. She's a hoot and she's so talented and it would be fun to either imitate her or keep on giving her more material and keep her in business.


On why her husband Todd decided to change his mind and return to Alaska to testify in the official trooper investigation:

PALIN: He's always been an open book about this whole Tasergate issue, wanting to speak with investigators, wanting to speak and is with attorneys, everybody involved. The personnel board in the state of Alaska is that board tasked with dealing with any issue involving the governor, the lieutenant governor, or the attorney general.
What the investigation turned into, led by a Senate Democrat, has been kind of a goat rope, a very partisan and very controversial type of investigation. The personnel board Todd's corroborating with, as long as all the other employees too have an opportunity to cooperate with.

It's an open book. Nobody has anything to hide. Nobody's done anything wrong. My choice, and my responsibility to replace a cabinet member, an at-will exempt political appointment whom I did replace, because his strengths were in other areas. It wasn't in running an entire department. There was some, some duties there that he was not able to fulfill.

So my choice, my responsibility had nothing to do with my husband or any of my staff members asking a guy to step aside and take another job, and he didn't want to take that other job.

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  1. Mark


    From: American Electorate
    To: McSame Campaign

    The Straight Talk Express just went off the rails. Your campaign is toast. And be sure to tell John to show more respect. "That One" is the next President of the United States of America!

    October 8, 2008 12:34 am at 12:34 am |
  2. christina


    October 8, 2008 12:35 am at 12:35 am |
  3. Ignacio

    Oh well, now that the last chance at the presidence is gone you might as well let Caribou Barbie talk her mind to the press... what the heck!

    October 8, 2008 12:36 am at 12:36 am |

    Hey Sarah, I can see the end of your career from my house.

    October 8, 2008 12:37 am at 12:37 am |
  5. Nancy

    She's dumb as a post.

    October 8, 2008 12:37 am at 12:37 am |
  6. Sammy Davis

    Funny. This makes the third answer that I can count for why she fired Monehan. And she wants to get into a discussion about truthfulness? Maybe it's not an act. Maybe she really isn't very smart.

    October 8, 2008 12:37 am at 12:37 am |
  7. mccain's affirmative action pick

    there is no reason that america should even be considering letting someone this inept near the white house. let me be clear, she should even be allowed to "tour" the white house, let alone work there.

    October 8, 2008 12:37 am at 12:37 am |
  8. Punahou

    she should teach people how to do tax tricks without got caught by IRS. what else she is good at??

    October 8, 2008 12:38 am at 12:38 am |
  9. Slea

    I wish this woman would take a crash course of English 101 so she can speak clearly. Do we REALLY want her in the White House. I sure don't.

    October 8, 2008 12:39 am at 12:39 am |
  10. kathykansas

    Blah Blah Blah. It's a little late in the game! She should have been talking to reporters all along. but now I see why she hasn't. 🙂

    Mccain makes my stomach hurt. If he would have said "my friend" one more time in the debate, I would have screamed.

    October 8, 2008 12:39 am at 12:39 am |
  11. Anonymous

    Holy cow. She can't complete a sentence.

    October 8, 2008 12:39 am at 12:39 am |
  12. Zoe Carter

    No wonder she loves Tina Fey. She IS Tina Fey. Only less articulate.

    October 8, 2008 12:39 am at 12:39 am |
  13. Leading Edge Boomer

    Good Night Sarah,
    Good Night Sarah,
    Good Night Sarah,
    It's good to see you go.

    October 8, 2008 12:40 am at 12:40 am |
  14. John

    Is she really educated???....I highly doubt it.......She couldn't even construct a complete sentence.

    Sad times for this great country..A complete Moron heartbeat away from the highest office of this great country..

    Truly a sad day.

    October 8, 2008 12:40 am at 12:40 am |
  15. No Country For Old Men

    McCain that One!

    That was rude, and very unpresident like,
    I'll get right back tuyah!

    Obama & Biden ‘08
    Hillary & Warner ‘16
    McCain 88 Hitting & Holding ‘24

    October 8, 2008 12:40 am at 12:40 am |
  16. Hot and Dumb - nice combination

    What a dope. What an obfuscating, lying, stupid, empty-headed, knee-jerk, puppet, clown,.

    October 8, 2008 12:41 am at 12:41 am |
  17. betty

    When he knew it? For heavens sake he was eight years old!
    Please read something, anything, even a free paper on the subway.
    You will pick up some history.

    October 8, 2008 12:41 am at 12:41 am |
  18. Lenny

    Sarah Palin – Guilty as charged.

    October 8, 2008 12:41 am at 12:41 am |
  19. Rob indetroit

    People are fed up with MCcain/Palin which is why they will be beaten by a huge margin, in fact they will be in the Gueniss book of world Records, for the worst defeat in presidental history.

    October 8, 2008 12:42 am at 12:42 am |
  20. George Staffa

    Did Palin use "corroborate" to mean "cooperate" or is this your reporter's malapropism?

    October 8, 2008 12:42 am at 12:42 am |
  21. monique

    who gives a crap about palin!!!! i am voting for "that one" obama!!!!

    October 8, 2008 12:43 am at 12:43 am |
  22. RM

    Did you ask her if she perceives any fallout from her negative attacks given how her supporters reacted (yelling treason, and to ‘kill him’)? Does she not think there may be negative and divisive consequences as a result? Did she read the entire article in the New York Times and flow up articles? Does she not understand that all allegations against Obama are false, and they have been scrutinized? Does she not realize that if there were real allegations the CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, and the FBI would have done something along time ago?
    She is insinuating horrible things that inspire hate and racism. This must stop.

    October 8, 2008 12:43 am at 12:43 am |
  23. NoPalin

    Oh please!!! Her comments dont even make sense. Why dont someone ask her to be truthful and forthcoming about the troopergate scandal. And please have someone in the Mccain camp give her lesson on forming complete sentences.

    October 8, 2008 12:43 am at 12:43 am |
  24. Les, Durham, NC

    OUCH! My brain hurts just trying to make sense of her statements. Would somebody PLEASE tell this woman that she can BREATH between statements. Not everything she says needstobearunonsentencethatleadstoNOWHERE!!!! My daughters used to try to pull that trick on me when they were pre-teens.....Did not work for them then, will not work for her NOW! OUCH,,,,,,,,another brain-freeze from re-reading her nonsensical statements again! This person needs a warning label......"WARNING: Any attempt to comprehend the following statement in any semblance of Adult competence WILL result in IMMEDIATE Brain-lock!"

    October 8, 2008 12:44 am at 12:44 am |
  25. FrankSmith

    Wow, I could hardly understand the responses of Sara Palin. It might have been useful for the journalists to rewrite these sentences for the average 9th reader like myself.

    October 8, 2008 12:44 am at 12:44 am |
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